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Day of Wrath, 20

Nine percent? At the beginning of our century some Amazonian tribes continue the practice as horribly as described above. With the advances in technology we can even watch videos on YouTube about such practices, like children being buried alive. Let us remember the exclamation of Sahagún. The humble friar would have found it rather difficult…

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Why we are antisemites

by Adolf Hitler Excerpted from a speech in a public meeting in the Great Hall of the Hofbräuhaus organised by the National Socialist German Workers Party in 15 August 1920:   My dear countrymen and women! We are quite used to being generally referred to as monsters. And we are considered particularly monstrous because, in…

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Who We Are, 24

The following is my abridgement of chapter 24 of William Pierce’s history of the white race, Who We Are: Middle Ages Were Era of Slow, Ordered Evolution Eastern Europe Had Different Experience With Jews than West Reformation Resulted in Increased Judaization of Western Europe Inside the White Citadel, Jews Wreak Havoc on Society Capitalists, Reds…

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