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Andúril: the broken sword

At midnight I was talking about the feeling of unreality that I felt when I saw a video of Jared Taylor. Finding ourselves on the brink of a civil war or rather an anti-white, exterminationist war that gets closer and closer to Ward Kendall’s novel, Taylor gives counsel like getting married, having a good job, and trying to do politics without overtly revealing our true colours…

Another notable racialist webzine, Kevin MacDonald’s, recently published a terrifying article of things I had already seen in London the last time I visited the city. The island has truly become the ultimate example of what I call ‘sin against the holy spirit of life’, an unforgivable sin: doing mass propaganda for English roses to have kids with blacks. But the most serious issue about the MacDonald webzine article is that there is not an iota of hatred among the commenters, or even in the writer. And without hatred there can be no war of recovery of the English roses.

What can save the white race at this point? Only that a million white men on each side of the Atlantic develop the infinite hatred that I feel. But how likely are they to become like me?

Probabilities seem null, don’t they? However, there is a possibility of salvation: a Deus ex Machina in the real world, the convergence of catastrophes.

What would happen if in the coming winter, as happened with the Spanish influenza of a century ago, the contagion curve rises dramatically? And what would happen if that catastrophe converges with the fall of the dollar? (Both gold and silver have already started to rise—the real indicator that something big is coming, as we have been predicting on this site since 2011.) And what if in the US Biden wins and the old senile president dies so that his negress vice president transitions from soft totalitarianism to hard totalitarianism?

Several times I have said on this site that the first president of Paraguay forced whites to marry Indians, blacks or mulattas: an even ‘harder’ step to exterminate the white race than the ‘soft’ steps taken in the UK.

What happened these days on the Taylor and MacDonald webzines confirms what I have been saying: white nationalism only represents a couple of baby steps for the normie to start going to the other side of the Rubicon. It should be more than obvious that on the other side we already can see warriors ready to fight for the recovery not only of their land but… of their beautiful women! Will catastrophes converge in time to make the white male react?

Most white advocates don’t even know that the dollar is going to collapse. Still others are in a state of abject denial about the Chinese virus saying it’s like the flu. And still other racialists are reluctant to see the extreme gravity of the situation: a soft totalitarianism that aims to exterminate the white race. They cannot even imagine that historical inertia is directly aimed at a hard totalitarianism that implements the anti-white policy of the first president of Paraguay throughout the West, as in Kendall’s novel.

Lack of warrior hatred in the movement; the lack of the most elementary knowledge of history (most racialists don’t even want to read Pierce’s non-fiction book) and of the economy, make the white nationalist movement of today a sort of child throwing a tantrum in the middle of the Rubicon, unwilling to walk past his first baby steps.

But history leans toward what we say in The West’s Darkest Hour, not what they say. It is true that we cannot predict, for sure, what will happen to the Chinese virus. But if the herd’s immunity or vaccines are not created (I doubt it—cf. Chris Martenson) and that converges with the catastrophe of the dollar crashing, a window of opportunity will open for white males to start waking up in enough quantity to make a difference.

An opportunity is only an opportunity. In no way is it assured that, even if catastrophes converge with a negress president who starts to implement policies such as those implemented in Paraguay, whites will want to wake up.

‘Men will fight to the death for only the most basic of motives’, said George Lincoln Rockwell. If I understand human psychology well, in the convergence that will unfold in the following years and decades, at least thirty to forty percent of whites will have to die horribly before the survivors finally begin to wake up and wield the sword. Including this article, there are sixteen entries on this site under the heading ‘The Sword’. But when catastrophes converge, who among today’s racialists will want to wield it?

4 replies on “Andúril: the broken sword”

I believe the operative word in this regard is inertia. Inertia exists on many levels in Western governments. As an example years ago Washington passed a law requiring employers to check whether someone had a social security card in order to work here. What happened was that nothing was really done to enforce this law. Another example is that illegals are not supposed to be eligible for government relocation benefits according to federal law, but no one asks as they made it a requirement that you can’t ask someone what their nationality is. Lincoln freed the slaves with the intention of sending blacks back to Africa, very few were sent back. I can mention others but the point is many laws are on the books to limit illegal immigration but are not enforced. This suicidal lack of enforcement is what makes whites feel that nothing can stop the destruction of the country simply because there is no will to enforce the laws. This is true all over the West. Source of the inertia: believing in a loving God who loves us even tho he brings destruction to all lives. People are waiting for God to show up and make it all better. Deep down Western brains are full of wishful thinking which slowly erodes the ability to think and plan accordingly for their secure future.

I read your comment until I came across this farse: ‘Lincoln freed the slaves with the intention of sending blacks back to Africa…’

This is by no means true. If there is a reason I have posted so many posts on this site quoting Robert Morgan (see e.g., the articles about Lincoln) it is simply to refute such a belief, so common among American conservatives of the type who comment on the Taylor and MacDonald sites.

Yes, the world are stuck in a welter of insurmountable contradictions, and the (natural?) course of events goes to a gloomy denouement… So, like in Greek tragedies, sooner or later, a Deus ex Machine has to cut the knot of human hubris, excessive pride and sin against proper cosmic order. And His hypostasis will be definitely wrathful, not pacificatory. A Tolkien’s term, “eucatastrophe”, is very worth meditating about its hidden non-lying-on-the-surface meanings.

There is a inspiring thought: none of these sickly advocates of schizophrenic outlooks will become a foundation of any better world, because they are just gutters for muddy waters of the modern pseudointellectualism. Some fastidiousness speaks inside me: you, Ceasar, overspends your time and energy on them. Leave them in their delusions alone.

In any way, some will cross the Rubicon, and some will be swalloed up by Lethe. Let’s look forward, not looking back at the always past beings. The time for a “wohlmeinend” or “gutgesinnt” reeducation attempt has gone by in 1945. And you know it very well, too well…

Solzhenitsyn said something like the first step to freedom is not to give the “regime” any power by refusing to be a part of any of its lies. There will be a personal price paid for this, but its not as bad as what may happen if you allow evil to grow.

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