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Poisonous 1917

The Hollywood movie 1917, which I saw today, directed, co-written and produced by Sam Mendes, whose mother is Jewish, is poison to the Aryan race.

Of the most notable contemporary racialists, Richard Spencer’s voice is the least bad. I’m not saying it’s a good voice: it’s just the least bad. Let us listen, then, what together with Hollywood buff Mark, who never shows his face, Spencer said yesterday about Mendes’ movie.

The problem with Spencer is that he is very lukewarm. A truly fanatic priest of the 14 words would be furious not only against this new film, but against the entire film industry (with the exceptions of the 1995 and 2005 movies based on Jane Austen’s novels, of which I spoke this week.)

One of the problems with films like 1917 is that they are made with great craft and even art we could say. But that turns the film into an even more rhetorical poison, and therefore more dangerous, than a poorly directed film.

For me the seventh art, as a subject, is crystal-clear. As long as there are non-whites on Earth, every film must be propaganda: audio-visual spectacles that must have the imprimatur of a totalitarian Fourth Reich, as Yockey said in one of the quotations of The Fair Race: ‘L’art pour l’art values must be transvalued to Art practiced in conformity with the cultural task’. Of course, that was collectivist Germany, not libertarian, Mammon worshiper and Judeo-Christian America.

Compare the above way of seeing art—a priest’s POV—with the words of Spencer and the faceless Mark. Spencer said that 1917 ‘is valorizing WWI, and I think that is something that is extremely problematic’ (after minute 6:30, and he repeated these words after minute 34). Note the word ‘problematic’ and realise why, compared to me, I label Spencer as lukewarm. I’d simply say it’s Jewish poison for the Aryan mind. Mark added about the hero of the movie: ‘he defeated the villain, he defeated the foe… from the British side’.

Spencer also spoke of World War II but did not say a word about the Holocaust that the Allies committed on the Germans. I wonder if Spencer has read Hellstorm? This astronomic omission reminds me that Hunter Wallace wrote about Justinian I today in glowing terms about ‘reconquering the Western Empire’. These are words as deceiving as Sam Mendes’ visual art about the Great War. Does Wallace know about the Holocaust perpetrated on two Germanic peoples by Justinian I, the emperor of the capital of miscegenation, Constantinople? (see the final pages of the book I recently translated, Christianity’s Criminal History).

Just as in official history the Germanics that invaded the already miscegenated Roman Empire are presented as barbarians, in 1917 a ‘German is depicted as an insane maniac’, said Spencer around minute 36 and he added that the scene was ‘insulting to Germans’. Mark then said that in the film the German point of view is never represented, that it is taboo in Hollywood. I would add that, unlike one of Clint Eastwood’s films about WW2 where the Japanese POV is presented, the German POV continues to be taboo. Incidentally, both Spencer and Mark use the word ‘gay’ without realising that it is Newspeak to avoid.

Only until a few seconds before the 57th minute Mark said ‘I knew that the guy was a Jewish filmmaker’, something he should have said from the first minute. Then we hear, after 1:06, that the film is pro-Zionist and glorifies the two world wars that only favoured the Zionist Christians: wars that transvalued values in the US to a philo-Semitism based on the Schofield Bible. Spencer & Mark’s review aside, it is time to say a few more words about the American racialist movement.

George Lincoln Rockwell was the only one who understood racial reality. If he had not been murdered the journal National Socialist World, in which William Pierce and others collaborated, would have continued.

The wisest thing I heard in England the last time I visited the island was what Arthur Kemp told me: that William Pierce’s mistake had been not to form a political party. I recently talked about Pierce’s blunder, but degenerate music was only a tactical blunder. The fact is that Pierce committed something much more serious: a strategic blunder, not having followed in the footsteps of Commander Rockwell.

Only Rockwell tried to follow in Hitler’s footsteps. After Rockwell everyone else has been talkative, despite Pierce’s enormous intelligence (whom I cite so much in The Fair Race).

After the assassination of Rockwell, everything we have had in this continent have been impossible compromises with Christian ethics and the American way of life. The tremendous inertia of American Judeo-Christianity is such that, as a commenter said on this site today, the purported anti-Semite Andrew Anglin no longer speaks about Hitler. He now speaks about Yahweh and his son Yeshu, as the gods that the valiant visitors of The Daily Stormer must follow.

