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Child abuse Day of Wrath (book) Hegel Philosophy Psychiatry

Day of Wrath, 1

In philosophy the concept of alienation appears in the work of German philosophers. Entfremdung for example means “estrangement.” For Hegel alienation and estrangement refer to the moment of beginning to advance in oneself.

Such is my feeling of estrangement, or distance from Spanish speakers, that I stopped blogging in my native language when I realized that people did not leave intelligent comments in my racial blog or my anti-psychiatric blog. In the huge Spanish-speaking metropolis where I live it goes even worse: I do not love a single human being, I just loved my pet.

So in 2009 I started to comment on the forums in English. But it was not long before I began to feel, once again, distanced. In the comments section of Counter Currents for example, Andrew Hamilton once told me that my thinking was unfolding very rapidly. From a normie who knew nothing of the Jewish question, I passed relatively quickly to bicausalism A, then crossed the line to bicausalism B: something that most white nationalists do not like.

To rephrase what Francisco de Quevedo said about time (“el tiempo y yo somos dos”) I could say: humankind and I are two. This is probably because when I discovered the racialist sites, the fearsome spider-robot had already unplugged me from the cable that went from my neck to the Matrix. I mean that, unlike the wisdom accepted in white nationalism, the psychical implications of human childrearing is the most powerful taboo of humanity. Awakening to the Jewish question and the transvaluation of values à la Turner’s Diaries was easy compared to the central taboo of human societies. These latter awakenings—race, Jewish issue and fighting for an ethnic state—were easier than what the robot-spider did, like unplugging the secondary wires that went into Neo’s arms and back.

I think the primary unplug of my nape is what makes me feel an Other compared to humans, especially for the implications of that specific unplugging. What are these implications? Even now, ten years after I finished the first book on the subject, regular visitors of this site have no idea where I come from, nor have they realized what it means to be completely awake in the real world.

In the past, I have translated those texts of my book that give an idea of the trauma model of mental disorders: the model that blames abusive parents instead of the brain of their victims. Those translations, which on the way refute psychiatric pseudoscience, did not make a dent in my readers because what causes the disorders does not interest them. To them I tell you: if you are not unplugged from the central cable, you can never be drained out of the Matrix and see the real world with clean and clear eyes.

But the trauma model is only a prelude to understanding the development of human empathy from prehistory to the contemporary West. And an intrapsychic leap from what I call Neanderthalism to an elevated psychoclass evolves into the 4 words and days of true wrath…

I won’t even try to explain these obscure aphorisms in a blog entry. Rather I will link to the first two chapters of Day of Wrath:

Dies Irae

Why psychiatry is a false science

5 replies on “Day of Wrath, 1”

I wonder who is more schizophrenic – racially-aware people of centuries past that were abused by their parents, or the suicidal Westerners of today who enjoy the best parenting mode in history?

And I can’t even imagine the essence of delusions of those poor Ukrainian and Russian folks that still think they’re in the middle of war between the genocidal Nazis and honourable internationalists in Donbass. They’re like in an insane time capsule, 50-100 mil. Whites.

People are so creative in finding their ways to madness.

That’s one of the subjects I’ve pondered about. In my Los errores de Dios (previously Exterminio) I say that those poor guys and gals diagnosed as schizophrenics actually don’t harm humanity. Today’s western elites on the other hand share a psychosis that’s destroying their most precious treasure, their gene pool.

Psychiatrists don’t attack the latter, only the former. They always side the status quo (e.g., when I was younger psychiatrists considered homosexuality pathological, now they idealise it).

I admit I don’t really know where you are coming from, but I have not been a faithful, regular reader of your posts either, so I ordered your book, Day of Wrath, in the hope to become better informed. “Humankind and I are two” was a phrase that resonated with me.

Thanks, Joey Virgo.

The original verse in Quevedo’s Spanish is “El tiempo y yo somos dos” (Time and I are two).

Welcome to this forum.

Bueno, según mi experiencia personal (limitada), hay pocos que piensan en asuntos de raza dentro del mundo hispanohablante. Lo curioso es que exista más conciencia de raza -en el sentido del prestigio social, por lo menos en Latinoamérica-, pero no conlleva la misma profundidad intelectual que hay en Alt-Right or Fascist English-language sites.

Que yo sepa, este sitio y Alerta Judiada son los únicos españoles que tienen trascendencia y autoridad sobre el tema.

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