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What’s metapolitics?

“The Communist Manifesto was published in 1848. The Bolshevik Revolution took place in 1917. Mao took power in 1949. Marx and Engels laid the metapolitical foundations of Communism—the ideological and organizational foundations—long before Communist states were actually formed.”

Greg Johnson

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Yes, the one thing that has always fascinated me about Jewry is their ability to focus on a goal over an enormous period of time and work toward that goal as a group. This really deserves some consideration since there is no equivalent to this among any other racial group (including we Whites). Just try to get a group of White people to agree on some political goal and work toward that goal, relentlessly, over a period spanning the lives of several generations.. Hell, we cannot even get our fellow Whites to see or even acknowledge as a group the impending demise of our own people. Now try to imagine getting them to work toward a political (or any) goal as a group over a period of say, 10 or 20 years let alone their lifespans as well as that of their own children and grandchildren!
Lest you be mistakenly drawn to think that I admire Jewry, let me be quick to tell you that I most assuredly do not. However, I do believe in giving credit where it is due.

The ground for communism is varied, and is usually viewed in the context of a strictly intellectual and/or economic history; hardly ever it is viewed racially. But given the nature of the academy, this is not surprising. As a representative text, actually a text from a man who is critical of Marxism, one can cite Leszek Kolakowski’s Main Currents in Marxism. In Vol. 1, Kolakowski begins his study with an analysis of the idea of “alienation” in Greek thought from Plotinus, through Christian scholasticism, the historicism of Nicholas of Cusa, and finally the Enlightenment up to the political thesis of the Left Hegelians, along with the critique of religion, etc. The idea of a racial angle is not present within any of these precursors, nor does it seem warranted on its face. Such an angle would only come later.

Early British socialists (as distinct from their Continental brethren) were possibly less enamored with orthodox Marxism per se, but favored non-revolutionary reformation of the means of production via democratic socialism. Coupled as they were with an anti-bourgeoisie elitism where empire itself [that is, the British Empire] would be the political vanguard, these men argued by way of a social universalism wherein Empire would improve not only the proletariat “working man”, but also end the misery of the “coloured” races, lifting them out of their economically determined savagery. British socialists of the era would never have imagined that inferior races were intrinsically inferior, a result of biology, but saw the African and the Hindoo as strictly conditionally inferior.

This is all chronicled within the pages of the independent socialist newspaper, The New Age, edited by Alfred Orage, and featuring socialist and fellow-traveler writing of men such as Herbert Wells, Bernard Shaw, the Chestertons, etc. Not really communists, and certainly not Jews, these men nevertheless “softened” the ground for the rise of Jewish Bolshevism, and we can cite examples.

The paper editorialized against Russian “anti-Semitism”, but their anti-Czarist politicization was really less pro-Jewish, but mostly anti-traditionalist—the Czar representing the “old regime” now made vestigial by liberal modernity. Alternately, independent British socialists were mostly against Boer nationalism, but at the same time condemned South African Jewish moneyed interests, which the socialists believed to be “on the side of Capital.”

The point I want to make is that the strictly Jewish nature of left socialism, and indeed the historical ground of Marxism itself, was not a particularly Jewish phenomenon. To believe that it is so is to misunderstand. [This is, of course, an argument against “monocausalism”, an idea which the blog author does not advance, but others within the new right do.] Be that as it may, those who are prepared can make the most of any opportunity, and by the time of the Russian Revolution Jews had quite rapidly worked their Russian miracle. In 1920, Bertrand Russell wrote to a friend:

“Bolshevism is a close tyrannical bureaucracy, with a spy system more elaborate and terrible than the Tsar’s, and an aristocracy as insolent and unfeeling, composed of Americanised Jews. No vestige of liberty remains, in thought or speech or action. I was stifled and oppressed by the weight of the machine as by a cope of lead.”

Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

When I read Kolakowski’s monumental deconstruction of Marxism long before I became racially conscious the big puzzle was that neither Kolakowski nor his readers (including me) had a clue of why such a gigantic genocide could have happened in Russia. His treatise is a splendid intellectual enterprise to deconstruct the Marxists’ edifice but it fails to explain basic history. Even by the time I read Solzhenitsyn’s Archipelago the fundamental issue remained in relative obscurity.

Now after MacDonald’s lead of translating Solzhenitsyn’s last work (that no American publishing house dared to touch), the first glimpses of what could possibly have happened in Russia are started to be seen.

It’s also true as you say that the idea of a racial angle was “not present within any of these [gentile] precursors”. But among Jews they always knew the truth. One of the most fascinating things for me, an absolute gem actually, while studying the history of the rise of the Jews in the 19th century was Moses Hess’ anti-Marxist pronouncement that “race struggle is primary, the class struggle secondary”. It is fascinating because Hess had worked closely, for a time, with Marx himself!

In other words, at least some honest Jews knew what was actually happening.

