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Greatest man to ever live

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Thank you Cesar for all your efforts. Your blog is the best there is and the only racist site I get any benefit from.

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler, the greatest man to ever live. I hope that one day my people will honour him in the way he deserves.

I would love for more people to think that way. Today I will see how many people in white nationalism, in neo-Nazi forums and in the alt-right have paid tribute to the Führer. If they are few, the pathetic state of western racialism is explainable.

Where I live it’s already past ten in the morning and The Daily Stormer doesn’t have any article about Hitler yet.

Will the other sites be like this?

Failed to burn a single Church and failed to hang a single priest?


Started WW2 by foolishly attacking Poland when the only thing he had to do was to wait a century until the Christians degenerate into sodomite liberals?


Tried to make piece with Anglos and Jews in 1940?


Started total war two years after foolishly attacking Russia and after Stalingrad?


This is the best man in western history? No wonder the white race is finished.

Errare humanum est applies to Hitler too. But…

He didn’t know that the British and the Americans would commit the greatest crime of all Western history. You are blaming the victim. Without the UK and US intervention Stalin and the Bolshevik Jews would have been crushed.

It’s the US and the UK which now must pay a massive karmic debt for, it’s necessary to repeat it, the greatest crime of all history.

Indeed C.T.

While this unfortunate and opportunist citizen above remembers the fatal mistakes of the immortal Führer, in his day I prefer to remember that this German nobleman was the pioneer in the creation of a blood-based state, in the awareness of the Jewish problem on a national scale and understood Christianity as a psychological warfare.

He attacked centuries-old and millennial problems like the international bankers cartel, Christianity, democracy and the rebirth and unification of a demoralized and spiritually destroyed Germany.
All this in less than two decades in power.

What impresses me most about Führer’s heroic story was his epic rise to power. He sought to rise to power at all costs and as quickly as possible. He had no family, inheritance, an army, money like other big names in white history and managed to rise to power by democratic means. I recommend reading the text “How Hitler Consolidated Power in Germany by Leon Degrelle” to understand his heroic striving for his people and race.

Happy Birthday

You mean:
Failed to burn churches that would have guaranteed that he would have been wiped out politically?
Allowing the Poles to kill thousands of Germans without doing anything?
War against Anglos is better than war agains Poles.
Attacking Russia? Icebreaker is a lie, of course!
Best man in Western history? That is worth an argument. But i’d love to hear your suggestion.

Let those who want to live let them fight. Those who donot want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do notdeserve to live.

Happy Birthday

@dan @C.T. @sunhunter61

I recognize Hitler as the greatest whites ever had. I’ve merely stated some of the facts which have led to his untimely demise, those were great mistakes.

The Anglo-Americans have no excuse, but the Slavs put up a great fight (of course, they would have probably lost without the Lend Lease, without Allied bombing of German cities and the Western Front of 1944). I want to say that you can’t put the blame on the Russian for destroying Germany, but you can blame them for not exterminating the whole lot of them and taking France too. The USSR giant with Christian clay feet was ultimately a chimera too and it ultimately became dust. Did anybody won WW2 anyway?

For all his extraordinary achievements, Hitler holds great blame for the outbreak of war and its consequences, no need to transform him into a pacifist, you would do him a disservice.

“No need to transform him into a pacifist”
It’s not a fight about whether he was a pacifist or genocidal, it’s about being accurate of who he was and what happened.
Just like C.T said, most of that criticism would be directed at somebody else.

What about Mussolini and his envy that made Germany lost the war against the soviet union?

Had he stayed still and not invaded Greece, we wouldn’t live in a multicultural Jew ruled world.

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