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Currency crash Lord of the Rings

The Ringwraiths’ fate

The explosion in Lebanon is of no importance to the priest of the fourteen words. Let’s better remember a 2011 article by Michael Colhaze, ‘Lords of the Ring’. Pace the Christian Colhaze, who apparently asked Kevin MacDonald to remove his articles from The Occidental Observer, what really matters is understanding the process of white decline and being willing to sacrifice Semitic-inspired worldviews to save the West.

I kept thinking about the last two paragraphs of my morning post and it seems clear to me that the One Ring means gringo gold, or speaking without metaphors, the status of reserve currency that the US dollar maintains in the world.

Remember that the Ringwraiths, the nine fallen kings or black riders, became the dreaded ring-servants of the Dark Lord Sauron. These Ringwraiths are Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the other Nordic countries, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. All of these wimp countries of the American Empire consider the anti-white wars that occurred in 1860s and the 1940s to be good.

The fiat currencies of the Ringwraiths are pegged to the dollar. When the One Ring is destroyed—when the US dollar collapses—like Sauron the kings of these reigns will also lose their power. Mordor’s power comes from the One Ring, from the privilege that its banknotes have become the world’s reserve currency. Since the ring will fall into the Mount Doom lavas in the not-too-distant future, such a milestone will mark the beginning of the fall not only of Mordor, but of the nine Ringwraiths.

As we have also seen, Tolkien’s novel differs from Peter Jackson’s third movie in that in the novel the drama does not end with the destruction of the One Ring. The drama continues in a war that is waged in the Shire: a war in which Gandalf does not participate, but allows Frodo and his compatriots to fight by themselves (a war by the way in which Saruman dies).

All this seems to me like a metaphor for how the white man should behave after the ring falls into the rivers of red-hot fire from which it arose. The destruction of the American empire of steel, iron and imported Orcs will only open a window of opportunity to recover the bucolic Shire. But full recovery will be the job of the Hobbits, who are now only little characters who don’t dare go out for fear of Sauron and his slaves, the Ringwraiths. The good news is that, like Sauron, the wraiths also have their time counted. Salvation will lie in that, after the ring is destroyed, the Hobbits put their shit together on both sides of the Atlantic.

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I am not sure Tolkien knew what he was writing. He was so steeped in the myth and folklore of the West that he seems to have pulled his tales out of a rich brew consisting of those stories, his lived experiences and the archtypes of his day—which included his Roman Catholic faith (Frodo as the sacrifice and the saviour). Just as myths tell the truth poetically and indirectly, so did the LOTR mythos. And like all myths, LOTR is true, and it is coming true….i.e. the orcs overrun the peoples of the West and can only destroy, never create.

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