Yes, I believe the racial angle is only now becoming understood. For reasons I do not quite understand, the racial aspect of group behavior has been hidden to most. It was certainly hidden from me for a long time. But, after making an analysis using racial traits as an arbiter, many things hitherto confused seem to become clearer.

Many at the turn of the last century understood the difference between the Jew and the White man, however at least since the end of the WW II, this distinction has been mostly forgotten. More correctly, it has been expunged from our popular culture and our common knowledge through the influence of a corrupt and alien media, along with politicians who follow the money. I agree that the work of MacDonald (among some others) has done much to bring this issue to the fore.

MacDonald has Jewish group psychology pegged. Others have deconstructed specific icons of Jewish influence, such as Arthur Butz’s groundbreaking work debunking the Jewish secular religion known as the Holocaust. It was his book that made me realize that Jews are perpetrating a massive fraud on the West, particularly Germans, and that this fraud is reprehensible to a degree that may be unrivaled in history.

What can be done?

Politically, Golden Dawn in Greece appears to be making a difference. Interestingly, I believe they emerged as a result of the banker’s crisis (if I misunderstand their history, forgive me, as I am not Greek). A similar crisis in the West may offer a countervailing opportunity for racially aware Whites in other European Western countries. But I wonder about America.

The problem with the United States is that it is the strong arm of the British-American-Israel axis. For its part, Britain is essentially dead, spiritually, at least as far as I can tell. England did its part for the Jews in WW II, and in return the island has become a Jewish inspired mufti-culturalist heaven, where White is a criminal word. The US is not far behind Britain in terms of moral depravity, however American citizens possess something that is lacking among Brits–a heavily armed White populace. But will they be able to act? Do they even understand the stakes? And do they even have an idea how to act?

The American Jewish media is in an all-out war against White men. It is both subtle and aggressive. Whether American Whites can overcome this pernicious influence is a big question. When I look around, I see my brothers more interested in negro football than racial politics. Still, I have an uncanny feeling that something will soon be coming to a head; it is anyone’s guess how it all plays out.

After the crash niggers will start behaving wildly. If by that time the US government does not censor internet, it’s my educated guess that enraged whites will have a fair chance to start becoming racially conscious.

And even if they censor it, our texts will be circulating as hard copies directly from our hard-disks in a Soviet-like fashion.

Negroes are tribal by nature. So too, Jews. Whites are the least tribal, it having been forcefully washed out of them through decades of damning propaganda, and wrongheaded internecine conflict. In the US we can look back to 1861, but it was not final for European Whites until the middle of the following century. Was there a Jewish angle for the War of Southern Cessation? I have heard rumblings, but am rather ignorant in this area. I am happy to be schooled over it should anyone have information.

Whites are in an unenviable position, having an animalistic savage tribe beneath them, and an intelligent hostile tribe above, both making genocidal demands. If the social order breaks down, how will each group react?

The Westernized negro will quickly shed his veneer, and revert back to the street nigger, or even further back to his cannibalistic African ways. In any three-way dance for civilization the negro is doomed, because he possesses no intrinsic capacity for high culture. Because he is too stupid and ineffectual to challenge White supremacy, his time will be up.

The Jew will necessarily hide away, if he can, pointing the finger at anyone in order to gain some absolution. If the monetary system breaks down, what will they have to offer anyone? Who will want their shekels?

Should civil order break down completely, I suspect that Whites will quickly regain what they have lost through conditioning. White groupings may become regional and clan based. One thing is clear, city-dwelling Starbucks drinking metro-sexual dog lovers will learn to do without their daily five dollar whipped Java–if, that is, they want to survive. And they may have to wind up eating their designer dogs should things become really difficult. Only then will these types come to understand reality.

East Asians are also quite tribal, but do not seem to view themselves in strictly racial terms, but rather through ethnicity. There is no love lost among Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese. In any case, these people mostly keep to themselves, even after having emigrated to the West. They are different by nature than Whites, but not intrinsically hostile in the same way as are negroes and Jews. They are adaptable and can be accommodating as servants, traders and concubines. What will become of them during a catastrophe, I can’t say.

I don’t b believe Asians will become a problem.

I am happy to be schooled over it should anyone have information.

Brad Griffin had been posting learned entries about the whys of the War of Secession. He blames both Puritanical Yankees and a sort of evangelical Christianity (though he himself is a Protestant).

One thing is clear, city-dwelling Starbucks drinking metro-sexual dog lovers will learn to…

In his great novel, William Pierce has some stupendous thoughts about what will probably happen to them. Let me know if you haven’t read it to do a little digging and provide exact quotes.

Are you willing to entertain the idea that there will be a system crash that the Jews manipulate to form a N.W.O.?

Never: and precisely because of what I told you in the other thread about the popular myth that believes in Chess Grand Masters that advice Dr. No.

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