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The schizophrenic South

In his relatively recent article ‘The Schizophrenic South’ Jared Taylor said:

Earlier this month the Southern Cultural Center (SCC) invited me to speak at its second annual conference. This is a group of Christian Southerners fighting to preserve the Southern people. It’s motto is “Our Culture, Our Heritage, Our Land, Our People,” and the SCC means it…

I did my best, however, and began with something I have before done never in public: I talked about my mother. She was perhaps the last of an extinct species: a liberal who was a devoted Southerner and Confederate. She was an early feminist, an integrationist, and even a supporter of homosexual rights. None of this stopped her from believing that Robert E. Lee came the closest to divinity of all men who ever lived. She always stood for “Dixie” and looked daggers at anyone who didn’t.

It is very interesting to note that Taylor hadn’t previously spoken about his mother, whose ideology was clearly schizophrenic (to avoid confusion between the popular use of this term and the use given to it by psychiatrists, I prefer the Orwellian term doublethink).

What some Southerners commenting on Taylor’s blog and other racialist forums ignore is that their ideology suffers from doublethink, i.e., being anti-Semitic and at the same time worshipping the god of the Jews. Or advocating the 14 words and not seeing that capitalism is poison to our sacred words in that one cannot serve two masters (Mammon and the Aryan race) because one will end up hating one and loving the other.

But I am repeating myself what I have said a thousand times on this site and I better stop…

7 replies on “The schizophrenic South”

There are two problems that we keep running into when we talk about the CQ. The first and most obviously problem is that contemporary racialists believe that Christianity has been recently corrupted, rather than being pure poison from the beginning. The second problem is that they believe “true” Christianity is opposed to homosexuality, feminism, race-mixing, etc. The Bible, in addition to being a pack of lies, is an incoherent mess. For every passage that affirms one view, there will be another passage condemning it. What else can we honestly expect from a book that was stitched together from multiple different sources, each of them written by a different person at a different time and in a different place, who was likely mentally ill by today’s standards.

For anyone interested on the history of the Northern vs Southern States from a racial perspective, I recommend listening to Manifest Destiny’s podcast episodes 90, 91, 92, in which the Volkish gang review the book “Masterless Men”.

The belief that the South was pro-White before the American Civil War is a hugely false myth. The South was very much pro-Black, primarily because it was a Slave economy. Every Southern landowner favored the proliferation of nigger slaves at the expense of the free Whites, whose employment was much costlier due to their demand for wages and higher quality of life.

Any White who stands for ‘Dixie’ is an ignorant. The truth is that Dixie was a shithole, where most Whites lived in poverty, crime and persecution; where it’s ruling class horribly betrayed their blood for money, much like Latin America.
If it wasn’t for the Union victory, the USA would have been a much blacker country after one-and-a-half centuries. Which, I suppose, would be fair enough – if less Whites worked for the USA during WW2, it’s economy would have been weaker. Perhaps the Bomb would’ve taken longer to develop?…

I admit to being ignorant on the subject. It would be great if our friend Jake F., who runs those podcasts you link, would have a discussion with Hunter Wallace about the antebellum Dixie. I can’t form a judgement before listening to such a discussion since, as I said, I don’t know the subject.

All I can say is that both the Yankees and the Confederates were Christians, and that Christianity was the main cause of the nigger emancipation struggle (cf. Tom Holland’s book). As to who was more evil, the Yankees or the Confederates—let Jake and Hunter argue and I’ll gladly listen to that Manifest Destiny show!

As Knut Hamsun and Julius Evola would probably say, the USA is and has always been a nigger loving country since its very conception, and anyone who denies that is delusional.

” where most Whites lived in poverty, crime and persecution; where it’s ruling class horribly betrayed their blood for money”

It seems to be always the case, betraying one’s blood for money, for gold.

A man from Serbia once told me that, the wealthier whites get, the less they want to have children, and thus opens a path to extinction.

This is true! If the South would’ve won, most of the US would have had the demographics of Brazil for many decades by now. The ruling class of the South, of which there were many Jews, loved their black “free” labor and resented white yeoman farmers. The only redeeming period of Dixie was the reconstruction era in which the white race rose up asserted their rule against blacks. The original KKK was the Anglo Saxon version of Hezbollah and was the vehicle used to deliver their salvation.

After learning the truth about the South, all these white nationalist Dixie larpers look and sound like morons.

I too highly recommend the book “Masterless Men”.

Why do you say that South is anti-Semitic? Jews were always respected there. Just because modern-day Jews hate the South(why was the ADL founded in the first place?) because an (((innocent))) child killing, child raping Jew was given his just deserts. An anti-Semitic South may be real in their minds; but, that doesn’t make it so in reality.

You have to told why American politicians fear the ADL? It has the agency to destroy the career of any non-Jewish politician by smearing them as an anti-Semite.

You’ll find Jews in the ranks of the Grey. However, there were entire regiments of forty-eighters in the Union Army. You know what a forty-eighter is? By the way, these people helped make Lincoln president.

You have to told why American politicians fear the ADL? It has the agency to destroy the career of any non-Jewish politician by smearing them as an anti-Semite.

But who gives the kike this power? Judeo-Christian culture of course: it isn’t a power that the Jews gained by conquering the US by force of arms. As Ronin said a few years ago: ‘Zionist Occupied Government? Pffft! Zionist Occupied Culture? Closer. Zionist Occupied Soul? Bingo! The Inner Jew.’

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