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Edwin’s arrows


On Guillaume Faye

Guillaume Faye outlines a compelling vision to the immigration problem in the last chapter of his book Archeo-Futurism. This is presented in the form of a utopian dream, and should be seen in part as a reaction against the doom and gloom despair of the French New Right. I might also add that fiction has the added utility of allowing a French writer to advocate more extreme solutions and avoid hate speech laws.
The basic narrative is straightforward enough, if short on details. Sometime in the mid-twenty first century, due to a series of environmental disasters and resource shortages, Europe is plunged into a series of internecine wars. America is gripped in an endless series of race riots and is unable to help. Into this chaos, Russia sends an army of liberators to restore order.
What follows afterwards is reminiscent of the more visceral moments of William Pierce’s Turner Diaries. Native Europeans regain a sense of their identity. A Nietzschean hypermorality is realized. The vast majority of non-whites are summarily liquidated over the course of a few months. The handful of non-white survivors are forcibly shipped en masse to the remote island of Madagascar.
A new European Imperium is created out of the ashes of the Old Europe. Picture an empire with explicit inequality enshrined in law, an agrarian paradise with a small bureaucratic elite lording over a continent of hobbits. Faye is obviously borrowing heavily from the American writer Francis Parker Yockey.
Curiously, Faye is dismissive of America, seeing it as a separate entity—culturally, spiritually, historically—from Europe. Indeed, America is seen as an occupying power, imposing its grotesque lifestyle and values on Europeans. It could even be said that a new European Renaissance requires the death of everything American, including America itself. I sense a certain amount of schadenfreude in Faye when he describes an American continent in a state of mass starvation with race riots in every major city.
But who can blame Faye in wanting to write off America as a lost cause? The white nationalists have a far more nebulous ephemeral definition of identity than their European ancestors (i.e., if a man gets a stamp certifying his whiteness then he is my brother is how your average WN reasons). Then there is the feminism, the patriotards, the rock music, the culture, the greed, the degeneracy, the conservatives… the problems never seem to end.
Faye is dead wrong, however, on the Jewish question. He regards the Jews as a part of the European social fabric and is a rabid supporter of Israel. Just like Jared Taylor, Faye believes that European Jewry will come around to his way of thinking. Indeed, Jews are a well integrated minority in Faye’s Imperium. This is simply unacceptable.
Just as problematic is Faye’s biological concept of a European. It’s clear in his writings that he makes no distinction between North and South, Mediterranean or Nordic, Germanic or Slav. Faye would have you believe that very limited racial mixing has taken place in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Just close your eyes and pretend that all the Europeans living from Lisbon to Vladisvostok are pure White. Of course many white nationalists share this delusion. In Europe, the sand nigger from Malta, Norman Lowell and the Finn, Kai Murros, peddle similar nonsense.
What to make of Faye? I am rather ambivalent here. Not a good writer or a bad writer. His ideas need to be taken with a ton of salt.

On Tom Sunic

There is a distinct dualism in Sunic. An abyss between the radical and respectable that is not easily reconcilable.
There is Sunic as the erudite scholar, translator and academic. His two books Against Democracy and Equality and Homo Americanus are the most eloquent critiques of America from a European New Right perspective I have read. There is a sense of nobility, aristocracy, refinement, taste, beauty and greatness. I must admit that it was Sunic who first introduced me to the potency of National Socialist scholarship; and the importance of incorporating pre-Christian pre-Socratic pagan writings in European consciousness. Fundamentally, I see nothing wrong with him as a writer.
Then there is Sunic as the political imbecile. The man who promotes the path of “non-violence”, of kosher country club reactionary conservatism, of democratic demagoguery, of “taking back” the US, of endless qualifications, of the lowest common denominator, of outright craven cowardice: the American Freedom Party.

