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“The dollar collapse will unfold very rapidly”

3 replies on ““The dollar collapse will unfold very rapidly””

when abouts do you think this will play out? i know they are attempting to squester more funds currently, but i am fairly green to the whole bean counting scheme, i find it too levantine

There is some good information here. However, it seems to be unaware of the fundamental fact: INTEREST is the problem. The borrowing of money that does not and never will exist is the evil that has destroyed civilization after civilization, empire after empire. The Babylonian game of borrowing one dollar and repaying 1 & 1/2 dollar is a fool’s game. It can’t be done. It will only last about 75 years until everything is mortgaged and then the society starts all over again. But, no one ever points to interest. It is considered wise to build an economy using borrowed money. The sheeple believe it because they are stupid. The leaders push it because they end up with everything. This guy’s comments indicate he believes the politicians and Fed don’t know what they are doing, and yet they are the only ones that benefit. Follow the money. I recommend reading War Cycles/Peace Cycles by Richard Kelly Hoskins. He will drive you crazy with his cracker barrel babble but he hits the nail on the head about Interest, economic cycles and the people behind it all..

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