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Definition of anti-Semitism

“Anti-Semitism is the belief by gentiles that Jews may be criticized like any other group.”

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As Whites Unite said at Occidental Dissent (OD) a couple of years ago, when the ADL, SPLC, Auster or Whiskey use the term “anti-Semitism”, that is exactly what they mean.

The above is Chateau Heartiste’s (“Roissy” in the blogosphere) definition of anti-Semitism. But I didn’t include Heartiste’s name because people have been saying that, as soon as Heartiste began to take some heat for that post, he pulled it down “like a supplicating omega”.

So-called “alphas” (in fact, promiscuous men who don’t leave healthy kids behind) and “gamers” are racial traitors and omegas from a strictly survivalist viewpoint.

I’m glad you called out the ‘gamer’ community. They are a bunch of scum bags. No spiritual Aryan would prioritize sexual success ahead of other pursuits to the extent of changing one’s own character/personage in order to get laid.

An Aryan is first and foremost a warrior and an idealist; not some craven adult frat boy. This is part of the infantilization of the West; every life goal becomes about the ends, not the means. Everything becomes about pragmatism and impurity.

I’ve never used ‘Game’, nor would any real Aryan (in the true sense of the word), in my opinion.

Agree, even if I find the liberal use of extremely negative adjectives and adverbs rather disturbing on these pages and others. Too much inflation, rendering the meaning of some words meaningless. They are ‘scum bags’? Please use, as a good Aryan, better words to describe them.
When it comes to the PUA community, do not knock it as a possible recruitment center for WN. Quite a few of them end up seeing the hollowness of the whole PUA concept, and some start pursuing higher grounds. And as opposed to me and many on this list, they rise above this depravity after having first hand experience with it. It gives them a valuable insight we can use.

I also like the Joe Sobran definition: anti-semite is someone that the jews don’t like.

Anti-Semitism I not whether you dislike the Jews but rather the Jews disliking you as was mentioned in another’s comments.
And believe me if they dislike you they will do everything to destroy your life either economically or literally. They react in emotion then they start a commotion.
The Bible twice mentions the Jews in associated with the synagogue of Satan, Rev2:9-3:9

Anti-semitism is any behavior that doesn’t serve jews. One cannot be neutral on the jewish question because the jews will never treat us impartially.

Would failure to accord fellatory deference to the political program of Grosse Judentum be “anti-semitism”? Fellatio is an act of self-abasement so abject that no human being deserves it, nor does any God that is worthy of human worship.

To be called anti semitic is a compliment paid to an honest truth. Anti Semitism gets a bad rap but its quite liberating.

Antisemitism is the RIGHT TO RESIST Jews destroying your nation.

Who could be against that? Who would give up that right? Anti-semitism is resistance. The more the better.

The great H.L. Mencken nailed it: “An anti-Semite is someone who dislikes Jews more than is absolutely necessary.”

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