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Michael O'Meara Racial right Sword

The edge of the broken sword

After William Pierce’s death, the only intellectual who knew that sooner or later the sword had to be wielded was Michael O’Meara, whose essays were published by Greg Johnson when the latter was editor of TOQ Online and later continued to publish essays by Michael at Counter-Currents. But Michael became disillusioned with the racialist bourgeois movement and has abandoned his practice of writing. Yesterday I reread two of his old essays, ‘The Sword’ and ‘The Edge of the Sword’, and came across these phrases:

‘The historical course offered by myth, in contrast to the inherently passive determinism of scientific rationalism, is a choice for heroes, not bookworms or computer hobbyists’.

‘If I want to build a nationalist movement, I know it’s going to take something more than the virtues of Frank Salter to convince whites to abandon their individualistic and materialistic lives (which, incidentally, are usually led under the sign of self-interest)—it will take something bigger and grander that touches them at the core of their being’.

Yesterday also Apollokult, a European commenter of this site, told me the following:

Yes, the world is stuck in a welter of insurmountable contradictions, and the (natural?) course of events goes to a gloomy denouement… So, like in Greek tragedies, sooner or later, a Deus ex machina has to cut the knot of human hubris, excessive pride and sin against proper cosmic order. And his hypostasis will be definitely wrathful, not pacificatory. A Tolkien’s term, eucatastrophe [from Greek ευ- ‘good’ and καταστροφή ‘destruction’], is very worth meditating about its hidden non-lying-on-the-surface meanings.

There is an inspiring thought: none of these sickly advocates of schizophrenic outlooks will become a foundation of any better world, because they are just gutters for muddy waters of the modern pseudo-intellectualism. Some fastidiousness speaks inside me: you, Ceasar, overspend your time and energy on them. Leave them in their delusions alone.

In any way, some will cross the Rubicon, and some will be swallowed up by Lethe. Let’s look forward, not looking back at the always past beings. The time for a wohlmeinend or gutgesinnt [well-meaning or well-disposed] re-education attempt has gone by in 1945. And you know it very well, too well…

What Apollokult tells me motivates me once again to consider what I had uselessly promised me not long ago: to stop visiting the sites of white nationalism as long as they don’t want to take up the sword. I don’t mean to go out and fight immediately, as that would be crazy and premature. Michael O’Meara never did anything crazy or premature, but his thinking was clearly revolutionary.

While normies are like children living in Normieland, white nationalists, I said yesterday, are like drunken teenagers in the middle of the psychological Rubicon who don’t want to take more steps. Since it has already become a bad habit for me to be yelling at the latter to come with me to the other side of the river, why not, as Apollokult advises me, dedicate myself to speak only to those who are already on firm ground on this side?

That would mean starting to get a little more familiar with National Socialism. There are many things to do in this area, even being so close to the convergence of catastrophes that will change the world.

Incidentally, Michael’s book is out of print at Counter-Currents. I have a hard copy of it with some kind words from the author’s pen.

6 replies on “The edge of the broken sword”

I would like to join the words of Apollokult relating to your work on this site.
A long time I have the feeling that you waste your very valuable energy on a lot of commenters. The time for intellectual battles is over.
Practicalities will reigh from now on.

Cesar have you investigated at all the psycho-history of The Anglo-Saxon World? Thomas Jefferson spoke of The American Revolution as being a Anglo-Saxon revolt against Norman ruled British. Anglo-Saxon resentment towards Norman rule could even explain why American Anglo-Saxons became thralls to Jews, becoming thralls to Jews could be seen as a sort of retaliation against their Norman masters.

For many years the British Aristocracy only spoke French. I also suspect Anglo-Saxon(White American) negrophilia is a manifestation of a hostility against European nobility, because by fawning over Negro culture they “give the middle finger” to Norman rulers. Much of American history may only be able to understood in light of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

I just think it’s a fun theory… but hmm, Maybe there is just a “f*** you” people are saying to their own nobility, it is like they glorify non-whites to desecrate the very notion of heredity, something their previous ruling class cherished. Maybe envy of their prior ruling class leads them to negrophilia.

So if your boss deceives you, you make a boss out of the floor cleaners?
I find that one hard to believe.

… it is like they glorify non-whites to desecrate the very notion of heredity, something their previous ruling class cherished. ….

I have cut out this quote of Patrick, but instead of its original crediting to anglo-saxon British, it is better applied to Britains real rulers the “houses of parliament and city of london bankers etc LOL), they do nothing but enable immigrants to take position in society away from real British people, and oppress any attempt at racial Britishness viciously, while also hating the actual British aristocracy which they have usurped as they are better than they are.

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