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Judeo-reductionism Martin Kerr

2021 thread

Harold A. Covington

Noting that the longest article in the PDF American Racialism we recently published is by Martin Kerr, yesterday I discovered some words by Kerr about Harold Covington, published in the comments section of The Occidental Observer, which are worth quoting:

It is disturbing to see that an attempt is being made to rehabilitate the deservedly poor reputation of Harold Covington. I had hoped that after his long-awaited death in 2018, the memory of him would quickly and mercifully fade away. Sadly, I can see that my hopes were in vain.

No one did more to harm the cause of pro-White advocacy than Covington. From the mid-1970s until his death, he did everything he could to weaken, harm and destroy that cause. Earlier on in his benighted career he devised a two-part modus operandi.

He attacked whatever pro-White leader who was receiving the most public recognition at any given time. He only attacked those who were trying to do something. Those who limited themselves to writing books or articles he left alone. But those who were in the public arena, actively trying to build a pro-White movement, he attacked relentlessly and ferociously. Among those he sought to undermine and destroy were Dr. William Pierce, David Duke, Matt Koehl, Ben Klassen, Kevin Alfred Strom, Dr. Edward Fields, Will Williams and—towards the end of his life—Richard Spencer. I am sure that there are others whom I have forgotten about.

The rustic Covington wanted to become the alpha male of the tribe, but instead of earning that position the hard way he resorted to very dirty tactics, inconceivable in a true Aryan.

Covington was a pathological liar, as anyone who knew him personally can attest. He would lie simply for the sake of lying, even when there was no advantage to it. But in his efforts to sabotage White leaders and their organizations, there is no falsehood or calumny, no matter how despicable or outlandish, from which he would shrink. Typically, he would accuse White leaders of murder, homosexuality, alcoholism, race-mixing, theft, corruption, collaboration with the FBI and/or ADL and Jewish or other non-Aryan ancestry. He never provided an iota or proof for any of his accusations: how could he, since they were completely imaginary in the first place? Instead, he would issue new and similar attacks against anyone who sought to challenge his lies.

I am ashamed to say that when I read Covington’s tetralogy and got excited about this revolutionary scenario, I was unaware of the novelist’s terrible flaws. But from that discussion thread I would like to respond to what Edmund Connelly said:

C.T., thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful reply. I would, however, like to take exception to this claim: “[I]n the West there are more traitorous whites than subversive Jews.”

Numerically, you may well be right, but the equation ends up wrong because you cannot equate one White with one Jew. All the evidence shows that a tiny number of Jews can sway whole gentile societies, so you have to weigh specifically what each subversion Jew (redundant, I know) accomplishes. How many goys would it take, say, to equal one Sigmund Freud? Or a Norman Lear? Jewish gurus wreck havoc among gentile nations in untold millions of lives. That’s what makes them so destructive. While there are far too many White useful idiots, it is, I would maintain, their manipulation by Jews that starts the train wreck in motion.

In 2021 I had already responded to what Connelly said in his article, but now I would like to respond to what he said directly to me, quoted above. First of all, it should be noted that, as a good white nationalist, Connelly lives under the assumption that the Jews are the primary cause of our misfortunes. I believe it is us.

Connelly’s argument would make sense if the Jews were capable of subverting the Islamic world—even though in Israel they are surrounded by them—which they obviously can’t. Nor are they capable of subverting India or China. They weren’t even capable of subverting Whites before the advent of Judeo-Christianity. We can imagine what would have happened if a Jew wanted to subvert Sparta, Republican Rome before the Punic Wars or the Viking peoples! They only managed to get their Trojan horse in when Constantine handed over the Empire to his bishops, many of Semitic origin. All this I have said many times before, but it bears repeating because here lies the huge difference between the POV of this site and the Judeo-reductionism of white nationalism.

Connelly assigns, in the quote above, superhuman powers to the Jews, but what happens to the Aryan could be analogised to a physical accident.

Let’s imagine we fall off a motorbike and terribly scrape our arm. Without proper care, the arm becomes infected with microbes. Judeo-reductionism would be analogous to saying that microbes are the primary aetiology of our infection. I say that the primary aetiology is the accident. Without the accident and poor care of the arm, there would have been no opportunistic infection. The microbes are secondary or even irrelevant.

