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Christianity is pure evil

– and white nationalists are evil too –

I had changed the status to ‘private’ of the Friday post for fear that my relatives who see my Facebook page would find out what I wrote about the family tragedy (after a Mass, yesterday was the burial of my cousin in a cemetery). But today something happened that I cannot ignore.
Murder and suicide in the family have devastated many. I even had to come for a few days to the house of my octogenarian mother, who still lives. This day my brother talked on the phone with her and I did something I never do: listen to a conversation from the other speaker.
In another recent post I said that, for the medieval mind, demons were a very living and very real psychological reality. I also said that, nowadays, demonological paranoia can only be observed in the most traditional Christian families.
Well: in the conversation I just heard my mother said regarding the acts of my cousin (my translation from Spanish into English): ‘There the Evil One intervened’. My brother replied: ‘Sure!’
But the worst was not that.
Then the subject of the salvation of the soul of my late cousin came up. My mother burst into anguished tears because she fears that he will go to eternal fire. My very Catholic brother, who goes to Mass every day, consoled her with reasons within Catholic theology: saying that if at the last minute my cousin would have thought this or that thing, he could be saved.
Yesterday my mother expressed with me the same fear for the soul of my cousin: her very dear first nephew. But when I heard about her fears I got angry and with a quick ‘It does not exist!’ referring to hell I turned around, away from her.
It is not clear what will happen to my mother or the surviving siblings of my cousin. Here I only came to say that an ideology of Semitic origin that has deceived the white man for millennia, with its doctrine of eternal torture, is infinitely perverse. And this includes white nationalists who, like schizophrenic imbeciles, cling to their Jewish drug.
It is not possible to save the white race by surrendering your will to evil. It is not possible to save the white race by swallowing the infinite lies of the Jews and the Judaised gentiles who invented Christianity; the torture by eternal fire being the most conspicuous doctrine of all. When the Aryan race finishes extinguishing, I hope that this bottle thrown into the sea—this humble blog that very few read—serves so that the coloured may explain the inexplicable: that not even in the darkest hour for the fair race did whites give up their Semitic drug.
This month I have gone so far as to quote an ethnic enemy in the previous entries, Heisman, to see if that would provoke more visitors to debate the central claim of this site, that indiscriminate love is killing the West: the new subtitle of The West’s Darkest Hour. But very few read this site to the extent of using, or merely linking, these arguments publicly in the Christian and neo-Christian forums of white nationalism.
My cousin was very emotionally attached to my mother. Today I heard her howling in pain, in the homely chapel that keeps the image of the Virgin of Lourdes; praying to her god, and with enormous anguish asking for answers to explain what happened. The fear of the eternal torment for his soul that she now suffers is an agony caused solely and exclusively by the wickedness of whites’ having accepted a worldview of clearly Jewish origin. Although the Jew Heisman was our ideological enemy, and I am glad he committed suicide eight years ago, his book shows that the current liberalism that inverted Roman values clearly was nourished by the very fertile soil that Christian ethics provided.
When will white nationalists give up their evil ways? When will they stop having Jews as saints or overmen (Jesus, Paul, etc.)? When will they stop taking seriously Church Fathers who were not even white (Ambrose, Augustine)? When will they face the history we have been collecting recently about the destruction of the classical (white) world by Christians (mostly non-whites)? Can’t they even face what a woman (!) says in a book published this year in the United States?
Keep committing suicide, white nationalists. I only hope that the coloured historian of the future, the one who writes the epitaph of your race, one day finds the texts of this blog-bottle thrown into the sea…

