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Christendom Karlheinz Deschner Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Kriminalgeschichte, 12

A month ago I wrote that the oldest Christian texts are a treat if we compare them with the version of Christianity that conquered the United States: the worst Christianity of all times. I also said that it’s the worst precisely because it transmuted the anti-Semitism of the early theologians into the philo-Semitism brought to this continent by the spiritual sons of Cromwell.
Judge it by yourselves. In the first book of his ten-volume Criminal History of Christianity Karlheinz Deschner explains the anti-Judaism in the Church from the 2nd to the 4th centuries:

The increasing hostility against the Jews in times of primitive Christianity is observed in the writings of the iospatres aevi apostolici, that is, of the apostolic fathers, a designation created by the patristics of the 17th century to refer to the authors who lived shortly after the apostles: ‘When the earth was still warm from the blood of Christ’, according to the expression of St. Jerome…
St. Justin, an important philosopher of the second century, was much pleased (as was Tertullian, Athanasius, and others) about the terrible destruction of Palestine by the Romans, the ruin of their cities, and the burning of their inhabitants. All this is judged by the saint as a punishment from heaven, ‘what has happened to you is well deserved… criminal breed, children of harlot.’
And the invectives of the ‘very fine Justin’ (Harnack), whose celebration is attached to the 14th of April by disposition of Leo XIII (who died in 1903), do not end there. The saint devotes many other epithets to the Jews: he calls them sick souls, degenerates, blind, lame, idolaters, sons of bitches and sacks of evil. He states that there is not enough water in the seas to clean them.
This man, who according to the exegete Eusebius lived ‘at the service of the truth’ and died ‘for proclaiming the truth’, affirms that the Jews are guilty of all ‘injustices committed by all other men’, a slander in which did not fall even Streicher, Hitler’s propagandist.
At the beginning of the third century, the Roman bishop Hippolytus, disciple of St Irenaeus and father of the ‘early Catholic Church’, wrote a poisonous pamphlet, Against the Jews. He called them ‘slaves of the nations’ and demanded that the servitude of this people does not last seventy years as the captivity of Babylon, or four hundred and thirty years as in Egypt, but ‘for all eternity.’
St. Cyprian, who was a very wealthy man, rector and bishop of Carthage in the year 248 after divorcing his wife, devoted himself to collecting anti-Jewish aphorisms and thus supplied ammunition to all Christian anti-Semites of the Middle Ages. According to the teachings of this celebrated martyr, characterized by his ‘indulgence and cordial manliness for the good’ (Erhard), the Jews ‘have as father the devil’; exactly what the Stürmer said, the newspaper of agitation for the Hitler SS. The great author Tertullian says that the synagogues are ‘the sources of the persecution’ (fontes persecutionum)…

The Stürmer was the periodical that inspired Andrew Anglin to name his Daily Stormer.

Even the noble Origen thinks that the doctrines of the Jews of his time are only fables and vacuous words; to their ancestors he once again reproaches for ‘the most abominable crime’ against ‘the Saviour of the human race; that is why it was necessary that the city where Jesus suffered was destroyed, and that the Jewish people should be expelled from their homeland’…
With the increase of clergy power in the 4th century, the virulence of anti-Judaism also grew, as the theologian Harnack observed. It was becoming more frequent for the ‘fathers’ to write pamphlets against the Jews. Some of the oldest ones have been lost; our references begin with those of Tertullian, Hippolytus of Rome, and a number of Church doctors, from St. Augustine to St. Isidore of Seville in the 7th century. Anti-Jewish pamphlets became a literary genre within the Church (Oepke).
Gregory of Nazianzus, even today celebrated as a great theologian, condemned the Jews in a single litany, where he calls them murderers of God and of the prophets; enemies of God, people who hate God, despise the Law, devil’s advocates, race of blasphemers, slanderers, scoundrel of Pharisees, sinners, lapidary men, enemies of honesty, assembly of Satan, etcetera. ‘Not even Hitler made more accusations against the Jews in less words than the saint and bishop of sixteen hundred years ago.’

