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Racial right

Don’t look at those left behind anymore

In this post I am referring to those white advocates who still live, not to deceased Americans like Francis Parker Yockey, George Lincoln Rockwell, Revilo Oliver or William Pierce. What happened yesterday, even though it happens every April 20, has me somewhat shocked. It adds nothing new to what I knew about the recent racial movement, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that we live in parallel universes.

In fairness, I must thank the American racialists who, with their work, helped me leave Normiland behind as I crossed the psychological Rubicon.

When Greg Johnson edited The Occidental Quarterly Online, this webzine meant my first solid steps across the river. In particular, Johnson’s comment on April 20, 2010, ten years ago, in Occidental Dissent helped me greatly. Occidental Dissent never publishes articles on Hitler, but a decade ago a writer was allowed this eccentricity. Johnson’s comment in the comments section was nothing short of Irmin Vinson’s entire essay, which Johnson would later choose for a book of Counter-Currents Publishing.

Vinson’s essay, published in toto in the comments section of Hunter Wallace’s webzine, was a watershed for me to stop demonising Uncle Adolf. (Conversely, the resistances on the part of racialist Christians are so overwhelming that Wallace later deleted Johnson’s comment-essay.) Johnson used to publish a post every April 20 with links to his old article on Hitler, a practice that he has abandoned. Yesterday, for example, he didn’t say anything about Hitler. In contrast, on each anniversary of dead right-wing writers, Johnson pays tribute to them.

Kevin MacDonald also helped me in my first Rubicon steps. I read his trilogy on Jewry. Of it, the first of his books opened the doors for me to understand Judaism as a group survival strategy.

Both the personality of Alex Linder and the novels of Harold Covington (not the character of the latter!) helped me regain my manhood, which had been overwhelmed by decades of propaganda and sex role reversals. I still remember, as if I watched it recently, Alien, the first movie in which the roles of warrior and defenceless women was reversed in Hollywood. (Due to that sexual inversion I didn’t include it in my recent list of 50 movies.)

Finally, Phil Rushton’s videos on IQ at AmRen helped me understand that intelligence is differential between races.

I must acknowledge the help I received from the work of these people. But except Linder I don’t withdraw what I said in The Fair Race, or yesterday, about white nationalists stuck in the middle of the river. What happened yesterday motivates me for a dramatic twist to the way I’ve been adding posts to this blog. In the past, I had been reading a few things contemporary racialists say on their forums to immediately criticise them from the POV of a priest of the 14 words.

It seems to me that I should discontinue that practice. Just visiting the forums of those stagnant who refuse to finish crossing the river injures my morale. Regarding future articles we’ll see what I can think of. At the moment I only can add that, as I said in ‘The power to see the past’, we are seeing History in a very different way.

2 replies on “Don’t look at those left behind anymore”

You mention the names of authors I have read and re-read and I would like to include ‘The Birdman’ and Edgar J. Steele (both deceased) as an important influence to my awakening, but none of these have guided me more than you, C.T. across the Rubicon. On this planet you are ‘one giant leap for mankind’. Thank you.

Thank you for the compliment!

If there is any ‘genius’ in me it resides solely in my 3rd eye (hence the term 3-eyed raven), in the sense of seeing what others have seen before me. If there’s some wisdom in me it’s only because the previous 3-eyed crow downloaded in my mind everything I now know, like that episode of GoT when Hodor died.

They are the true geniuses: Nietzsche, Hitler, the brightest minds of the Third Reich, Pierce and the Spaniard who signs with the pseudonym Evropa Soberana. I only limit myself to convey the message they left so that their ‘greensight’ knowledge is not lost.

P.S. I reproduced here Edgar Steele’s photo when ZOG virtually killed him in prison. I liked his voice.

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