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Wuthering Heights

How would we have felt if, as children, our father returned home with a boy of an alien ethnic group and forced it into our bedroom as a new “brother”? How would we have felt if, after resenting this betrayal and picking on the unfortunate intruder—as children usually do—, our father sends us, not the…

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The Jewish Question revisited

Note of September 2017: The first half of this post, “Wuthering Heights,” has been relocated: here.   In a recent radio podcast Mark Weber, a revisionist historian and current director of the Institute for Historical Review, said (ellipsis omitted between unquoted sentences): Americans pride themselves of not having an ideology (“We are not fooled by…

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The real Wuthering Heights

I have received a couple of warm compliments, both by email and within the thread, about one of my comments in The Occidental Observer’s most recent article on Sweden. It’s reproduced below: The commenters above have missed the main point: Independently of what that silly Jewess said, why are the Swedes marching passively like the…

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