Likewise, without the treachery of Constantine and other Aryan emperors who followed him (see Deschner’s first volume on the history of Christianity in the featured post), Jewish ideology wouldn’t have infected the West for 1,700 years. The West would be as immune to subversive Jewish ideas as China, India or the Islamic world. But the worst thing is that through Christianity and ‘neo-Christianity’ (see again the featured post), each generation of whites recreates the biker crash, so to speak. They aren’t allowing the body to heal!

Worse still is that white nationalists themselves are party to this ill-treatment of the infected body as they are incapable of repudiating Judeo-Christian morality. This too, I have spoken at length on this site and it isn’t worth repeating except to invite new visitors to read the books and/or PDFs in the featured post.

4 replies on “2021 thread”

With egoist, deceptive crooks like Covington on our side, who needs kike enemies?

After Strom’s article ‘Death of a Con Man’, no one should read a single word of Fat Harry’s books. The lying bastard even had the gall to defame Pierce.

One of the commenters of this TOO article, Tim Folke, stated we shouldn’t kill the messenger because the message has value.

Even if Covington’s books weren’t tainted with fantastical Hollywood tropes like gun-toting Marvel heroines, Will Williams responded with the correct attitude: cut all ties with traitors.

Christianity is the enemy. It has deeply infiltrated the White collective psyche, rendering it harmless, ineffective, self-betraying.

I’d say Covington’s stories were mainly appealing to Christians, as his fictional Freedom Fighters would spout stuff like: “Our goal is not to kill people, it’s to free people, our people, from an evil government, bla-bla…” already these fictitious cucks are obeying Yahweh’s laws.

Don’t kid yourselves, in a Rahowa your goal will be to KILL people, a LOT of people, many of them good-Goy Whites. Even the term ‘Freedom Fighter’ is so cringe. ‘Race Warriors’ is much clearer and truer.

Having perused every line of his first four novels of his quintet made me understand Covington, who wasn’t a Xtian.

He sets up his racial revolution as a great struggle between ‘pagans’ and Christians fighting from the same side against the System, and it is resolved in the end by mere guerrilla camaraderie when Christians and pagans take power as if it were really possible to reconcile a Judeo-Christian-based morality with a ‘pagan’ morality.

When the ethnostate is formed in his novels, the pagans accept that the anthem of the new White Republic will be a piece of music composed by… Martin Luther himself!

I called Covington ‘rustic’ because he lacked the sophistication of Yockey, Pierce and Revilo Oliver. Even disregarding his slander, the sky under which Covington lived was as unsophisticated as the sky under which quite a few on the contemporary racialists live.

With regard to exterminationism, there’s one other thing I’m confused about. César, you are a virulent exterminationist, yet at the same time, you seems to believe that the holocaust was greatly exaggerated, if not entirely fabricated. I share this belief also, but there is an obvious contradiction for us. there? Either the Nazis were exterminationists, or they weren’t. I don’t see how there can be any in-between. But if it didn’t happen as we’re told, what do you base your exterminationism on? If extermination is not what the Germans were doing (or planning on doing at a later date), this means that exterminationism is your own unique philosophy, with no connection to the Nazis. Do you understand my confusion?

Adûnâi asked me on Discord to deliver the following message, by the way. I don’t know what it means, but oh well. “You can only blame Covington if you’ve done better. History knows all WN leaders as losers without exception.”

I think the Germans weren’t exactly exterminationists. Regarding the so-called holocaust, however, I find honest David Irving and Mark Weber, who have been modifying their opinion by facing the historical facts (I have already bought Irving’s first volume on Himmler and am anxiously awaiting the completion of his second volume).

As to exterminationism itself, you have to read my book Day of Wrath and an anthology I compiled, On Exterminationism, both available in PDF via the featured post. Even more in-depth, where I really explain everything in more detail, is my work in Spanish which I will be translating into English as long as my sponsors allow me to have a roof over my head and bread on my table.

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