On Arthur Kemp

Kemp is the most outspoken public figure I noticed who advocates the desperate Orania-style solution (isolated Aryan outposts) in his book Nova Europa: European Survival Strategies.
Kemp’s solution is only viable if you agree with Alain de Benoist and much of the French New Right (Faye excluded) that it’s far too late to achieve any success through revolutionary party politics; that some sort of political accommodation with the hordes of non-whites now invading Europe like a swarm of locusts will have to be made.
I read the above mentioned book after being very impressed by March of the Titans. I came away bitterly disappointed. He’s actually one of the few men out there who has an accurate view of history yet he won’t fight.

On WN feminists

They accept every single triumph of the left on the woman question as a fait accompli. Covington is a prime example of this.

On Johnson et al

Johnson, Spencer, Sunic and other white nationalists retain traces of conservatism, a belief that a perfect argument exists that can convince Whites to suddenly “wake up”; that the correct presentation of the “facts”, on whatever issue, will make a difference to the wider culture at large; that only ignorance has prevented otherwise decent and level headed Whites from taking action thus far. Hence, the endless multiplication of essays, speeches and conferences. The post-modern radical suffers from a singular blindness: that action and words are the same thing.
The problem with Johnson and others of similar ilk is that they think winning can be done without a drop of blood being spilled. No one needs to dirty his hands by engaging in street politics. No one needs to get hurt. No one needs to die. All that is needed is a quiet infiltration of the existing institutions with men sympathetic to our views, and a bloodless counter-revolution will happen.
White survival can only be properly understood as a war, without any rules of conduct. We are not dealing with an opponent that understands the concept of fair play. There will be no smooth transition of power. Should it not be obvious by now that all pro-white groups active in America are harmless?

On Francis Parker Yockey

Yockey, like Julius Evola, held to a spiritual conception of race which he believed to be more important than the biological. Already in the 30s he observed white Americans behaving like blacks and Jews. He did not object to clever non-whites immigrating to America as long as they assimilated into white society.
Imperium is a clever eloquent mish-mash of Lamark, Spengler, Schmitt, Haushofer, National Socialism, and even trace elements of Catholic Scholasticism. Yockey wanted to “prove” that a “Germanic” European aristocratic element existed within America. He is not your garden variety white nationalist patriotard (hence his popularity), but the book is a failure.
But I agree with you: universalist religions like Christianity have no use for a purely biological conception of race. White Nationalists are deluded in this and Linder is correct that one must choose a side.

On Revilo Oliver

I take two important lessons from Oliver that most white nationalists would do well to heed:
1) A contempt for everything supernatural and conspiratorial. There is no “god” out there looking after the interests of Whites and ready to rescue them at the last moment. There is nothing written on the stars or in the book of life that says Whites must survive. Whites are as beholden to the laws of the universe as all the other animals. And the universe does not know “mercy” when confronted with degeneracy. (Some white nationalists envision a “Mad Max” scenario in which a system collapse presages a mass racial “awakening”. But this assumption is without hard evidence and a mass extinction is just as likely. That is, no political movement can guarantee victory.)
2) A disgust for the ordinary White American, the “ordinary Joe”. Whites are to be saved for sake of the handful who are wise, beautiful, noble, and strong. The white working class has no value apart from the few who are culture creators; they are to be treated as raw material by those who lead. To put it bluntly: most whites are not intellectually or physically impressive.
In my view, white nationalists should see Oliver as a source of inspiration. Will this happen? I highly doubt it.

On women

Reading this article reminds me of a passage written by William G. Simpson in his book, Towards the Rising Sun:

There is hardly one man in a thousand who will not put aside his ideals, his highest vision, everything which for him is God, in order to get the girl he loves or to be able to stay with the girl he has married. Moreover, there are all the ways which the wiles of woman have with a man. Nietzsche said, “Women always intrigue privately against the higher souls of their husbands,” and as a generalization his statement is true. And such must most women be.
For, again speaking generally, the instinct in man is to create, and the instinct in woman is to procreate. She is more physical than man, lives closer to the earth, and, naturally and justly since to her is committed the continuation of the race, once she is with child she is almost certain to be overwhelmed with a veritable tidal wave of sheer biological concern for security. And a reasonable degree of security both she and the child ought to have. And if you as would-be creator feel that you cannot do your work and provide that security, then you had better simply refrain from marrying.

