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On silly Joe Rogan

This discussion between Joe Rogan and Matt Walsh shows how infinitely rotten today’s typical Westerner (Rogan) is, completely incapable of understanding the institution of marriage.

Walsh tried to refute him, but as a Christian, he failed to say that the ultimate goal of Western marriage is the 14 words. Compare Walsh’s lukewarm answers with the philosophy of Himmler, who wanted Aryan Germans to breed to 200 millions.

If I had been arguing with Rogan I would have crushed him with my NS reasoning. Just compare Rogan’s individualist POV with what we say in the article ‘Lebensraum’ in the forthcoming edition of On Exterminationism.

3 replies on “On silly Joe Rogan”

Tom Holland concisely describes how Christian marriage is built on idealistic foundations, on “female rights”, on shallow fancies, on male self-hatred, and on the destruction of larger clans – the beginning of individualism and a precursor to the “pursuit of happiness”.

I can’t stand 3 minutes of this crap.
It’s irritating how soft Walsh is.

“What if they don’t want to have children?”

“Then they’re selfish pricks. They’re overgrown adolescents who only care about feelgoods and cummies.
Make a law that says parents gain 50k per child, and that “babies not for me” bullshit attitude goes right out the window.”

That’s what I would say.

I read once in an article of National Vanguard that the problem of extreme women worshiping of today comes from Anglo Saxon puritanism.

Since sex is sinful, women should be worshiped as the guardians of it so they could deny it to men and prevent them from sinning and thus, preventing the perpetuation of life through the birth of more children.

Although, this is exactly what Christianity was created for, the destruction of life, many like Walsh fail to understand this out of ignorance or ego.

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