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I used to think if the White race went extinct it would be ‘unfair’. No longer. They/We deserve what we’re getting. This mess can’t all be thrown off onto the Jews. We are responsible for our own situation, it exists because of us. What’s happening is happening because nearly all Whites allow it to happen. Our behaviour is the direct cause of what we get and until we change our behaviour we deserve what we get.
I’ve marveled at those idiotic Whites in South Africa who continue to cling to Christianity no matter what. The Jews have succeeded in making goyim out of Aryans in South Africa, cattle fit only to be slaughtered. And Aryans elsewhere across the world are the same, it’s just less obvious because of demographics. As Andrew Hamilton said of the Whites in South Africa; “Why in the world Whites give a damn what happens to Blacks at this point in time is beyond me. Have they no will to survive? No sense of justice? No capacity to hate and oppose evil? No willingness to fight?” The final straw for me was when the South Africans recently called in the Israel Defence Forces to train them for defense against the Blacks. After all the Jews did to destroy apartheid South Africa and the Boers work with their enemies and cling on to Christianity. No. I hate to say it but perhaps they don’t deserve better. They brought their predicament on themselves to a large degree.
Aryans in other formerly White countries have been going the way of South Africa since 1945. They show no more signs of intelligence and instinct for survival than the South Africans. Only Eastern Europe appears healthier but that could be because it hasn’t been subject to the full effects of mass immigration like North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand have and the degeneration of Aryans is less noticeable there.
Ultimately if Aryans can’t get all this alien Jewish muck out of their brains then they are proving their evolutionary failure to adapt. Nature is the ever-present judge and if Aryans are unfit to survive they will go extinct sooner or later.

When I heard about the Boers using Kikes to help them out, I was surprised and then disgusted. But perhaps they are in such a deadly position that they think they need the Jews for defence manoeuvres. It might just be a last resort for them.
Though I suppose you could say that fancy Jiu Jitsu isn’t going to help them when surrounded by silverbacks with machetes.

It’s very painful to have a family member you love kill another family member you love and then kill himself also. This a great pain, Chechar. Have mercy and compassion on your mother and her suffering. Go to your mother and console her. This is horrible that you are so cold to your mother’s suffering and to the suffering of other family members at this very painful and confusing time for your family. You should be ashamed of yourself you’re so cold to your mother’s suffering at this time of a horrible tragedy in your family.
This tragedy in your family is NOT your mother’s fault, NOT her doing. Your mother was born into this besotted confusing world like all the rest of us, so you’re mother is not perfect and not All-Knowing and not All-Seeing, so what, NO ONE IS PERFECT, NO, not even your Hitler. Have mercy on your mother, she is NOT the cause of this horrible tragedy in your family. Her faith in Catholicism is NOT the cause of this tragedy in your family.
By the way, these types of tragedies your family is now experiencing happen in all kinds of families, NOT just Catholic families. These type of family tragedies even happen in White pagan families. Yes, it’s true.
I don’t like it how you turn your mother’s suffering into an “opportunity” for you to make some religious/cultural/political points. Surely, there are more noble ways, Manly ways, to make the points you think important and necessary to make then to make your points by denigrating and besmirching your mother at a time your mother is greatly suffering in her heart — and it’s not even your mother’s fault, this tragedy that happened in your family, it’s NOT your mother’s fault. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

You had been banned before because your comments are always unresponsive to the post’s issue. (Here, the fact that the Catholic doctrine of eternal torture, that both my mother and brother believe, is monstrous.)
And a laconic, Spartan answer to my mother’s tortuous beliefs, what I just did, was much better for her mental health than the folie à deux with my very Catholic bro, over the phone, regarding this specific doctrine.

“In another recent post I said that, for the medieval mind, demons were a very living and very real psychological reality.”
What are demons but spirits of the banished Nature that pagans used to worship? The radical change in worldview that came with Christianity shocked the white mind so deeply that civilization as it was collapsed, and it stagnated for almost a thousand years. But it was only the objectification of Nature, symbolized in the Bible by Jesus casting out demons, that enabled the progress of white technology. With Nature worship cleared out of the way, the development of science could finally begin.

Development of science had already begun, and in greater capacity. Paganism was not simple “nature worship”- it embodied Aryan virtue and ethos.

No science then. Even discovery of the scientific method still lay many centuries in the future. Aryan virtue — soldierly virtue — was indeed embodied in the worship of Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun. That was the religion of the legions of the Rhine and Danube until after Christ. But the sun is a force of Nature.

The legions of the Rhine and Danube were, in many cases, mudbloods. And I suppose that’s how you’re willing to define scientific advancement but the collection of knowledge had already begun in places such as Alexandria.
Also, the Germanic religion was a cult of martyrdom. Not.simple nature worship, it functioned just as good-if not better-than it’s Roman incarnation thereof.

