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Midterm election

‘If voting mattered it would
be illegal.’ —Mark Twain.

Editor’s note:

The American racial right is made up of normies and semi-normies.

He who has already left Normieland and passed to the other side of the psychological Rubicon (NS) no longer believes in democracy. But the semi-normies of the racial right continue to vote for the Republican party! What a shame that a mestizo thinks better than these pretenders (see Gonzalo Lira’s latest video).

Americans: If you don’t want to listen to Lira, at least listen to another American. The following are a few excerpts from Francis Parker Yockey’s chapter about his country, the United States, in Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics:


______ 卐 ______


In the 20th century, when the Rationalist type of ideology had been discarded by the advancing Western Civilization, the American universalizing of ideology turned into messianism — the idea that America must save the world. The vehicle of the salvation is to be a materialistic religion with “democracy” taking the place of God, “Constitution” the place of the Church, “principles of government” the place of religious dogmas, and the idea of economic freedom the place of God’s Grace. The technic of salvation is to embrace the dollar, or failing that, to submit to American high-explosives and bayonets…

The central-motive of the new cult is “democracy.” In the propaganda-picture, this concept takes the place of God, as the center and ultimate reality. Thus, a Supreme Court Justice, speaking to the graduating class of a Jewish college, said in 1939: “In a larger sense there is something more important than religion, and that is the actualization of the ideals of democracy.”

The word has been endowed with religious force, and has in fact attained to the status of a religion. It has become a numen, and cannot be the subject of critical treatment. Apostasy or heresy bring immediate response in the form of a criminal prosecution for sedition, treason, income tax evasion, or other allegation. The saints of this cult are the “Founding Fathers” of the War for Independence, particularly Jefferson — despite the fact that they uniformly detested the idea of democracy, and were nearly all slave-owners — and also Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt. Its prophets are journalists, propagandists, film stars, labor-leaders, and party-politicians. The fact that the word “democracy” cannot be defined is the surest evidence that it has ceased to be descriptive, and has become the object of a mass-faith. All other ideas and dogmas of the propaganda-picture are referred to “democracy” for their ultimate justification.

Immediately below “democracy” in importance is “tolerance.” This is obviously fundamental to a Culturally-alien regime. Tolerance means primarily tolerance of Jews and Negroes, but it can mean the cruelest persecution of Europeans or other persons with a viewpoint differing fundamentally from the prevailing mass-idea. This persecution is social, economic, and, if necessary, legal…

Far more important to Europe than the propaganda about domestic affairs in America is that about foreign affairs.

The numen “democracy” is used also in this realm as the essence of reality. A foreign development sought to be brought about is called “spreading democracy”; a development sought to be hindered is “against democracy,” or “fascistic.” “Fascism” is the numen corresponding to evil in theology, and in fact they are directly equated in American propaganda.

The prime enemy in the propaganda picture was always Europe, and especially the Prussian-European spirit which rose with such self-evident force in the European Revolution of 1933 against the negative view of life, with its materialism, money-obsession, and democratic corruption. The more surely it appeared that this Revolution was not a superficial political phenomenon, a mere transfer of one party-regime for another, that it was a deep spiritual, total revolution, of a new, vital spirit against a dead spirit, the more violent became the hate propaganda directed against Europe. By 1938, this propaganda had reached an intensity, both in volume and in emotional frenzy, that could not be surpassed. Ceaselessly the American was bombarded with the message that Europe was attacking everything worthwhile in the world, “God,” “religion,” “democracy,” “freedom,” “peace,” “America.”

5 replies on “Midterm election”

In Ireland, the swing for the second Lisbon treaty referendum was impossible. That is the last time that I voted. I felt dirty after that rigged election.

In my view, the Scottish Independence referendum was probably rigged as well.

It is the democracies that are genociding us. Every vote cast in an election is a vote cast in favour of continuing the democratic system. Also, by voting, one agrees to live by the outcome of the vote. So by voting, one legitimizes white genocide. If you vote against the absurdity that is “same sex marriage” then, whenever the vote does not go in your favour, then you have legitimized “same sex marriage”. If one agrees that the definition of marriage is something that the rabble get a vote on, then one also agrees to live by the outcome of such a plebiscite, even if the outcome of the plebiscite be not what he hoped.

There is a group on gab called Democracy Is A White Genocide Trap.

Your link states:

It is the Jews who have promoted democracy all over the White World. All White nations are now mass democracies. White people everywhere are far past the point where they can vote their way out of their own genocide. They have conditioned Whites to view democracy as something sacred. The Jews intended it as a genocide TRAP all along.

Although this sounds like monocausalism to me (‘They have conditioned…’), there’s some truth in it! Soon I’ll post another entry about the Mexican Jew I mentioned in my Friday post: a big, big promoter of ‘democracy’ in the Spanish-speaking world. Stay tuned…

I don’t disagree with the inherent baseness of Western democracy, yet the word itself shouldn’t be viewed as exclusive to them, and can easily be rescued if need be. Aren’t such anti-monarchist and anti-liberal movements as nationalism and racism democratic in nature? The issue is not necessarily the power of the people, it’s the people – our people – who are suicidal. I for one take great pleasure in counting both Taliban and ISIS amongst the democratic movements – and of course, the NSDAP, too. (Ironically, I do agree that an absolutist dictator in the West would never be as mad and bad as the will of this Christian people. But it is also worth mentioning that a “rule by Aryan men” wouldn’t even be considered democratic in modern America.)

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