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Lulu’s software has a bug that prevents me from buying a proof copy of my latest book, On Exterminationism, although visitors to Lulu can buy my other books that Lulu was already selling.

If a user cannot purchase his proof copy of his new book to review it for the last time before it goes on sale, the software doesn’t allow the new book to go into public circulation.

It is not the first time that users have problems with Lulu. Although I already issued a ticket on Lulu’s help page, sometimes they take a long time to reply. Before, Lulu had the option for immediate online help but I no longer see that option on the help page.

Our group needs a house that publishes the most important books: books that appear neither in Counter-Currents Publishing nor in Arktos that publish books of white nationalism which, as we know, is a fraudulent movement for those who want to save their race.

The alternative would be to buy an Expresso Book Machine and start printing the classics of National Socialism in my house, or the books of deceased Americans like Rockwell, Oliver and Pierce who made their careers before the feminised males monopolised the racial discourse in the US. But how to acquire such a machine without a sponsor?

Compare these days with the time when Hitler was financed by steel entrepreneurs. If there is a phrase that portrays our very dark times, it was one that Apollokult posted this April: ‘The kingdom of Heaven as well as the paradise of Earth are taken only by force, but their Lebenskraft is at zero level’.

Perfect expression! The Lebenskraft of Aryan males—life force—is now dead.

I couldn’t even order David Irving’s True Himmler because, like Lulu, that site too has a similar software problem. Fortunately, unlike Lulu David Irving has just responded and he says his assistant is trying to fix it.

I guess there is no wealthy man in the world who would like to finance the project of opening a publishing house for the types of books Irving and I publish: a house that, unlike Amazon Books, would be friendly to the customer who desperately wants to obtain non-Pod books online.

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As a poor man I have often thought about how to create funding for the cause. Not to get funding, but to create it.
I have on my own time been trying to build infrastructure to the best of my ability just to fund any genuine movement towards white redemption.

My idea was to play with the system long enough to buy property. Then with the property begin a twofold occupation: fast-money and slow-money jobs. These jobs are divided based on their speed of production. They will reinforce each other by donations from one side to another: if the slow-money job needs equipment or supplies the fast-money job will give the funds to suffice and vice-versa.

My idea has changed since the coming of the coronavirus. Now I plan to simply obtain the cheapest property and use it in accordance with this plan. Once I have more than myself working and accumulating wealth, I can give any surplus to you Cesar or to any authentic struggler in the cause of a New White World. It would simply take me and 4 other guys to have enough to buy an Expresso Machine.

Founding a publishing house is essential.

True, unlike the ones I mentioned above, Arthur Kemp publishes interesting titles in his Ostara Publications. When I visited him in 2014, only he and his wife assembled the books in a rented house, with sophisticated computers but without the Expresso Machine. Originally they sent their titles to Amazon but they censored them. They changed to Lulu and something similar happened. Kemp now relies on another outside printer.

What makes me desperate about the current situation is that we are at the mercy of censorship from Amazon or the catastrophe of Lulu, who borked their platform this year.

For me the situation is very desperate, as I am even poorer than you. For a dissident intellectual, it is more difficult to make money in the third world than in the first.

But the best way to make a lot of money is to simply buy a few gold coins and wait for the dollar to hyper-inflate.

Yesterday Nancy Pelosi announced that there will be a new ‘stimulus package’ (newspeak for issuing currency out of thin air) for the unemployed during the lockdown they themselves created. The economic catastrophe is approaching, which means a big opportunity for us…


I would say that any ambitions that require significant financial support should be put on the proverbial back burner until after the collapse of the dollar. Any rich man that is wealthy today could be poor tomorrow.

For example, I stand to inherit a substantial amount of wealth myself: my parents and grandparents own several rental properties in Houston and to put a long story short I could make $100,000 a year just by sitting on my ass. I intended to use it for the cause, but now I’m pretty certain the money won’t even be there by the time it gets to my hands.

For now, I’ve been in a frenzy trying to convince my father to get out of the stock market and into precious metals. I’ve shown him some of Maloney’s content and I think it might be getting through to him. I hope.


Wow! It seems like you’ve been to a lot of places. Pray tell, what was is like back then? I have almost no memories of it before it was a central hub for spics and faggots. My father told me things did not start getting “bad” until the mid-90’s, when I was born. We lived in Katy, but quickly white flighted out of there to Northwest Houston in the mid-2000s, were I currently live.

There were already lots of spics but what shocked me the most was a few blonde Aryan nymphettes on the street with very ugly negroes (I remember I saw one of them in the Safeway of Pasadena). I was astounded by the stunning beauty of Texan women in the Galleria area, even much older than the precocious nymphettes. Previously I thought that only European women were that beautiful.

Hate to break it to you, but the Oera Linda book is a pure forgery. It was produced in the 1800s by some Calvinist head-in-the-clouds who wanted to make the tiny nation of Frisia look like the center of the occident. In addition, even if the book was a genuine history [going all the way back to 2194! How precise for such a date!] it would only serve as a greater repudiation of Northern Europeans than anything Polybius ever wrote. Who needs a Roman polemicist to claim your people have no art when your people’s book itself espouses GIRL POWER from one day with a “god” so ill-defined and singular that it may have well been created by the Jew Spinoza or his Judean monotheist ancestors as another xtianity to get gold from goyim.

The creator of the video series admits that the “OLB” may be a fraud. A few years back I gave up on him as he was too closely associated with the Christian form of mythtardation. However it now appears as if he is breaking away, though slowly.

If you can stomach it, check out his series on the Goths, there is much useful information there. The weakness within Christianity is clear to us, particularly concerning Theodoric, but he had yet to realize this back then, which may be changing.

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