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Magnus v. Nosferatu

As I bathed in the morning, Keith Woods’ recent article in The Unz Review on Elon Musk’s reaction to ADL subversion got me thinking (Twitter, now dubbed ‘X’ by Musk, suffers from the ADL-orchestrated advertising takedown).

Nowhere on the racial right have I come across an explanation of why American society obeys the Jewish subversion group ADL. While there are countless articles on the internet exposing the ADL’s subversion of the First Amendment, there is, to my knowledge, no explanation of why American civil society and the American state blindly obey them.

That is typical of the racial right: they are anti-Semitic but not exactly Jew-wise, insofar as that would imply a clear, transparent, distinct and Apollonian explanation of why everyone seems to be obeying the whims of the biblically chosen people.

I’ve already written about Keith Woods on this site, whom I branded as an imbecilic Irish with no conscience whatsoever about the CQ, and I don’t want to link to that brief post I wrote about him years ago. I don’t want to do so because his blindness, presumably based on his Catholicism, is the same blindness that afflicts all other conservatives.

My question should be addressed until grasping the incredible phenomenon of the elites—including the companies that fund Twitter / X—obeying the demands of ‘Nosferatu.’ (Hunter Wallace has called Nosferatu the ADL director, whose face is so repulsive that unlike Wallace and The Unz Review, I dare not even post a picture of him.)

I believe that the blindness of the entire racial right in addressing something so obvious—why the American elites obey Nosferatu—is because they are unable to see themselves in the mirror. It was the historical reality that the US was founded by self-conscious Aryans who had to imagine they were Israelites to build a city upon a hill that is behind all this insane deference to the will of a powerful advocate of Israel.

Even the most famous American neo-Nazi suffered from this blindness. If one pays attention to the quote from George Lincoln Rockwell in the previous post, bearing in mind my footnote on page 90 of Savitri’s memoirs, it will become clear that Rockwell was trying to make a good impression on the Christians who funded his organisation.

But you cannot save the Aryan race and at the same time obey the commands of the god of the Jews to the Gentiles (actually, the commands of the rabbis who wrote the New Testament for Gentile consumption). Think, for example, of the countless times that, when he was on Fox News, Tucker Carlson talked about the equality of men, and that skin colour was absolutely irrelevant. Carlson even invoked the idea of ‘God’—that is: the god of the Jews—in his proclamations, and did so several times in his Fox career while talking about racial equality.

What I’m getting at is that all this discussion about Musk and the ADL misses the elephant in the room: Why do American elites obey Nosferatu? Or put in my language, if the anti-Christian Vikings had conquered the entire American continent—not the idiotic Spanish and Portuguese; not the idiotic English and French—, would they now be obeying Nosferatu?

Magnus: ‘I think our Faith should prevail. No doubt at all. Our Gods will ultimately triumph over the Christian god [contempt in Magnus’s voice] who is a usurper, who has no meaning; is not real. One day not so far away the name Jesus Christ will be utterly forgotten’ (emphasis in Magnus’ voice).

What if the Gods of the Anglo-Germans on the American continent were, every one of them, Aryans like those of the Greco-Roman Mount Olympus or the Germanic Valhalla? What if Vikings like Magnus, not the Judeo-Christian Charlemagne, had been victorious in the medieval wars in which Christianity was forcibly imposed?

So fundamental is what I am saying that what emerges is not only the great limitations of Rockwell—but of Hitler himself!

The subject is deep and complex and would involve reading what I say about Charlemagne in our translation of Deschner’s book. Fortunately, my post ‘Old Town’, which I uploaded the week before my mother’s passing, sums up what I mean.

13 replies on “Magnus v. Nosferatu”

Keith Woods did chair a debate between Adam Green and some Christian apologist, I can’t remember who. Green was very explicit about the CQ and didn’t hold back, but evidently it wasn’t enough to break Keith’s faith. Catholicism is so intricately embedded in the cultures of Ireland, Spain, Italy and Poland. I doubt they could ever fully cleanse themselves of it. They have been addicted to the poison for so long, they have no memory of what their culture was like before the Christian infection. For them, the coming of Christianity was Year Zero.

Maybe, anyway, Christianity is fading away (but not quickly enough). I am very convinced we can wash off the Christian disease in one generation or two with a total breakdown, (every new life is a new beginning); we must be working on replacing and mocking that psycho-parasite with a new Weltanschauung just like the Hitler Youth did.

In a recent article of yours I saw this quote

“All the evidence shows that a tiny number of Jews can sway whole gentile societies, so you have to weigh specifically what each subversion Jew (redundant, I know) accomplishes. ”

I feel like this kind of anti-semitism, not dissimilar to the anti-semitism Keith Woods and others engage in, is ultimately a derivative of Neo-Christianity.

I say this because these white nationalists treat Jews like they’re mystical. They act like they’re powerful. So powerful a single Jew can somehow subvert a society.

This is obviously false. Not only do white traitors outnumber Jews but ideological white subverters equal Jews in number. Jews only seem to be better at inventing new ethnosuicidal dogma for the traitors to religiously promote.

