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Economic illiterates

Greg Johnson’s latest article, “Premature populism,” reminded me my favorite comment by Ward Kendall in this blog:

The moment Billy Pierce started selling “hate core” CDs via the National Alliance’s putrid distributor Resistance is the moment he shoved a figurative gun barrel clean down his clucking, chicken-skinned, babbling throat and yanked the trigger.

Brainz wuz eberwheres, folks!

Kendall is right. And Johnson is right too that—as I interpret his latest article—, since the US is not economically suffering like Greece, Americans still cannot have the benefits of a movement like Golden Dawn.

But like most white nationalists Johnson ignores that America’s bottom will drop out sometime during this decade. See for example the first comment at Johnson’s piece: a whole essay on its own where a commenter, suffering from typical normalcy bias, imagines that business as usual will continue… until 2045!:

If, a hundred years and more after Hitler is dead, it’s still too soon for any assertion of white interests, I think that would be a logical reason for being pessimistic about our prospects.

Here at WDH I have been embedding quite a few Peter Schiff videos (see for example this one) that, with the honorable exception of the commenter John Martínez, have not convinced anyone.

Why people, why? Because Schiff is of Jewish extraction?

Oh boy! I own a copy of the documentary film End of the Road. If some of the regular commenters want to listen voices of economists light-years away from Counter-Currents’ point of view on economics, including gentile voices of course, let me know. I could lend the DVD by mail to those who are willing to listen the pretty solid arguments of those who have been predicting the crash since Alan Greenspan started to print dollars like crazy (and let’s not talk of Obama’s Jew, Ben Bernanke).

Thanks to the fact that, as Mike Maloney says, “fiat currencies always fail” and that “there’s no exception to this,” the days when white populism are no longer premature in America are closer than what the average nationalist imagines.

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Why is 1944 Anno Hitleris? 69 years ago would be May 1944.

I’m a big Peter Schiff listener too. White nationalists who are pessimistic are generally also economic illiterates and energy illiterates.

The bottom dropping out of the economy is going to change the culture so much that it cannot but be good for us. Enforcing political correctness requires a massive civil servant structure, billions in payroll for useless scum just to keep YT down.

I wrote an article making very similar points as in this post, here:


Oops! I have typed so many times “68 Anno Hitlerum” that this time, after the anniversary of H’s death, I got a little confused. Anyway, I’ve just fixed it.

I liked the following comment below your linked post:

Economics more than race will wake people up. When they feel something in their wallet, THEN you see the big changes. When diversity begins to rack up a personal price, that will upset whites. It has been madness for WNs to use the HBD approach and cite IQ statistics. Murkans only care about the $$$.

What’s YT by the by?

“Normalcy bias” is an apt expression.

The fact of the matter is that the amnesty for millions of illegals in the US (also pompously called “immigration reform”) that will almost certainly be passed by this regime will inject tens of millions of new immigrants, legal and illegal, in a decade [see recent articles by Kevin Mac (link) and Steve Sailer (link) on this topic].

Now, encouraging tens upon tens of millions of new immigrants into a country that already has tens of millions of unemployed people who simply won’t ever get a job again anymore due to labor offshoring and sheer competition with more skilled recent incomers is like injecting highly pure heroine in an junkie that is already too stoned.

Let’s see how long this normalcy bias will last once this amnesty bill becomes the law of the land.

“fiat currencies always fail” and that “there’s no exception to this,”

Not so! The National Socialist German currency was not backed by gold or silver; Hitler’s words on this subject:

“We can smile today at an age when economists were seriously of the opinion that the value of currency was determined by the reserves of gold and foreign exchange lying in the vaults of the national banks and, above all, was guaranteed by them. Instead of that we have learned to realize that the value of a currency lies in a nation’s power of production, that an increasing volume of production sustains a currency, and could possibly raise its value, whereas a decreasing production must, sooner or later, lead to a compulsory devaluation.” He added, “We were not foolish enough to try to make a currency [backed by] gold of which we had none, but for every mark that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done or goods produced.” The National Socialist economy is one based off work and production. We owe Hitler for many of the “labor” comforts we enjoy today such as the 40 hour work-week, overtime, paid vacations, and holiday pay.”

The quote from Hitler above is from the following website:


National Socialist Germany’s currency was backed solely by the value of its citizen’s labor, not representative money or commodity backed money (backed by gold or silver).

However, I am not arguing that the US economy will not fail- it WILL fail, but it will fail for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that very little value-added product is produced here any longer. A nation’s economy cannot thrive on mowing each others lawns and washing one anothers clothes. Whether it be flipping houses (overvalued real estate) or flipping burgers at the local Burger King- these “jobs” add nothing of value to the economy. No country can thrive without a healthy industrial sector . These things plus enormous debt to China and other nations, the outrageous cost of “protecting Israel” from its enemies and US adventurism in the middle east on behalf of big oil (and the attendant cost) the housing crash of “08, the enormous cost of feeding welfare leeches, and on and on. These are the things that will soon kill the US economy.

You have a point, but Maloney says that all fiat currencies crash after several decades, not immediately. No one can know what would have happened to Nazi Germany economically hadn’t the Allies intervened. My guess is that the Germans wouldn’t have repeated the gross blunders of Weimar Germany that led to hyperinflation.

