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David Irving

Twelve basic authors

1. Madison Grant (1865-1937)

2. Lothrop Stoddard (1883-1950)

3. Revilo Oliver (1908-1994)

4. Wilmot Robertson (1915-2005)

5. William Pierce (1933-2002)

6. David Irving (1938- )

7. Philippe Rushton (1943- )

8. Kevin MacDonald (1944- )

9. Michael O’Meara (1946- )

10. Guillaume Faye (1949- )

11. Tom Sunic (1953- )

12. Harold Covington (1953- )

11 replies on “Twelve basic authors”

There’s an interesting quotation in the Wikipedia article on Simpson:

Nietzsche had declared, quite correctly, that Christianity was “the revenge of the Jews on the Gentiles”: the Gentiles had taken from them their homeland, and the Jews had got even by foisting upon the former their religion. And Blake had perceived, no less correctly, that “all nations believe the jews’ code and worship the jews’ god,” and had pronounced in conclusion that “no greater subjection can be.” Inevitably the question arose: Can the Western White man, especially Nordic Western man, ever fully repossess his own soul until he has thrown off this alien religion?

Her is my question regarding casting off Christianity: did not the Vikings after hundreds of years of attacking Christian Europe eventually convert to Christianity? How come? Second, didn’t the French during their infamous revolution and subsequent terrors try to eliminate the church with it’s hierarchy and rules and thus free the Jews from all restraint and really set up the liberal mind that we have today in the West with all it’s problems?

The Vikings were suffering from an extreme form of Yang that a Yin Christianity helped to temperate. The French Revolution must be debunked instead of being idealized. Still, the real problem is the axiology that Christianity augumented among the already universalist whites.

What a surprise FWM (had not hear from you for a while…).

Of course Covington deserves to be in a list of must-read authors (as you can see, I mention his work and his site twice at the side of this blog).

I now see that the title I chose for this entry, “Twelve basic authors,” is inappropriate. I’ll change it now for “Twelve basic researchers” (the above-listed intellectuals are notable as scholars of in-depth books and articles on race studies).

On second thoughts, I will leave the title “authors” and add to the list both Covington and Oliver. Since I’ve removed the couple of researchers whose birthday (below) I ignore, the title “twelve” can be kept.

11. Irmin Vinson (? -)

12. Roger Devlin (? -)

Oh boy. Makes me still feel like a newbie in WN (only started to read the literature by the end of 2009). Of these authors I’ve only listened about half of Duke’s audiobook: a good intro IMO.

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