If white nationalism were a legit movement, everyone would be talking about Christianity’s Criminal History and the forthcoming revolution, although theoretically and patiently, waiting for the dollar to collapse so that the masses transit from happy mode to angry mode. But they are stagnated in the American way.

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G.L. Rockwell was a man from a time when there were men. Men like Navy commander Rockwell were among the best and brightest examples of both the American and German males that Jews slaughtered in their fratricidal, global wars.

The slaughter goes on to this day, only now military men are killing themselves in unprecedented numbers because they cannot live with the horrifying, murderous results of the Jews’ psychopathic nature. This is why Jews cannot be tolerated in western culture; perhaps not on the planet.

Here is a clear thought from another man like Rockwell who died all too young fighting an earlier war.

“War is a horrible thing, a grotesque comedy, and it is so useless. This war won’t prove anything. All we’ll do when we win is substitute one sort of dictator for another. In the meantime we have destroyed our best resources. Human life, the most precious thing in the world, has become the cheapest. After we’ve won this war by drowning the hun in our own blood, in five years time the sentimental fools at home will be taking up a collection for this same hun that are killing us now, and our fool politicians will be cooking up another good war. Why shouldn’t they? They have to keep the public stirred up to keep their jobs and they don’t have to fight and they can get soft berths for their sons and their friend’s sons. To me the most contemptible cur in the world is the man who lets political influence be used to keep him away from the front, for he lets another man die in his place. The worst thing about this war is that it takes the best; if it lasts long enough, the world will be populated by cowards and weaklings and their children.” – John MacGavock Grider, Sept. 1918

And so it is. He was 26

By the way, here is an interesting movie that stands 1917 on its head. Deathwatch (2002) provides an excellent, all too realistic portrayal of the horrors of trench warfare.Only this time it is Brits who are the “murdering beasts.”

I watched 1917 the other day and as usual, I was saddened with Mr. Mendes’ understanding of World War One. There were some decent acting and very good sets and Mendes crew even managed to get the weapons of the period right. But, his portrayal of the German soldier is pure black propaganda. Mendes would fit right into the propaganda units of the British government of that day when they created posters of crazed lunatic Huns chopping the limbs off Belgian children. This obscene and ridiculous anti-German propaganda is a forever trademark of Hollywood and most other Western movie outfits where childish propaganda masquerades as history. Two 1930’s films about the first World War worth watching are Lewis Milestones, ‘All Quiet On The Western Front,’ and ‘The Grand Illusion,’ by Jean Renoir.

Hi Cesar. Thanks for another thoughtful and insightful blog post. I’m in complete agreement with you on most of the points you touch on, although I have not watched the movies “1917” or either of the Jane Austen productions you refer to. (I will make it a point to watch the Austen movies, but I confess to now becoming nauseated when watching jewish crap such as “1917,” regardless of how good their production values.) However, I confess I’m rather bemused by your statement that William Pierce made a strategic blunder by not starting a political party.

I was too young to have known or cared about Rockwell while he was alive. Perhaps there was still a slim hope for a national socialist victory through using the American political system at the time. I’m not convinced, but perhaps a charismatic and dynamic individual such as Rockwell could have pulled it off. And I greatly admire him now for what he tried to accomplish.

I do believe that by the late 70’s onward the political system had become too corrupt, and the vast majority of American White people too degenerate, for a national socialist political victory to be feasible via a political party.

As a young man, not too long out of school, I went to work for Pierce in 1974. At that time the National Youth Alliance (as the organization was called then, but soon to be renamed the National Alliance) had just under 100 dues-paying members. Probably just a few dozen of them could actually be called activists. By the time of his death (2002), the organization probably had around two thousand members, with maybe a few hundred of them who could be considered activists. There were a large number of additional supporters who simply contributed money to the organization. In nearly thirty years, the organization was still extremely small, albeit Pierce was making some impact on the national scene through the radio program American Dissident Voices and, of course, his novel “The Turner Diaries.” He also made an impact through his occasional appearances on radio and television shows, notably Mike Wallace’s “60 Minutes.” But one could hardly say that he was making any meaningful impact on the American political system.

