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Racial right

The racialist movement is pure quackery!

I had thought to leave the previous post, with an enlarged portrait of Uncle Adolf, at the top of this page throughout the day out of respect for his memory. But a comment in that entry motivated me to say something very obvious.

The last time I checked Goebbels Hub (1:30 pm), the best ‘news aggregator’ site that links almost all the sites of white advocates, I discovered that, with the exception of a Stormfront thread, it doesn’t contain articles that, this April 20th, honours the best man in the history of the West.

How is that possible?

I have said it many times: the racialist movement is quackery. These valiant anti-Semites were able to say ‘Happy Easter’ a week ago in their forums, thus celebrating the god of the Jews (a Jesus who didn’t even exist by the way). But to celebrate an Aryan man who did exist, and who fought the most against Jewry in the century when most of us were born? God forbid!

The movement with the deceiving title of white nationalism was quackery from its origins in the Judeo-Christian US, it remains quackery today, and it will be quackery.

Our only hope is that a wiser generation arises that finally transvalues Semitic values to Aryan values. Will it happen, or will the racists cling to their Semitism?

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Now it seems the eccentric old man Sebas Ronin was right the whole time: Murka was hard-wired to become a New Zion (click on the words in the post ‘to Aryan values’ where I rephrase Yockey).

I sincerely believe that every time we write most of the names of the living figures in racialist forums, we should add the term ‘quack’ before them. That’s what they are (quack Jared Taylor, quack David Duke, quack Kevin MacDonald, quack Greg Johnson, quack Richard Spencer, quack Andrew Anglin, etc.).

I will have to be immodest for a moment, but these kinds of things are what make me look like a three-eyed raven looking for a pupil, in contrast to these people who seem to have no idea of what happened in the century they were born (or in the 1st century, the non-existence of Jesus). They cannot see the past as I see it!

Those whom you’ve mentioned are just shills, controlled opposition … good goys and not more. I bet they make good money too whereas you are penniless (to be clear this is not an insult).

Yes, I’m penniless. Recently I had to break my keto diet (that supposedly would protect me against the virus) because I could not afford it. I’m sure any of the above-cited guys could afford a diet that, here, would only cost you ten US dollars a day.

Some would think that I am in the wrong business for staying in this cave for so long…

Just for the record, 7:00 p.m. has passed and this is a snapshot of Goebbels Hub at this time. Can any visitor detect other articles that honour the memory of the Führer besides the mentioned thread in Stormfront?

Postscript after 11:00 pm

Fortunately, two racialists sites, National Vanguard and History Reviewed, have finally said something about Hitler (the first one a classical essay, and the second a brief note).

P.P.S. of April 21st:

Blake Hood, a blogger who also appears in the list by the man who uses the penname of Goebbels Hub (who also honours His memory) did publish a brief note, ‘One Hundred And Thirty-One Years (the Leader was born)’. Yes, unlike the above-mentioned quacks He was a leader.

The fact: all of these very educated, erudite, passionate and energetic bloggers (involved in the racially tinged verbal diarrhea) have nothing to say about the Day and the Person. What a shame: there is really nothing to speak and there is nobody to speak about it!

And you waste your time too in searching some posts with cliché pictures and trite congratulatory sentences which seem an outstanding thing and a heroic deed in those totally underground and marginal circles nowadays.

If a dollar crush and an economical collapse will happen, this chance will be fucked up by these quacks and wimps. The kingdom of Heaven as well as the paradise of Earth are taken only by force, but their Lebenskraft is at zero level. They live in the past and expect miraculous help outside. This is a deadlock. What we can expect with their genetical and intellectual decay?

Our ancestors were not worthy of the thousand year Reich, and now we reap a thousand years of Hell. Maybe, such is the price of the ultimate awakening and the coming of absolute Avenger, as Savitri Devi predicted.

It seems even Renegadetribute hasn’t posted anything related to his birthday for two years now.
But Goebbels Hub did share a few things about his birthday on his Twitter. Also this interesting poll:

[removed bare link by admin]

Duke was imprisoned by JOG. Despite being X’ian, he has been more effective for #TeamWhite than anti-X’ian Linder. And Taylor, despite being a (((white)))-denier, could still be hunted down as WN “terrorist” by JOG.

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