“… the collection of knowledge had already begun in places such as Alexandria.”
Collecting manuscripts isn’t science. By “science” is meant a specific methodology and view of the world that was entirely lacking in classical civilization.
“…the Germanic religion was a cult of martyrdom. Not.simple nature worship …”
Julius Caesar encountered the Germans, and he wrote in Gallic War:
“The Germans differ much from these usages, for they have neither Druids to preside over sacred offices, nor do they pay great regard to sacrifices. They rank in the number of the gods those alone whom they behold, and by whose instrumentality they are obviously benefited, namely, the sun, fire, and the moon; they have not heard of the other deities even by report.”
– Caesar, Gallic War, Book VI, chapter 21

I understand; however I fail to see the relevancy of Caesar’s encounter with the Germans. It’s known that many Roman reports on their activities were misunderstandings (see the “Isis of the Suebi”, which is actually Folkvangr)
Also, even though that is the case there is nothing to suggest that European creeds held Aryans back from discovery in any sense. Your suggestion that it was simple “nature worship” is absurd as we know now the intricacies of these faiths and to what extent each portion thereof played a role in daily life. Nature was important but not the sole object of veneration.

“… there is nothing to suggest that European creeds held Aryans back from discovery in any sense. ”
So long as you are worshiping natural phenomena and understanding them as manifestations of the caprice of various gods, the scientific attitude can’t arise, and science, which by contrast understands nature exclusively in terms of cause and effect, can’t be born. Only when Nature is desacralized and conceived of in the impersonal terms of a machine can the proper frame of mind for technological “advance” occur. This is why Christianity played such a key role in white civilization. In Christianity, quite unlike the pagan religions, Nature is something to be overcome, not revered. This attack on Nature is repeated again in the Christian doctrine of the supposedly innately sinful nature of man. Natural instincts, drives and reactions are all devalued and disparaged in Christianity. It’s an anti-human religion, perfect for building an artificial, anti-human world.

Spahn Ranch”s argument is in a nutshell the God’s Philosopher narrative: That Christian Europe, if not actively having something in its structure that allowed the invention of science (as we know it, at least), at least fostered an environment leading to it. Suffice to say it has flaws:

From wiki:
Sacred groves and sacred trees were venerated throughout the history of the Germanic peoples and were targeted for destruction by Christian missionaries during the Christianization of the Germanic peoples. Ken Dowden notes that behind this great oak dedicated to Donar, the Irminsul (also felled by Christian missionaries in the 8th century), and the Sacred tree at Uppsala (described by Adam of Bremen in the 11th century), stands a mythic prototype of an immense world tree, described in Norse mythology as Yggdrasil.[5]

This is a tragedy… and yet I can understand Cesar’s hatred. Jorge Bergoglio is from South America… and doing all he can to implement Koudenhove Calergi’s vision. When one of these sectaries puts an end to themselves, it is very difficult to feel any compassion.

Cesar, did you ever read “La Bas”? He discusses that grotesque frontispiece, pictured, in quite some detail.