Of course, Pierce never thought that victory was achievable through ordinary political means. He knew the system was too corrupt and controlled to make it worthwhile to direct his available resources towards using it. He was of a true revolutionary mindset, although he knew that the entire American system, politically and especially economically, must begin to fail before a national socialist revolution would have any real chance of success. The Turner Diaries was not meant to be a blueprint, but it did share many of his ideas on what must happen for there to be any chance of destroying the system and achieving total victory. He did not expect to see the revolution take place in his lifetime; his mission was simply to educate, inspire, motivate and prepare the way. I personally believe he had some success in this respect.

I believe that you are correct in thinking that Pierce made a mistake in trying to “Americanize” national socialism. I thought about this during the years that I worked for him. He should have openly proclaimed Hitler as savior and adopted the swastika rather than the life rune as our symbol. I think it would have galvanized healthy whites of sound mind and struck phobia in our enemies. It was likely an unfortunate miscalculation on his part, although I am very hesitant to cast judgment on someone of his great intellect.

But I must disagree with you in thinking that he should actually have spent his time and energy in starting a political party. I’m rather surprised that you believe this would have had any chance of success in gaining traction, even if Pierce had lived another ten years or more. I would almost believe you are too optimistic about the situation here in America, if I wasn’t familiar with much of your other thoughts expressed on this blog. I do understand that maybe I’m prejudiced because of the years and energy I vested in following and working for Pierce, but I would love the learn more why you think his creating a political party would have been an optimal strategic choice.

Sorry about this too long of a response. And I do apologize for having gone somewhat off topic. I’m writing in the very early morning hours and won’t have time to edit. If you post this, please feel free to edit it as you see fit.

As always, I wish you the best and thank you for the work you do on behalf of our cause. To victory!

Good morning Ron M,

I think Kemp told me that about Pierce because he had worked at the BNP for a season. I asked Kemp what he thought. Knowing that I am a Pierce fan, before answering he asked me if I would be willing to listen to his frank opinion about Pierce. I said yes and he told me of his failure to found a party, to which I did not answer.

Leaving England I kept thinking about what Kemp told me. I didn’t give it much importance until I discovered that the group that Pierce had formed was no longer a group as tough as the one Rockwell had formed. Only with the years, when reading the webzines and the forums of white nationalism, I began to see that in the measure that the movement moved away from Rockwell (that is to say from NS) the only thing they did was to weaken it. Currently white nationalism is a feminised movement (no Turner Diaries, etc.), as I have said on this site so many times.

The idea of the party was not to win the elections. It was simply that ‘a mustard seed’ (cf. my post on the movie Downton Abbey) of the legacy of the NS movement on American soil remained. As you know, a seed can grow, especially after a convergence of catastrophes: something that goes beyond not only Pierce’s life, but ours (like you, I am also a boomer who was a child when Rockwell was killed).

What Kemp had in mind when he told me that, and what I have now in mind, are two different things. In a nutshell, I think that everything that moves away from NS won’t grow, it will not be the seed that I imagine.

Thanks for your reply, Cesar. I understand what you are saying. And with hindsight, I do agree with you; we must acknowledge national socialism as the correct path and not try to disguise or hide it. As I stated in my post, I now believe WLP did error by disguising our ns underpinnings. Even the greatest of individuals can make a mistake. As I know you do, I still admire him for the great force that he was for the cause, and I keep looking for someone else like him on the horizon.

I share your distaste for the kind of “music” WLP invested in but resistance records was a cash-cow for the National Alliance. Before his untimely (and highly suspicious) death, the NA was pulling in $1 million income annually with 2,500 members and 17 full-time employees. This was just before the Iraq war fiasco and WLP would have surely rode the alt-right wave better than anyone else as the elder statesman of the WN movement (although he was NS I vaguely remembering him referring to himself as a “White nationalist” in an ADV broadcast). Money isn’t easy to come by in the WN movement and much as we may detest it, money is what greases the wheels. If it improved the finances of the NA it’s not a tactical mistake, provided his music customers aren’t able to influence the direction of the organisation.

Pierce was a pragmatist when it came to music and so to was David Lane. Both were personally aficionados of Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Tchaikovsky but Lane expressed joy at the rising popularity of white rock and Pierce said that the thought of young Whites listening to “white rap songs about snuffing the enemies of our people” was “exhilarating”. For what they are, RWDS entertainment and even certain Moonman songs are a vast improvement on the Jewish dreck pumped out by the degenerate music industry.

Hell, Revilo Oliver even defended skinheads: “Neither their garb nor their manners commend them to persons who retain anachronistic standards of gentility, but the fact remains that the young “skinheads” retain healthy instincts and evince a courage conspicuously lacking in the spineless elders, and they are almost the only “racists” who are ready to defend themselves when attacked by vermin”.