Deschner devotes a few pages to the anti-Semitic pronouncements of St. Ephrem (306-373), John Chrysostom, St. Jerome and Hilary of Poitiers. Then he tells us:

In 1940, in the middle of the Hitler era, Carl Schneider confesses that ‘rarely in history is anti-Semitism as determined and as uncompromising… as that of those early Christians’.

Compare this primitive Christianity with the standing applause with which all the congressmen, both Democrats and Republicans, received Benjamin Netanyahu—and tell me with a straight face that I am wrong that the worst type of Christianity conquered the most powerful nation in modern history!

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Interestingly, the site where the «Stürmer» was printed, in the most German of cities, was on the premises where once stood the Augustiner⸗Kloster — a place of activity for Luther regarding the Re⸗Formation in Nuremberg, from where he went on to Augsburg. The Augustine⸗church, like many other structures, was destroyed by the occupying Roman⸗Catholic Bavarians in the 19th century. The First⸗Reich republic of Nuremberg was invaded by Corsican⸗Italian terrorist⸗leader Napoleon, and handed over to the southern neighboring kingdom which was made up by the “French“ Sozi.

Interesting these early (((Christian?))) attacks on jews, the virulent racial anti-semitism. Christianity was created by Saul-Paul, pitching & universalising a jewish sect religion to the Gentiles, based on the life of one of many jewish insurrectionist Messiahs of the first century AD, a Yeshua, common name then. Or was Saul-Paul-Christianity the creation of Josephus, the court jew of the Flavians? Whatever, Christianity has been the Tribe’s greatest weapon in its millennial long war against the Aryan race, that is, the spiritual poison of the NT. Prior to the holohoax and the ‘Evil Nazis’, Christian anti-semitism was the jews’ greatest weapon of attack-defence, ‘Persecution’, ‘Anti-Semitism’. Wailing. The Tribe’s MO has never changed through the ages. To give them grudging credit, they have always been prepared to sacrifice much to gain a long-term victory. They think the longue durée. Probably these (((early Church Fathers?))) realised laying on virulent anti-semitism with a trowel would attract Gentiles to this new destructive religion. Revilo Oliver considered the early Church Fathers were mainly Tribal. Bolshevik Jabotinsky was prepared to sacrifice 10 million small jews for victory in WWII.
Cromwell, another disaster for the Aryan race. His heirs, the New England Puritans, the new Israelites, drove the hatred against the South, igniting the Civil War.

It is unlikely that the anti-Semite fathers of the Church were cryptos planning 4-D chess for millennia ahead, but if Revilo says that they were ‘tribal’ it must be investigated.

Yes, Revilo’s opinion based on how much Christianity on balanced has been so poisonous to Europeans – cui bono?. As you’d know only too well, there were numerous Cryptos in the Catholic Church – Loyola, Leo X. Joseph kicked off the game plan in Egypt:- rose to become the court jew, cornered the markets on cattle and grain, interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams. The blue print already laid out in Genesis. The Tribe’s will to power, will to dominate and own everything, its willingness to stick to the same game plan over the longue durée to its present world domination, almost requires an otherworldly explanation, and is beyond most Aryans’ capacity to grasp. Not telling you anything you don’t know.

@ Owl of Minerva,
I didn’t know that Loyola had Jewish ancestry. Thanks for pointing that out.
I respect Revilo and if a specific Revilo source says that many fathers of the Church were cryptos I’ll read it. But even before reading that specific source, I very much doubt that he says there that even the most-rabid anti-Semites of that time were actually playing 4-D chess for the distant future.
What distinguishes me from most WNsts is that I don’t buy the theory that Jews are behind almost everything, or that they are the main cause of the word’s ills. See for example the Eusebius statement quoted above, that blames the kikes for ‘injustices committed by all other men’. If you have read my Day of Wrath you’d see that the cruelest people of history were some Mesoamericans, who did not met a single kike throughout their history.

