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Tarot card predicts future of US

Yesterday I changed the title of this site from ‘Christianity and the JQ are one and the same’ to ‘Only the transvaluation will save whites’ (not long ago the subtitle read ‘The site of a man fused to a weirwood).

We have been talking about the transvaluation for a long time. See for example what Jack Frost wrote five years ago in the comments section of The Occidental Observer.

But as Thomas Kuhn said, paradigms are not abandoned: they are replaced. And the only way to replace them is for those who currently believe that the JQ caused everything, to be dying and being replaced by those who know that it was Christianity and its secular epigone that empowered not only Jewry, but negroes, suicidal migration and even self-hatred. (Now that I finished reviewing the fifth book of my From Jesus to Hitler I stumbled again upon the terrible passages about the Christian views of hell: pure and demented self-hatred of whites by whites themselves.)

Frost was ignored by the Observer and is currently ignored, under another pen name, in the comments section of The Unz Review. What I fear is that, if it is true that those who believe in the old paradigm have to die, will there be time for those enlightened in the new paradigm to multiply to the extent of taking over the narrative?

There aren’t many people like me or Frost trying to enlighten others about the root cause of civilisation’s evil. Fortunately, unless the Chinese virus kills me (or something unforeseen) I will see the consequences of the dollar’s fall on the psyche of whites. Yesterday I was watching a couple of recent videos of Mike Maloney on the subject that I don’t want to bother linking to. But that calamity is our only hope. Only the extreme suffering of millions of whites around the world can lead them to straighten their sinful paths, so that at least some transvalue their values.

The fall of the dollar will mark the end of the grotesque, demented and infinitely malignant interregnum that gave not only political power to Mordor, but cultural and media power as well. But only the death of the US would be like watching Sauron’s tower collapse.

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Could you please remind me who ‘Jack Frost’ currently posts as? I seem to recall that ‘Dr Robert Morgan’ has also posted under previous names. Are they one and the same?

Thanks Cesar for confirming that ‘Jack Frost’ is now ‘Dr Robert Morgan’. I can’t recall the third alias Jack Frost/Dr Robert Morgan has used, but I seem to recall that I only read of it here on this site. So I assumed that you’d know.

I thought you were referring to a pen name outside this site.

Among the other pen names he used here I remember ‘Spahn Ranch’. But that Frost = Morgan = Ranch is a conjecture as he always used bogus IPs while posting here. It’s his philosophy against technology what convinced me he was the same person. And by the way, he never tried to post here under the ‘Jack Frost’ pen name.

Interesting. He is clearly highly intelligent, and makes many astute comments, especially condemning Christianity’s role in our woes. But there is something not quite right about him, and I can never quite find myself agreeing with all that he says. On another topic, did you ever get to read my 45,000 word monograph on the subject of National Socialism which I did for the now ‘de-platformed’ Mickey’s Clubhouse site? If you’d like to see it, I can always forward the text to you.

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