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Civil war Hate

Pure hatred

Are whites waking up? In his latest video Jared Taylor has said: ‘the last few months brought hundreds of thousands of people to our site, AmRen.com’.

While his site provides the normie with tips for the first baby steps of racial realism to cross the psychological Rubicon, Taylor is not talking about preparing for the coming civil war. Nor does he seem to realise that the new feminist and anti-male laws make marriage, which he advises, risky.

He also advises normies to go to church, even non-Christians, as if Christianity was not an extension of the Jewish problem (for those who have not visited this site before, see The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour whose cover appears in the sidebar). Taylor’s only good advice is to join a club that teaches us how to shoot firearms. But such clubs are not as popular in Europe, Australia, New Zealand or even in Canada as they are in the US, and the coming civil war will cover the entire West.

In addition to The Fair Race I would recommend reading Hellstorm and The Turner Diaries. Unlike Taylor and those peaceful civilians who comment on his site, what the white man needs is to regain his capacity for pure hatred.

When you forbid your enemy to hate, you’ve disarmed him.

5 replies on “Pure hatred”

Even if I agree on your critique of Jared Taylor, I consider this information good news.
Looking back on my own climbing up the ladder of the ten ,levels of awareness given on things site, AmRen coincides quite well with my starting point.
And somehow I believe these new ‘converts’ will move quicker up the levels than I did.

CT – I give you free rein to correct my horrible misspellings!
This piece was written on an iPhone up in mountain terrain with bad cover, so it was too easy to overlook the obvious errors.

Yes! Why for the fuck’s sake nobody realizes this. I’m not even 20 but I have this mentality. I was born in a goddamn shithole. Yet I found myself. I found my blood and my ancestors. I found hate. I was already level 9 or maybe 10 when I found NS 4-5 years ago. My consciousness developed in such a short time that it is hard to believe. And since, I’m training myself for the coming war. I adapted myself to this zombie robot-like society. Nobody knows what’s going on. All they do is to constantly satisfy themselves.

Have you happened to see the German Propaganda Archive? There are some gems in there, especially by Dr. Goebbels.

> That will in the end result not only in laurel wreaths, but also in victory. He in the enemy camp who believes that he has stunned us with his blows deceives himself and does not know who we are. We wipe the blood from our eyes and look directly and without fear at the enemy. His seductive phrases find only deaf ears with us. Our salvation is in weapons. We forge and wield them for the final battle that will decide everything. That is our great chance today. It depends entirely on us whether tomorrow will be our great victory. (18 February)

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