The comment I quoted reminded me of the dispensationalist theology I was exposed to in the American South. Jews were thought of as holy. They were treated as the “conscience of mankind”. Even Dennis Prager, the conservative Jew, said:

“Every ‘ism’ in history was Jewish. Except for Nazism.”

Just for the record, the quote came from the author Edmund Connelly, who addressed me on The Occidental Observer.

Because USA elites have always been wealthy Christians and they naturally obey jews either by religion and/or fear of boycott.

They just wouldn’t risk their wealth for something as “pity” as the preservation if their own race, unlike jews who help themselves collectively for their own preservation.

This is why the USA is an utter failure of an experiment. A pagan king like Magnus or Svyatoslav would have had these plutocrats executed in the spot and jews expelled out of the realm, if not right away killing them all as well.

Christianity is a major distraction in Ireland on the racial right. This is why my only comrades, on the racial right, are on the internet. If you speak against Christianity in Ireland as a white nationalist, then you will be ostracised. Gemma Dougherty is another Irish talking head shilling for Christianity. A lot of Irish nationalists seem to be Christian-Identity traditionalist Catholics. They never answer me when I point out that the invasion of Ireland was called “Laudabiliter” or “praiseworthy” by the Pope. They never answer me when I say that Saint Patrick began the British Occupation. They never answer me when I say that it was the Catholic Queen Mary who began the demographic replacement of the Irish–known as “plantation”–in Laois Offaly. They never answer me when I say that traditionalist Catholicism celebrates paedophilic genital mutilation on the 1st of January, and celebrates Hannukah–sometime in August with the Holy Maccabees. They don’t answer me, because they can’t. They simply ignore me and ostracise me… which is fair enough, I guess.

Among the anti-Semitic racialists with whom I have interacted in various forums, including my own, none have answered me when I say that the JQ isn’t an all-encompassing hypothesis because the Iberians corrupted their blood since the 16th century, when they conquered the Americas (and the Inquisition kept the Jews under control). They have simply ignored this vital fact and continue in their echo chambers, which is fair enough I suppose.

Catholicism, in Ireland, is second only to the Government in pushing White genocide, demographic replacement and in demonising White Nationalist resistors to it. Concern was founded by a Catholic Bishop. Trocaire–Irish Gaelic for ‘mercy’–is run by the Catholic Church. Both of these NGOs breed up our non-white demographic replacements in the third world. Sister Stanislaus, a Catholic Nun, founded the Irish Immigrants’ Council. However, despite all of this subversion, treason, and treachery by the Catholic Church in Ireland, stretching all the way back to Saint Patrick himself, one of Gemma O’ Dougherty’s talking points is a supposed “anti-catholic agenda” by the elites who are genociding us! Again, Catholicism is a foreign alien anti-white, foreskin mutilating, Jewish-founded paedophile cult, and it has absolutely nothing to do either with white Irish gaels or with the Irish White Nationalist struggle.

I was reading The Irish Catholic, there. One of its photographs was of a black priest blessing black schoolchildren’s schoolbags—which is pure superstition, incidentally—in a parish Church in Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland. As Alex Linder says: Catholicism wasn’t subverted: Catholicism is the subversion.

In this video Catholic Apologist, Brian Holdsworth, says that a negro’s soul is so infinitely precious that it is even more precious than the material universe. How is this not subversion? However, even this level of antiracism is not extreme enough for the atheist hyperchristian, Viced Rhino. The Irish Catholic can be quite liberal betimes, however even The Catholic Voice, which is the conservative/traditionalist Catholic Newspaper for Ireland expresses sentiments such as these. The Catholic Voice opposes abortion because abortion is one of the few things that actually stifles the negro population. Negros were outbreeding us in the United States of America even before Catholics on the supreme court struck it down… now it is even worse! If every version of Catholicism–from liberal to sedevacanteist–is actively pursuing an agenda hostile to whites, then it is Catholicism itself that is at issue. I remember the Sedevacanteist Bishop, Bishop Dolan, once gave a sermon extolling immigration from Mexico, as he runs a traditionalist mission down in Mexico.

When I was a white nationalist, i.e. a Judaeo-reductionist, it was precisely my father’s Catholic ideology that convinced me that the real problem was Christianity. I talk about that in both my second autobiographical book and my third, on the subject of the Spanish mendicant orders that came to Mexico (then called New Spain).

Bruce Gerencser is another example of what I would call an “atheistic hyperchristian”. He still broadly praises the suicidal teachings of The Sermon on the Mount. Be a victim i.e. “turn the other cheek”. Resist not evil. Give whatever is asked of you. Collaborate with the occupation of your country: the meaning of “go the extra mile”. Ragnar Redbeard is right when he said in Might is Right that the author of The Sermon on the Mount is: “the true Crowned Prince of evil.”

Ireland has a really bad problem with victim mentality, fostered by the catholic churchs dual weaponisation of self deprecation, and self aggrandisation of oneself in saving the “other/weak”.

These are of course christianity as taught by dogma to the people, while the church enriched itself by abuse of the peoples trust for hundreds of years.

Ireland should be celebrating its war of liberation from hundreds of years of English rule, yet “opinion” makers have made it into a celebration of weakness, meekness and eternal suffering of the Irish people.

Same as in all western nations “opinion makers” are promoting toxic passive negativity to us.

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