Pierce took the view that Hitler’s NS was a movement of its particular time and place and believed it was necessary to formulate something aesthetically different in America, where parading the symbols of a hated and defeated enemy was not an effective policy. Post-Rockwell he argued that dressing up in National Socialist costumes and throwing Roman salutes was, in modern terminology, laarping and served to alienate them from sound people who may otherwise be interested. I can’t take it seriously when I see the clowns of the NSM dress up in Nazi regalia or even when I see old pictures of John Tyndall or Colin Jordan. At least with GLR there was an element of showmanship, a performance to win the attention of a media that was initially intent on blacklisting him.

I’ve got no idea whether a political party would have served the ends of white racialism in America but the electoral results of the American Nazi Party or the much more recent A3P are not encouraging. Who was the most successful White candidate of the last 30 years? David Duke, and he only became successful after he put away the swastika armband and Klan robes and donned a suit-and-tie instead. Electoral success would have been an impossibility for such a party no matter the optics but it’s not impossible that it could have generated more publicity for the NA. Would that have been worth the time, money and effort though?

Hi OliverRevilo, I agree with most of what you say. I would only add that, when I asked him, WLP told me his favorite composer was Schubert.

Hey Ron M, this might be a long shoot but would you consider coming on my weekly podcast,Surviving Weimerika? I would like to talk to you more about the old days with Dr. Pierce. That memory is know becoming obfuscated with the rise of the alt-right!

@ OliverRevilo,

Degenerate music and skinheads were the equivalent those days of what Nick Fuentes did recently: courting Catboy just for the sake of reaching normies. It is an elemental mistake that only can happen in trans-America. The Germans would’ve never do such a thing.

I am not talking about using Nazi customs as Rockwell did, but of continuing the labour of National Socialist World: a journal that would exist today if Pierce had not committed a mistake (investing in degenerate music rather than in a publishing house). Also, see what I responded to Ron M above.

Before his untimely (and highly suspicious) death…

What do you mean, didn’t he die of cancer?

Pierce’s views on skinheads changed over time. I believe he went through a period of wanting to recruit skinheads but later came to regard them as toxic liabilities for his organisation. Selling them music is different from allowing them into the organisation though. I don’t think Fuentes is benefiting financially from teaming up with catboy, which also undermines his reputation as a conservative Catholic. Would Pierce have made any where near as much money from starting a publishing house like Counter Currents/Arktos as he did with RR? I doubt it. White rock was also a means of appealing to an angry and alienated White youth. Is selling books an effective tactic for spreading NS ideas in the internet age, especially since the vast majority of people who buy them are already convinced of the merits of the ideas? Hitler and co. were operating in a very different situation but he was flexible strategically and did form alliances with conservative elites on his way to power. Pierce had a taste for Slavic women though which is outside the bounds of doctrinaire NS.

NS world ceased operations in the 60’s while Pierce invested in RR in 99/2000 and he died 2-3 years later. With the money generated from RR sales he could have expanded and launched a publishing house. It’s quite likely he would have done so judging from what he said about William Simpson’s “Which Way Western Man?” Piece’s enemies regarded his acquisition of Resistance as a major coup at the time.

Pierce died from “kidney failure” virtually out of the blue. He wasn’t a drinker (though this isn’t always necessary) and I believe his brother is still alive today in his mid 80’s. WLP was regarded as the most dangerous White nationalist in the world by his enemies and the U.S. government is certainly ruthless enough to pull the trigger. I smell a decapitation job.

So the goal is ‘to make money’ with music that destroys the Aryan soul, not the 14 words, right? I have committed big blunders in my life. Even great men committed blunders, including Hitler. But Pierce didn’t? Is that what you are saying?

According to Metapedia, ‘William Pierce died of cancer on July 23, 2002 at his home in West Virginia’.

Your critique is similar to Covington’s, which was that investing in a scene associated with drugs and degeneracy was unethical. Pierce took an ends-justify-the-means approach and thought HC was being a moralistic puritan.

I’m not saying WLP didn’t make mistakes but I don’t believe his investment in RR was one of them. Any movement that wants to get anywhere requires a lot of funding and saving the White race is no different. If we had a few billionaires supporting our cause we’d be in an enormously stronger position.