Nationalsocialist currency would have collapsed as well eventually. And it would be so because the Nationalsocialist movement was in fact socialist…and there was nothing socialist in the ancient aryans. The ancient aryans, the hyperboreans, the age of the gods, were not a nationalsocialist regime…noo; theirs was a system with the complete and total absence of State. From that point on…there has been a steady rise of the State (socialism) that has gone exponential the last century. The implementation of the total state is what the jews are waiting. The total state is their Mesias.

the problem with nazy germany is that it was socialist. socialist not of the worst kind but socialist in the end. And socialism, even practiced between those of the same king, will finally lead to unintended consequences. The only system that brought the aryan gods into existence was the total and complete anarchy of the ancient past. In those conditions, there was no welfare of any kind, that was eugenics at its best. From then on, through the end of the ice age and material advancement, there has been an increasing of welfare and socialism and that is the evil that has to be removed. That is the demiurge: The total State…the egalitarian society. The first Aryan gods had nothing to do with the State. They understood that from that moment on there could only be a regresive trend. A move that was to take the most unegalitarian world 60.000 years ago to the most egalitarian world, today. And they knew that, but they also knew the consequences of a full socialist society that goes against natural order: collapse. And knowing the cycles of cosmos they knew that it would also come the time when a new magnetic reversal and ice age would come and the egalitarian society would collapse in the most dramatic chaos.

I support WN of course and Hitler´s Germany. I hope you do not misunderstand me but my point is that a true aryan has to go beyond fascism, has to go beyond the State. Somehow like Evola thought

And yes, the world monetary system is going to collapse in a way most of WN are not aware of. That moment will be Whites moment…we need to eat shit to wape up

Thanks for your lucid input.

While anarchy worked long ago for Aryans, you will be shocked to know that precisely because of their all too individualistic tendencies the first Vikings who reached America and started to form tiny colonies were utterly defeated by the native Indians. The catastrophe was caused by the lack of a powerful Viking state.

In a hypothetical parallel history, let’s imagine that medieval Vikings already had a proto-NS state when they arrived to this continent. No isolated families would have been at the mercy of primitive Amerinds but instead the natives would have faced cohesive armies inspired in Roman structures (Nordish Corteses and Pizarros if you want to see it that way).

Since unlike the Iberians the medieval Nordics didn’t mix their blood, in that parallel history all of the American continent, including what presently is “Latin” America (Mestizo America actually), would be pure Scandinavian: a sort of Middle Earth in the New World.

In other words, peoples of Indo-European origin got to imitate the Semites’ group surviving strategies. NS provided just that.

The dollar will not collapse unless the controllers of our economy think that this will further their own ends (I could see the U.S. economic flatlining, but I think the dollar will remain for a variety of reasons). One of the biggest mistakes I think WNs make is believing that the economic system is collapsing because it is unsustainable (I wish that were true).

More likely than not, our enemies have super computers organized to slowly implode Western economies incrementally, with the ultimate goal of uniting the world in an international, mongrelized market place.

Nope! That’s why I am lending the documentary to any newbie on real economics who really wants to study the subject seriously.

But even without it you can educate yourself by listening to the several videos I’ve embedded here on the coming currency crash.

The fact is that no country, White, Black or Latin American—Weimar Germany, Zimbabwe, Argentina—can avoid the crash once it starts printing currency like crazy. No one.

I don’t know, I think the international bankers will bring the West to its knees with a lot more suffering and in not so explicit language say, “We will eliminate your debt if you enter the global village.”

Do you think this collapse is accidental?

The Jews seem to be long-term planners, and they keep pushing the diversity-multicultural meme for the purpose of establishing a one world government.

I doubt they would want the system, which they control, to just collapse with no contingency plan.

The coming currency collapse is the result of the same deranged spirit that has been conquering whites in other areas beside economics: anthropology, the loss of eugenics and racial studies, the pseudoscience in the mental health professions in general and psychiatry in particular, the traitorous way that our history is taught in the academia, etc. It is not planned but the result of sheer civilizational degeneracy.

There is a psychological fallacy I have observed in almost everybody who has an opinion on politics, and this includes white nationalists. Despite claims to the contrary, the current elites are not like, say, the Hollywoodesque chess grand master at the beginning of the film From Russia With Love: a brain so brilliant that even advised Dr. No what to do.

In real life political advisers are as flawed as you and me, and even worse. Much worse. They are mortals. Fucking mortals actually. When you start reading history from an adult perspective you are astounded as to how even your big heroes committed astronomic blunders.

Just one example. Tomorrow I’ll start adding entries of a novel about one of my heroes, the emperor Julian, depicted by Gore Vidal (who also admired him) as a very flawed human. Just as Hitler blundered by invading the Soviet Union, Julian had blundered too by invading Persia—blunders that have cost us civilization itself!

And these are the comparatively smart people!

Jews are no better than us. They always overreach themselves. Watch how Bernanke is, like in Weimar Germany, practically handing over the US to angry whites after the dollar that he’s inflating—inflating because of his own imbecility—pops. (Imbecility I said, not something planned.) Like my Aryan heroes, Jews are as flawed as any other human being.

I really invite you to watch at least the video linked above with my words “see for example this one”.

Why do you have to use the jew’s word ‘gentile’? We are not ‘gentiles’.

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