Durtal’s introduction to this naturalism had come as a revelation the year before, although he had not then been so weary as now of fin de siècle silliness. In Germany, before a Crucifixion by Matthæus Grünewald, he had found what he was seeking.
He shuddered in his armchair and closed his eyes as if in pain. With extraordinary lucidity he revisualized the picture, and the cry of admiration wrung from him when he had entered the little room of the Cassel museum was reechoing in his mind as here, in his study, the Christ rose before him, formidable, on a rude cross of barky wood, the arm an untrimmed branch bending like a bow under the weight of the body.
This branch seemed about to spring back and mercifully hurl afar from our cruel, sinful world the suffering flesh held to earth by the enormous spike piercing the feet. Dislocated, almost ripped out of their sockets, the arms of the Christ seemed trammelled by the knotty cords of the straining muscles. The laboured tendons of the armpits seemed ready to snap. The fingers, wide apart, were contorted in an arrested gesture in which were supplication and reproach but also benediction. The trembling thighs were greasy with sweat. The ribs were like staves, or like the bars of a cage, the flesh swollen, blue, mottled with flea-bites, specked as with pin-pricks by spines broken off from the rods of the scourging and now festering beneath the skin where they had penetrated.
Purulence was at hand. The fluvial wound in the side dripped thickly, inundating the thigh with blood that was like congealing mulberry juice. Milky pus, which yet was somewhat reddish, something like the colour of grey Moselle, oozed from the chest and ran down over the abdomen and the loin cloth. The knees had been forced together and the rotulæ touched, but the lower legs were held wide apart, though the feet were placed one on top of the other. These, beginning to putrefy, were turning green beneath a river of blood. Spongy and blistered, they were horrible, the flesh tumefied, swollen over the head of the spike, and the gripping toes, with the horny blue nails, contradicted the imploring gesture of the hands, turning that benediction into a curse; and as the hands pointed heavenward, so the feet seemed to cling to earth, to that ochre ground, ferruginous like the purple soil of Thuringia.
Above this eruptive cadaver, the head, tumultuous, enormous, encircled by a disordered crown of thorns, hung down lifeless. One lacklustre eye half opened as a shudder of terror or of sorrow traversed the expiring figure. The face was furrowed, the brow seamed, the cheeks blanched; all the drooping features wept, while the mouth, unnerved, its under jaw racked by tetanic contractions, laughed atrociously.
The torture had been terrific, and the agony had frightened the mocking executioners into flight.
Against a dark blue night-sky the cross seemed to bow down, almost to touch the ground with its tip, while two figures, one on each side, kept watch over the Christ. One was the Virgin, wearing a hood the colour of mucous blood over a robe of wan blue. Her face was pale and swollen with weeping, and she stood rigid, as one who buries his fingernails deep into his palms and sobs. The other figure was that of Saint John, like a gipsy or sunburnt Swabian peasant, very tall, his beard matted and tangled, his robe of a scarlet stuff cut in wide strips like slabs of bark. His mantle was a chamois yellow; the lining, caught up at the sleeves, showed a feverish yellow as of unripe lemons. Spent with weeping, but possessed of more endurance than Mary, who was yet erect but broken and exhausted, he had joined his hands and in an access of outraged loyalty had drawn himself up before the corpse, which he contemplated with his red and smoky eyes while he choked back the cry which threatened to rend his quivering throat.
Ah, this coarse, tear-compelling Calvary was at the opposite pole from those debonair Golgothas adopted by the Church ever since the Renaissance. This lockjaw Christ was not the Christ of the rich, the Adonis of Galilee, the exquisite dandy, the handsome youth with the curly brown tresses, divided beard, and insipid doll-like features, whom the faithful have adored for four centuries. This was the Christ of Justin, Basil, Cyril, Tertullian, the Christ of the apostolic church, the vulgar Christ, ugly with the assumption of the whole burden of our sins and clothed, through humility, in the most abject of forms.
It was the Christ of the poor, the Christ incarnate in the image of the most miserable of us He came to save; the Christ of the afflicted, of the beggar, of all those on whose indigence and helplessness the greed of their brother battens; the human Christ, frail of flesh, abandoned by the Father until such time as no further torture was possible; the Christ with no recourse but His Mother, to Whom—then powerless to aid Him—He had, like every man in torment, cried out with an infant’s cry.
In an unsparing humility, doubtless, He had willed to suffer the Passion with all the suffering permitted to the human senses, and, obeying an incomprehensible ordination, He, in the time of the scourging and of the blows and of the insults spat in His face, had put off divinity, nor had He resumed it when, after these preliminary mockeries, He entered upon the unspeakable torment of the unceasing agony. Thus, dying like a thief, like a dog, basely, vilely, physically, He had sunk himself to the deepest depth of fallen humanity and had not spared Himself the last ignominy of putrefaction.
Never before had naturalism transfigured itself by such a conception and execution. Never before had a painter so charnally envisaged divinity nor so brutally dipped his brush into the wounds and running sores and bleeding nail holes of the Saviour. Grünewald had passed all measure. He was the most uncompromising of realists, but his morgue Redeemer, his sewer Deity, let the observer know that realism could be truly transcendent. A divine light played about that ulcerated head, a superhuman expression illuminated the fermenting skin of the epileptic features. This crucified corpse was a very God, and, without aureole, without nimbus, with none of the stock accoutrements except the blood-sprinkled crown of thorns, Jesus appeared in His celestial super-essence, between the stunned, grief-torn Virgin and a Saint John whose calcined eyes were beyond the shedding of tears.
These faces, by nature vulgar, were resplendent, transfigured with the expression of the sublime grief of those souls whose plaint is not heard. Thief, pauper, and peasant had vanished and given place to supraterrestial creatures in the presence of their God.
Grünewald was the most uncompromising of idealists. Never had artist known such magnificent exaltation, none had ever so resolutely bounded from the summit of spiritual altitude to the rapt orb of heaven. He had gone to the two extremes. From the rankest weeds of the pit he had extracted the finest essence of charity, the mordant liquor of tears. In this canvas was revealed the masterpiece of an art obeying the unopposable urge to render the tangible and the invisible, to make manifest the crying impurity of the flesh and to make sublime the infinite distress of the soul.
It was without its equivalent in literature. A few pages of Anne Emmerich upon the Passion, though comparatively attenuated, approached this ideal of supernatural realism and of veridic and exsurrected life. Perhaps, too, certain effusions of Ruysbroeck, seeming to spurt forth in twin jets of black and white flame, were worthy of comparison with the divine befoulment of Grünewald. Hardly, either. Grünewald’s masterpiece remained unique. It was at the same time infinite and of earth earthy.