Sadly, the numerous absurdities written by women and their male sycophants in the white nationalist movement to rationalize (encourage) weakness does not inspire much confidence.
A man’s focus is to create. A woman’s focus is to procreate. Nietzsche said, “Practically all problems a woman encounters can be solved by one solution: pregnancy.”
Of course we can imagine outliers or exceptions. Savitri Devi is known to have written: “I cannot love any man that chooses me over his ideals.” But Linder is correct in writing somewhere that such women are one in a hundred thousand…

On overmen

Nietzschean morality requires that superior men surrender all hope of personal gain for the sake of the cause: fame, money, wealth, respectability, hope for an afterlife, even a normal family life if need be. If they can die for the cause, living in penury if need be is mild by comparison. The German Idealists already pointed out that sincere authentic “virtue” requires a man to have no possibility for personal gain. Otherwise, what is the whole point of this struggle if whites merely end up as spiritual semites (inner Jews)?
Very few American Whites grasp this. Pierce and David Lane being the notable exceptions.

9 replies on “Edwin’s arrows”

i like your summary under oliver, and would extend it to all mankind — for some mental contrasting of christian belief.
c.t., if i may ask a personal question??? how deeply do you hold to Nietzschean morality as a guiding light?

Edwin makes good points in all his ‘arrows’ here. I especially like his comments on the way so many WN will not recognize that violence is the only solution. Even Arthur Kemp, who wrote a whole book on the history of the White race, somehow thinks the coming period of history for Whites will enable Whites to survive without the use of violence! There are some things he hasn’t learnt from history. History is written in blood, the course of history is a bloodstained pattern. War is a constant because human nature never changes, war is always the last resort of humans when there is no other option to get their way.
It is not truth and facts that people understand, but fear. They conform to the dominant power out of fear enforced by the threat of violence which the dominant power (the government) has a monopoly over via it’s control over armed force. Obey or be killed is what works, not logical argumentation.
The movement largely believes it can affect lasting change via the endless generation of words, whether through articles, websites, speeches or radio shows etc. Words don’t affect change, violence does. Likewise marches and protests also change nothing. Having white children and killing our enemies are what enable our race to survive, not words and demonstrations. While Aryans are still having Aryan children (in ever declining numbers), there has been very few men of our race who have killed our racial enemies since WW2.
And this relates to Edwin’s last point. There have been very few Whites who have killed our enemies because there is no personal gain in doing so. Whites don’t have an ethos of self-sacrifice for their race. They are not prepared to endure life imprisonment, torture or death for their race. They want to believe it is possible to save their race from the comfort and safety of their own homes, without any personal risk or inconvenience to themselves. It is not. We only get out of this what we are prepared to put on the table and we are prepared to put very little on the table and so to put it frankly we don’t deserve to win until we do.

Well said.
Everyone in this acknowledges that we are facing the complete elimination of our race everywhere on the planet by the end of the century. Not merely the fall of an aryan civilization (which has happened a dozen times) but the extinguishment of a biological species. History ends. Game over.
We are also facing an enemy that has several genocides under its belt already and has proved–in the last century in particular–that there is no limit to what it will do to take and keep power.
In fact, since our last failed rebellion (NS) we have only grown weaker, older and more confused as a race. While our enemies have grown in power everywhere and now outnumber us in many of our own lands.
It stands to reason that we would need something stronger than NS this time round (if we are to win) to compensate for our diminished position. Yet we see the rhetoric softening today. We see less demands being made for sacrifice and courageous action. And when one of our soldiers ACTS WITHOUT PERMISSION our ‘leaders’ shrink, hide their faces and mumble gibberish.
As you say, we have not offered up ourselves fully. Don’t want it bad enough. Our belief isn’t strong enough–yet.
It was clear to me from the beginning that not only did WN rhetoric not stack up to their action in the field but that many who had declared it “futile” had never really put much up at stake. Called it a lost cause before they had actually tried to do much at all.
Wouldn’t such a huge task as saving our species from imminent destruction require all of our selves? All of our energy? All of our commitment?
Reminds me of a BM passage:

“There’s a flawed place in the fabric of your heart. Do you think I could not know? You alone were mutinous. You alone reserved in your soul some corner of clemency for the heathen…only that man who has offered up himself fully to the blood of war…”

I know what is missing in me. I have risked speaking out in public on several occasions, committed some time and money to various projects…but thats about it. For this I have faced some minor social penalties, but I remain generally comfortable. I know what I am doing is not enough and that I could and should do more.
Writers should exist to inform, inspire and poetically praise those who are made of stronger stuff—men who can truly act in the real world. But our thought leaders do not even have the courage to say what needs to be said and the moral certainty in themselves and the cause to hold to it under pressure. No wonder we don’t see more ‘fighting and resisting’. Not only are our masses not behind us, our own ‘leaders’ are not either!
Certainly this needs to change first before anything else can.
This is what I find inspiring:

“In heralding the most widespread massacre, I believe that war is preparing mystical spheres for the apparition of great ideals. Where the charnel house dissolves, joy will be born in from it; where the weight of mortality sinks down, the soul’s freedom will be uplifted. The greater the offering, the greater will be the wonder and the miracle.”

“greater the offering”…Yep you get out what you put in.

Thanks for that excellent reply Blake. Yes, Jews are incredibly ruthless, they should never be underestimated, they are soulless killers which gives them an advantage over us Aryans. Jews will happily genocide us and celebrate our extinction after we are gone. By contrast, many Aryans, in the movement even, cannot bring themselves to genocide the Jews. They propose letting the Jews survive and even giving them their own ethnostate (Israel)! Can you imagine if Jews let us survive and gave us our own ethnostate? It wouldn’t happen.
The Jews will to self-preservation is incredibly strong and adversity only strengthens them. They emerged from WWII stronger than ever and now have a vitality much greater than our own species. So far as we can predict now on the basis of present facts and evidence of what has occured since WWII, Aryans are incapable of coping with such a race and are likely to realize what seems to be a subconscious death-wish, which could be our racial psyche’s perception that our species is biologically obsolete.
In WWII, the Axis had many more white males to fight on their side than we have today and they still lost to other militaries composed of white men. What we don’t have in quantity this time we had better make up for in quality. We need effective tactics to win this war, we need to study war relentlessly. Yet it just isn’t happening. The odds of us surviving are not 50-50, they are more like 92-8 in favour of the Jews. Since 1945 the Jews have been constantly winning. However it is of course not over yet.
Many in the movement wait for things to become uncomfortable so that the Aryan masses ‘wake up’ but my guess is things may never become uncomfortable and this may be a very comfortable extinction we go through. It seems it is easier to not fight, to accept defeat and just live out our species’ final century pleasing ourselves while letting the planet descend into a Third World hell around us. Let us hope enough Aryan Men recover their ancient virtues before it is too late.

‘The odds of us surviving are not 50-50, they are more like 92-8 in favour of the Jews.’

This is only true if no convergence of catastrophes is coming. Even non WN Americans are now seeing that when the music stops, the show begins.
From this POV my estimation is that the window of opportunity for whites that will be opened in this decade will stay open for a century or so (cf. Sebas Ronin), insofar as the first catastrophe converges worldwide with the second, etc.

In the Battle of Okinawa, of the 97k Asiatics, only 7k were captured. On Iwo Jima, out of the 21k soldiers, only 216 were taken prisoner. Those who survived the lost battles and returned home were dispised!
In the Vistula–Oder Offensive, 450k [National Socialist!] Germans were defending the fatherland. Of them, 147k were captured. 147k! Every third German soldier was a coward! In the time when most effort was required for the struggle!
Have Whites ever been killing machines, Cesar? More like pathetic faggots if compared to other races. Maybe, World War 1 scared them or something?
I don’t want to appear as a fan of Asiatics, but I do read about history, and such differences clearly show Westerners as weaker. “Americans are treated as heroes when they return from war, but Japanese are treated as heroes when they die in war.”

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