Renal failure is the most commonly reported cause of his death but it can be a consequence of cancer. They don’t necessarily need to stab, choke or shoot you though. I suspect they can induce afflictions like cancer provided they have a means of transmission. Of course it’s speculation but I don’t doubt for a second that domestic thorns in the side of the system risk elimination, regardless of whether they act within the law.

I’ve read many of your posts outlining why you believe that Jews are not the sole or even the dominant source of Western malaise, which can be partly blamed on innate factors universalism, higher altruism and relatively weak ethnocentrism, egoistic materialism, imperialism leading to a desire to miscegenate, technology weakening racial and masculine values, excessive comfort, women’s liberation and above all, Christian ethics (religious and secular).

I suspect this is true because White elites have historically acted against White racial interests without direct Jewish influence, such as Alexander’s support of miscegenation, historical conquests which lead to miscegenation and the importation of non-White labourers to increase profits. So much Western history has been entangled with Christianity though that you could blame the creation of the Mestizo population on the moral weakness of the Spanish Christians who were not able to commit mass infanticide on their mongrel offspring. Some (Nietzsche and maybe Oliver) claim that the Jews intentionally infected us with Christianity in order to weaken us from the start but even if the Jews did that, Europeans were still willing to adopt and not cast off (as the Japanese initially did) what is ultimately a cult for racial suicide. We see many Muslims abandoning their religion and adopting liberalism though when it serves to advance their interests and Islam is far less “cucked” than Christianity.

Technology has massively amplified elite power through their control of the mass media, allowing a tiny minority to effectively determine the thoughts, values and actions of a large majority. It has provided many means to pacify and domesticate the us, facilitated enormous fratricidal, dysgenic wars, dramatically increased the third world population and enabled racial integration via mass transport. That being said, technology does not appear to have opened the door to Jewish domination in China.

In a highly centralized society where we are distant from our rulers, complacent, corrupt elites are always going to have the incentive to betray the population they rule for their own gain. If we are unable or unwilling to remove the corrupt elites, our interests will be sacrificed. Unfortunately, a technological world means centralization of power and if your people doesn’t keep up with others technologically it will eventually fall victim to their domination.

I met some guys in the Ohio area who wore NS uniforms and marched in the streets in black neighborhoods. Without a doubt, it takes some big brass ones to go into a nigger neighborhood, vastly outnumbered, while wearing NS gear and carrying a Swastika flag.

However, they stopped doing it because they saw it didn’t work and
was in fact making things worse. Having met with and spoken with them, they were not stupid people, but highly intelligent. One was a skinhead type, he was MASSIVE, and smart as a whip. I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side, as he could snap me like a twig. But he was peasant and genial to me in face to face meeting. He did try to mess with my head and tried to intimidate me, but he was just fucking with me, and wasn’t serious. I like that kind of thing anyway and I just messed with and fucked with him back. He was a good guy.

I don’t know what they are up to these days, as I have lost contact. My point is, at least some of these guys would be terrific allies.

On another note, C.T. I still have to ask my friend if they want to post a link here on TWDH. However, there is a sickness in the family I am helping with, and I haven’t got to it. But I will.

“The Apollonian Transmission” is one of the absolute worst pieces of garbage that I have ever seen in my whole entire life. All that eclectic gibberish devoid of any systematic logic; pseudo-categories of Dionysus, Mercury, ‘Pelasgian’, snake, and raven=Jew while Jonah, Satan, ‘Lucifer’ and dove=’Aryan’. The writer of that drivel calls himself “apollonian” whereas certain figures from European religions like Prometheus and Hephaestus are in opposition being either “semitic” or “Jewish”. The hack even invites infighting by claiming that a future “Promethean-Apollonian” war would have to be fought for Aryans. He cannot even get the etymology of the word “church” correct!

Such types that write that pointless lunacy shall be forbidden from entering the Ethnostate for all eternity.

Thanks for the warning. I haven’t read the rest of the website, only the article about “1917” because I was redirected there through another website. I’ll be sure to steer clear of the site.

You wrote:
“The Apollonian Transmission” is one of the absolute worst pieces of garbage that I have ever seen in my whole entire life”
Is this really worse than everything from the Talmud, Das Kapital to your average Hollywood movie to Gloria Steinem?

