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On schizo white nationalism

In 2012 I started to type directly from Randel Helms’ book Gospel Fictions for this blog. Recently, at Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents Aedon Cassiel started a series on exactly the same subject and from the same point of view, that we may call ‘mythicism’ (see e.g., here). Even Cassiel himself, after being asked in the comments section if Helms’ approach in analysing the Gospels had influenced him, responded that he was certain that he has read Helms. Since I won’t be adding weekly translations of Karlheinz Deschner’s history of Christianity as I started to do on Saturdays, perhaps this Saturday the anti-Christian reader might find it interesting how the most recent exegesis continues the debunking of the gospel narrative…

But white nationalism is a schizophrenic movement. Most of them want to have it both ways: universalist Christianity and a white-only ethnostate; feminism (cf. Covington’s novels to create the ethnostate) and women having lots of kids within the white republic; they want a takeover of the State but fail to even form a political party. In the specific case of Counter Currents, Andrew Hamilton once said that the webzine that published his articles was ‘schizophrenic’, presumably referring to the fact that he and others reject open homosexuality while the webzine’s editor at the same time publishes homosexualist articles. The list could go on an on. In another of his Counter Currents articles, Cassiel wrote:

So to make it abundantly clear that this argument is posed with no hostility, I’ve decided to collaborate with Christopher Robertson to make this a sort of Bible Week at Counter-Currents. While I publish a discussion of the possibility that Jesus never existed as a historical figure, Robertson will be publishing a sort of Bible study (which he agreed to do by my insistence—I genuinely found it interesting). This way, the overall tone of Counter-Currents won’t be skewed towards either its Christian or non-Christian readers. And I hope that this token of good faith will help defuse any sense of hostility potentially created by this essay.

This is another example of the ‘split personality’ in the movement. I had already noted Johnson’s forked tongue on the subject of Christianity. This is reflected in the fact that his set of values is schizoid too, as can be seen in the first paragraphs of ‘Dies Irae’, the first article of my book Day of Wrath.

But all nationalists are schizophrenic, not only Johnson. Read ‘Dies Irae’ and ask yourself if you’re stuck with Christian ethics, even if you have superficially abandoned the religion of your parents.

The problem is not a peculiar man named Johnson: it’s the country where he was born. In the 1980s I lived at the other side of the Golden Gate where Johnson is currently living (I hated to visit the big city; beautiful Marin County on the other hand had few spics then). I was shocked to see how deeply biblical the country was. Yesterday I watched this video by Steven Anderson.

The first monologues of the video are the best exposé of the Holocaust narrative that I’ve ever watched. Then pastor Anderson—for the first twenty minutes I didn’t know he was a pastor—started to talk about how Jews and Muslims will burn in hell, the fate for all those who reject the Lord Christ, etc.

We can imagine how Americans, if they apostatized from Christianity, could tap the hidden forces of the Aryan psyche. But in a schizophrenic movement that tries to mix water and oil, such as white nationalism, that won’t happen.

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It’s now apparent that you are a full blown anti-white christian schizophrenic leftist loon who likes to mentally masturbate over the thought of white christian western civilization’s eradication. Just another cultural Marxist / liberation theological clown pushing white genocide as social justice. A lot of hot air for other leftist loons. Up your!!!

@ zeitgeist2012:

It’s now apparent to me that you love Jesus more than your own race or even your own family, which is exactly what jewish pervert asked of you:

Matthew 10:37 “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

Luke 14:26: “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.”

I’ve added “@ zeitgeist2012” at the top of your post so that it’s clear you’re referring to him. Hope you don’t mind. Cheers.

Anderson also has another video exposing jews that might be a good red pill for someone stuck in Christianity. He’s good on the jews and very anti-homo. But watch other videos where he’s trying to pull as many mestizos into America as possible. Also, he goes to Africa to help the Christians monkeys there.

It just demonstrates once again that we can’t be allied with Christians just because they accidentally have a healthy position on one or two issues. Indeed, even if they have a healthy outlook on every issue it means they are simply a carrier of a mental disease which will express itself in society at large and keep Aryan values from holding a ruling seat.

So true. My sister is a Christian and, because of the brainwashing from her Christian religion, she approved of her daughter marrying a nigger because that nigger is a Christian.

Christianity is a cancer that is helping to kill so-called whites.

It is a mistake to eliminate the Christian Mythos from the ‘Aryan Canon’.

It actually not merely serves the purpose of our segregation, but redoubles the potential by eliminating the Jewish poison of Christian Fundamentalism from our body politic by definitively defeating it via scripture and scientifically.The key is Christian Identity.

Christian Identity has as much ‘biblical consonance’ as fundamentalism.
Neither can be proved because they are both interpretive, but either definition is seductive without negating the exclusive meme of salvation from sin, the psychological basis of monotheistic religiosity. The essential point is that Cain was the product of intercourse with the devil/serpent and that his ‘seed’ is the Sephardic/Ashkenazi Jew.

It is also scientifically plausible because of the mystery of Rhesus Negative Blood, allowing a distinct genome separate from the rest of humanity, being of Seth’s lineage (Adams 3rd son).I.E. – White People, of which some 15% are Rhesus Negative, when it is virtually unidentifiable in the other races.

Also, an analysis of ‘Jewish’ genes constantly discovers a slew of disease’s, of which the Psychopathology of some 3% of ‘them’ is explained in Lobacewski’s Political Ponerology. The genetic marker is statistically miniscule in whites. These Jew/Edomite/Amalakites infiltrated into the returned Whites to Jerusalem, Seth’s direct bloodline from Babylon, conquering their culture just as the Jews have done to us culminating through the Herodians put in place from Rome. Consequently, Jesus was most definitive when he condemned the corrupted priesthood as the ‘Children of the Devil’.

These facts are the method and methodology to defeat the Liberal credo of human equality and the Fundamentalist/Catholic presumption of ‘salvation’ for all humanity. It would be wise to recall that our Avatar Adolf Hitler identified Christianity as a civilizing influence and the National Socialist movement as a christian force.

There’s no such thing as a civilising force.

You cannot teach or educate a person to have morals. Morality cannot be transmitted.

Cnristianity has no ability to civilise or teach a person how to be moral. As civility & morality are genetic, not intellectual.

Morality is genetic & masculine. A race with an unstable gene pool & inferior damaged genetics, cannot be taught how to be moral & civilised.

I’ve randomly chosen a paragraph to read, and Jehova blessed me with luck, for this part can be easily critiqued from your point.

“God created the different races for his good purpose and pleasure…not yours.”

That is what a passive Christian fag would say. First, you should expand your race at the expense of others. Second, you should eliminate suffering.

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