@ Maldo
“Spahn Ranch”s argument is in a nutshell the God’s Philosopher narrative”
No, crediting a radical change in worldview that desacralizes Nature for giving rise to science in its concrete form as the technological system isn’t the same as crediting the Church for it. Sorry this point eludes you. As is stressed in the articles (did you actually read them?), the Church opposed the progress of science in many ways.
Bertrand Russell has some interesting things to say about that great empiricist, Aristotle, who your source seems to rely on quite a bit in his attempt to minimize the impact of Christianity on the white mind. Namely:

(I) Observation versus Authority: To modern educated people, it seems obvious that matters of fact are to be ascertained by observation, not by consulting ancient authorities. But this is an entirely modern conception, which hardly existed before the seventeenth century. Aristotle maintained that women have fewer teeth than men; although he was twice married, it never occurred to him to verify this statement by examining his wives’ mouths. He said also that children will be healthier if conceived when the wind is in the north. One gathers that the two Mrs. Aristotles both had to run out and look at the weathercock every evening before going to bed. He states that a man bitten by a mad dog will not go mad, but any other animal will (Hist. An. 704a); that the bite of the shrewmouse is dangerous to horses, especially if the mouse is pregnant (ibid., 604b); that elephants suffering from insomnia can be cured by rubbing their shoulders with salt, olive oil, and warm water (ibid., 605a); and so on and so on. Nevertheless, classical dons, who have never observed any animal except the cat and the dog, continue to praise Aristotle for his fidelity to observation.

– Russell, in The Impact of Science on Society, pp. 6-7.

It was either Mark Twain or Robert Ingersoll who said thay someone was burnt to death, in the Middle Ages, for maintaining that people lived in Australia. I cannot ascertain whether this be true or not. It sounds apocryphal. However, the bible says that the Apostles “preached to the whole world.” Taking this as a premise: the “innerant Word of God” then we can deduce, with pure Aristotlianism, that if other continents existed – which is doubtful! – besides Europe, Africa and Asia, then those continents must be uninhabited. Aristoism and Christianity: a marriage made in hell.

I hate Christianity. If Christianity, including the Christian value-system that has infected the minds of Whites who claim to not be Christian, does not die, the White race will not live.
I have been a member of a couple of “pro-White” forums, but they have been infested with Christians. They care more about superstitious nonsense than they do about the survival of the White race. If I did not oppose their religion, they loved me, but as soon as I said anything against Christianity, which is part of the jew problem, they attacked me, calling me a jew, Satanist, etc.
It is impossible for me to be friends and comrades with people like that.
The truth is, they are traitors to the White race. They side with the religion of the scum who tortured and killed our White pre-Christian ancestors, and destroyed their culture. Christianity has divided our race more than anything else.
This website is the only place on the Internet I know of that takes a strong stand for National Socialism and a strong stand against Christianity. I am very happy it exists. We need a Discourse forum that is National Socialist and has a zero tolerance policy towards Christianity. If anybody has the skill to make that happen, I will donate money towards it.

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