Almost thirty years ago I had a keen interest in alternative nutrition, and witnessed some heavy debates on nutrition and possible alternatives. I never saw more venom than when two people defending somewhat the same ideas clashed in a verbal duel. From the outside they belonged in the same department store of the “alternative-nutrition-supermarked”.

Brahmin at the Apollonial Transmission has an Aryan victory as an aim. He just thoroughly disagree with some other WN (or whatever) on the means.

But I find his observation of possible semitic/jewish overlays on many of our myths very interesting. Taking the Edda of Norse mythology as genuine pure pagan philosophy without considering the fact that it was written down by a christian Snorre Sturlason two and a half century after the Iceland was converted to christianity, is naive. He is one of the very best at pinpointing these possible fallacies.

If I should be very suspicious, I may wonder if he a jewish shill. But I find that hard to belive, given that his nose for possible semitic/jewish influence and overlays on our myths are one of the sharpest I have witnessed on the net.

@ BjornThorsonn,

I agree with what Krist Krusher says below (whose quotations of your comment I just indented for clarity).

It seems that you haven’t read The Fair Race.

I’d strongly recommend your reading it before posting more comments that remind me of British Israelism or CI.

Is this really worse than everything from the Talmud, Das Kapital to your average Hollywood movie to Gloria Steinem?

It lies somewhere between Das Kapital & the Torah in terms of rationalizing depravity and insanity.

Almost thirty years ago I had a keen interest in alternative nutrition, and witnessed some heavy debates on nutrition and possible alternatives. I never saw more venom than when two people defending somewhat the same ideas clashed in a verbal duel. From the outside they belonged in the same department store of the ‘alternative-nutrition-supermarked’.

Alternative nutrition in general is a massive scam. Anyone involved in such peddling is either a psychopathic con artist or a total moron. It and intellectual anti-semitism occupy different spheres.

Brahmin at the Apollonial Transmission has an Aryan victory as an aim.

Aryan victory in his book entails the legitimacy of the Bible in determining who is a Jew and who is not. It never seems to strike him that such a book is an attack from Judea on all Gentiles. Indeed, he even calls Joseph, the ultimate Jewish cuckold, an aryan as well as Cain from the book of Genesis. His “victory” would be the condemnation of all and every genuine source of healthy inspiration in favor of using utter degeneracy.

Of all things he choose the degenerate, quasi-lesbian, anti-patriarchal video game “Life is strange” as an exemplar of a reoccuring Hellenic mythos in the modern day simply due to the game taking place in “Arcadia Bay”. At which point I wonder if the city of Troy, Alabama is supposed to be related to the Troy of antiquity? Perhaps Brahmin believes that Memphis, Tennessee is connected to the Memphis of Egypt and there is a secret underwater tunnel hidden by the Jews that connects Egypt to America lined with 10,000 year-old obelisks.

But I find his observation of possible semitic/jewish overlays on many of our myths very interesting. Taking the Edda of Norse mythology as genuine pure pagan philosophy without considering the fact that it was written down by a christian Snorre Sturlason two and a half century after the Iceland was converted to christianity, is naive. He is one of the very best at pinpointing these possible fallacies.

Snorri Sturluson’s religion is up for debate. Compare his work to the work of a bonafide xtian worm like Saxo Grammaticus. Unlike Saxo, Snorri lived in the most isolated part of Europe in the middle of the Atlantic. When he was born Iceland had only experienced Rabbiolatry for about 170 years, not “two and a half century”. In addition he was a first generation convert as his father was a pre-xtian polytheist by all accounts. The final nail in the claim that Sturluson’s work is untrustworthy due to being xtian is the fact that Sturluson was in fact a secular man—a Lawspeaker for his folk. This detachment from whatever surface religion he was taught to espouse is reflected in his genial treatment of Nordic gods contrary to the ridicule used by Saxo.

What makes Brahmin so worthless is the fact that despite his open pro-Aryan stance he is clearly willing to compromise everything pertaining to Europe just to proof whatever absurd point he claims is true. He easily rebukes the Norse gods or being “mortal” without realizing that their source of continuous life was the consumption of Idunn’s apples just as the Hellenic gods were sustained by the drinking of ambrosia. When his facts are wrong he simply changes the evidence so that his facts are right!

In essence, he is worse than most Jews. In substance he is more deceitful than a televangelist. Any real man should abhor his distortions.

This i leading nowhere.

