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Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books) Merovingian dynasty

Christianity’s criminal history, 132

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The last Merovingians

‘No one rules more than the bishops, our glory no longer exists…’ —Chilperic I

While the difference between Franks and Gallo-Romans disappeared little by little, although not the different legislation, the external borders of the Merovingian kingdom remained until the end of the Merovingian period. There were indeed political complications, as well as some attacks by the misers against Thuringia and by the Visigoths against southern France, as well as some outright riots and raids of prey beyond the borders. But the main objective was no longer expansion outwards, nor the expansion of the kingdom as a whole, nor the subjugation and exploitation of strange and distant neighbours.

It was the kings, once again four, and their numerous successors who sought to enlarge their possessions and territories at the expense of the territories of others, and in an almost uninterrupted way to harm and weaken them in this way. In a word, each was seeking supremacy.

This caused that at the end of the 6th century and the beginning of the 7th century almost all the Merovingian princes died a premature and violent death, that brutalities and large-scale outrages continued to occur in the kingdom, that civil wars and looting would incessantly break out, that many places were reduced to ashes, entire areas were devastated and innumerable looting, mutilations and murders were committed, to which were added plagues and famines.

The peasants hid in the woods and robbed for their own account. Amid this debauchery and impasse, all means were good for the combatants…

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Talking about history, I think the new Reich ought to celebrate and honour the dates of the 16 December and the 16 April. The Ardennes Offensive and the Seelow. These should be our christmas and our easter. Do the American White racists venerate them now? They probably don’t even imagine murals and frescoes and mosaics with SS soldiers.

Good idea about the frescoes. We would have to start with our homes flaunting Herr Himmler big oil canvas in the centre of our living rooms.

But even that is not possible today. Recently someone known to my family entered this site and complained: a lady related to the business that my brother runs. She was pissed off by what I said about Beth’s boobs and even the little swastika that appears up. Her son deduced who was C.T. and I even had to change my full name on Twitter to the abbreviation, as the house where I live is not my property.

All these people, family and non-family, have no idea that almost everything said about the Third Reich is enemy propaganda. The anti-Nazi narrative has become the new religion of our day. It was only when I lived among an Iraqi, an Iranian and a Syrian in Manchester the previous century that I learned that they had a very, very different idea of WW2 than the whites who also lived in that boarding house, except for an old Irishman who liked to read Mein Kampf.

It is impossible to have the slightest conversation with the new generations. I remember that it was still possible to talk openly with my grandmother about the Germans during WW2. She never used in her life the word ‘racism’ for the simple reason that the word had not reached Mexico when she was young! This more than anything shows how we weren’t living in a linguistic Matrix before!

These days people only believe the propaganda they see in Hollywood, TV and schools. They have been the guinea pigs in the greatest brainwashing since powerful bishops sold the idea of destroying the classical world as a good thing. Westerners are still so stupid that it is possible to carry them as a herd without wanting to think a bit about what the elites are selling them.

Foreshadowing of the mid-to-late 21st century.
A modern version of the Merovingian collapse would be:

” …almost all the city-dwellers died a premature and violent death,
that brutalities and racial killings started to occur in the rural zones, that civil wars and looting would incessantly break out, that many factories were reduced to ashes,
entire metropolitan areas were devastated,
and innumerable looting, rapes and murders were committed, to which were added plagues and famines.”

“The country folk hid in their farms and were robbed by the urban escapees.
Amid this debauchery and impasse, all means were good for the police and military gangs

the natural progression of nonethnostates?

(the crazy & infuriating thing about anglo-xtians is their cognitive dissonance to the neoisrael ethnostate.)

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