The Mayas treated more sadistically the prisoners than the Mexicas. Diego de Landa recounts that they went as far as torturing the captive kings by gouging their eyes out, chopping off their ears and noses and eating up their fingers. They maintained the poor captive alive for years before killing him, and the classic The Blood of the Kings tells us that the Mayas tore the jaw out from some prisoners still alive. Once more, not even Mel Gibson dared to film these atrocities, although he mentioned them during an interview when defending his film before the criticism of politically-correct reporters and academics.

Are you familiar with my classification that distinguishes A-type and B-type bicausalism? I don’t claim expertise on Church history. But I know something of the history of Mexico.
In the past some monocausal WNsts have took issue with me saying that Bartolomé de Las Casas (the originator of the Black Legend against Spain) and Hidalgo (the father of the Mexican independence, celebrated yesterday by the way—16 of September in Mexico is like the 4th of July in the US) were cryptos.
My late father left a good collection of books about Las Casas and the evidence of his kike ancestry is uncertain. Hidalgo on the other hand had such ancestry without a doubt.
But my point is that even if the two were cryptos that alone cannot explain the ethno-suicidal miscegenation that occurred in ‘Latin’ America.
An elemental reading of the history of this continent easily reveals that the real culprits were the greed for gold and silver of the conquerors, and the universalism of the Counter-Reformation project for the Americas. Even if Las Casas was a crypto that doesn’t change the big picture.
Both Christianity and the enslavement that comes from gold over race policies were the main factors of ethnosuicide in this side of the American continent. As Matt Parrott once said about me discussing with single-hypothesis WNsts, the monocausal theory is a hard sell for he who was born in Mestizo America. It just doesn’t make sense, as the Inquisition targeted cryptos throughout the history of New Spain (later Mexico).

@CT, I’ve somewhat miss-referenced Revilo. “Against the Grain (V1)” Page 113 from the Chapter “The Jews Love Christianity” – “Christianity today, including all the many minor sects, is what it was made by the patient and subtle work of the Fathers of the Church. They were a knavish lot. There is no way of knowing how many of them were actually Jews, on duty for God’s Race. It is highly unlikely that any one of them was a Greek or Roman. Most of them were probably Semites or descendants of one of the other Oriental peoples that swarmed into the mongrelized Roman Empire…….Whatever their racial antecedents, it is clear from their own writings, despite much later whitewashing, that they were a motley crew of shysters, psychopaths, and other misfits. They were calculating or compulsive liars and forgers; see……Joseph Wheless, ‘Forgery in Christianity’ (1930).
If not playing 4-D chess, how do you explain the Tribe’s consistently destructive behaviour soon after its very first appearances in recorded history? The ability to accumulate wealth and to use that wealth to infiltrate and rise to positions of importance in government and church (Kevin MacDonald); this coupled with the revolutionary, disintegrating spirit. Reading the OT is reading the first draft of the Protocols. It is deeply genetically programmed behaviour, if not at first a consciously contrived game plan. Certainly by The French Revolution onwards, operating through secret societies including Freemasonry, the Illuminati, then right out in the open with The Bolshevik Revolution, they were & are at the centre of planned revolution and chaos; but not operating alone.
Torquemada was from a family of conversos (Wikipedia); I had read that Loyola was too. The Jesuits have a Tribal MO – secrecy bordering on subversion, tight discipline, expelled from many countries.

I have read MacDonald’s trilogy and agree with it. But he doesn’t say that even the rabid anti-Semites of 1700 years ago were cryptos playing ‘4-D chess’ for the far future.
My POV on the JQ has been summarised in that tweet by Young White Family, quoted in my latest post:

‘So sick of the whining and aggrandizement of Jews like they’re supermen. It’s White traitors and our own weakness that’s the main problem.’

That summarises ‘B-type bicausalism’ pretty good.

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