“Alternative nutrition in general is a massive scam”
You’re missing the point. My point was that people often show more venom when confronting people who from the outside is perceived as having very much the same view upon matters. For a normie I am afraid every one on this list is perceived as someone not too far away from Brahmin, even if you like it or not.

Snorre Snorre Sturlason was also a prominent icelandic politician. He wrote the Eddas and Hemiskringla from 1220 to 1235. The icelandic Allting decided by law to introduce christianity in 999/1000. Two and a half centuries is stretching it a bit far, but not much.

“In essence, he is worse than most Jews.” Maybe, but certainly not worse than the ones running their show.

I find him too esoteric for my taste, but I will give him some credit to have heightened my awareness on destructive semitic influence on even old European myths, not just the highly polluted christianity.

I’ll end my discussion on this subject here.

You would be better off just reading the old stories in their own books. Perhaps even try reading them in their original language. I personally learned German to better read Mein Kampf, Zweites Buch and the works of various other NS-men of the past and I saw how easy mistranslations were to make. I believe you should read the Edda Saga yourself.
Making your own conclusions is far better than relying on someone with an agenda. After all, is it best to study Hitler in his own words or to study him through the lens of a Social Democrat or Libertarian?

Just one more thing to say about Apollonian Transmission before comments are disabled:

M. Brahmin is beyond a doubt either purposefully subversive or a borderline schizophrenic cherry-picker. His attempt to reconstruct the original stories of European belief with the new idea that Semites/Jewry [a category that needs clarification] infiltrated it before writing was common enough for more than 1% of the population to use is beyond ridiculous. It implies that whatever nearby non-PIE descended people were so invested in corrupting their trading partners to the north and west that they spent constant man-hours thinking of ways to influence them just to ‘control’ them. The recorded reasons for foreign gods entering Europe has always been a matter of societal agreement: aging Rome allowed many foreign gods a place so long as the Ur-gods of Roman Hellenism held the center of attention while Greece usually ignored foreign gods as distorted perceptions of their gods [they disdained the portrayal of deities like Anubis and Nephthys akin to the Minotaur and Gorgons], M.Brahmin’s interpretation of Shamash being Aryan notwithstanding.

In addition, Brahmin seems to ignore any historical interpretatio romanae. He equates Shamash to Apollo while ignoring Helios/Sol, which any Hellenist of the past would point as obvious. His constant portrayal of Saturn being a ancient Crypto-Jew would appear laughable to the Romans, who believed contrary to the Greeks that it was this god who gave them their agriculture and manners. In other words, the result of Brahmin’s logic leads one to conclude that Rome was from the beginning a hive of Semites rather than a proper European civilization. The aqueducts? Semitic! The Coliseum? Cthonic Semitism! Res publica? The spirit of the Jews made Law!
His ideas concerning Hellas are even more disruptive to one’s sanity. By convincing himself that Chronos was an Ur-semitic god, he perhaps unintentionally, turns Zeus, father of gods and men, into a Mischling! In an act of cognitive dissonance he then concludes that Zeus is somehow a good Aryan god that bred with a “female Jewish goddess” [the Titaness Maia] to produce the “half-semite” Hermes. Without realizing it, he actually turns Hermes into a mostly Semitic god: three-fourths or so of his lineage being Semitic/Jewish. He does similar logic with Hades [despite having the same parentage as Zeus] and even calls Hephaestus-son of Zeus and Hera-a Semitic god.

The final result being the total conquest of all European mythos by the Jews, or at least so in the head of M. Brahmin. He takes the musket of Abrahamism that has actually attacked the European soul and replaces it with the machine gun of the Caducean complex-thereby giving even more power to Jewish myth. I don’t even need to talk about how idiotic his calling of Shamash an Aryan god is [when Shamash sounds almost exactly like the Hebrew and Arabic words for sun] or his denunciation of sacred passing of seasons as “Semitic proto-Pelasgian effeminacy” or whatever he thinks is or isn’t true to the European soul.

I could talk on and on but I think this should be enough for now. I can barely read AP without feeling disgust for his “work”.

Ancient Greece and Rome are fairly explained in The Fair Race, a compilation of the POV of this site.

What you say is a text-book case of why I don’t want those who haven’t read The Fair Race to comment here. It only wastes my time and reminds me when I discussed with some parapsychologists unwilling to look, for themselves, at the skeptical literature about their claims. I had to part ways. Today I no longer have any friend related to parapsychology or paranormal beliefs.

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