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Three-eyed raven, 1

(The Raven almost seemed to be a part of the tree himself, tangled up in the roots as he was. Being stuck in a tree didn’t seem to matter to the old man much as he could consciously leave the body and make observations, and also have retrocognitive visions at will.)

How guilty are whites for their condition is easy to find out if we would only heed the visions of the only American who has written a story about the white race. Elsewhere I have said that in his weekly lectures, William Pierce gave the impression of subscribing to what I call type A bicausalism. But Who We Are, a mental voyage into the past of the white race, gives the strong impression that he was inclined to B type bicausalism.

I have already quoted long excerpts from his book on this site, on the Addenda and in the collection under the cover of the printed book The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. Yesterday it occurred to me that once a week I could comment on certain passages of Who We Are. For example, in the chapter on ancient Greece, Pierce tells us:

And there were also the non-Greek Pelasgians, the Mediterranean aborigines, who occupied the lowest stratum of Greek society and substantially outnumbered the Hellenes in Mycenaean times. As pointed out in the last chapter, the Mycenaean Greeks were influenced culturally by these Mediterraneans—and, as time passed, racially as well.

‘Three-eyed crow’, in the epic fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire, is an honorary title for the rarest paranormal visionary man among the hyperborean visionaries. I chose the title of the Raven for this new series because Pierce was, in my opinion, the mind that saw with greater clairvoyance the past, the present and glimpses of the future of the white race. It’s a real misfortune that Who We Are has not become a bestseller among American racists. That’s because, I believe, what the three-eyed raven saw most white nationalists do not want to see.

We could illustrate it with a scene filmed below the heart tree in Castle Winterfell in the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Sansa Stark left her brother Bran, who inherited the visionary powers of the previous ‘raven’, under the heart tree because of a disturbing revelation: Bran had seen exactly how Sansa looked on her wedding day. He had not been there physically: it was an out-of-body experience of something that actually happened miles away in the real world.

Like Sansa, white nationalists also leave the scene when confronted with a vision by a three-eyed raven. Consider this passage of Who We Are for example:

The Dorians, who had settled in central Greece a few years earlier, proceeded to conquer the Achaeans, occupy the Peloponnesus, and extinguish Mycenaean civilization. But, in so doing, they prepared the way for the rise of a new civilization which would greatly surpass the old one. Displaced Achaeans, Aeolians, and Ionians migrated to new areas, sometimes displacing those people already there and sometimes amalgamating with them.

As we can observe in the forums of white nationalists, they do not want to distinguish between Nordics and Mediterraneans to say openly that there should be no genetic admixture between them. Unlike not only Pierce but also the National Socialists, nordicism scares them. For example, not long ago Greg Johnson, commenting precisely on this chapter, criticised Pierce’s value judgments on a conquest that had exterminationist tones of these mingled Greeks when the nordish Dorians started to migrate southwards. Pierce continues:

The Dorians were blonder than the Achaeans they conquered, but that is only because the Achaeans had been mixing with the Mediterranean aborigines for several centuries before the Dorians arrived; originally the two tribes had been of the same racial composition. But the Achaeans were certainly more civilized than the rude, new arrivals from the north, and it was 400 years before Greece recovered from the cultural shock of the Dorian invasion.

All of these passages from Pierce’s book are duly contextualized in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (available: here). If life permits, next Tuesday I will comment on another passage from the same visionary chapter on Greece coming from the pen of the American Raven.

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In the HBO adaptation, the Three-eyed raven is not so tangled up in the roots. Here, in an out-of-body experience with his pupil, the Raven shows Bran the past (episode “Home”).

When confronted by Jews, niggers, and other third-world mud, why make a big deal about Nordics vs other whites? That’s a reasonable answer from so-called white nationalists in the USA.

I wish there was a better term for us that just “white”, a color. But unfortunately there isn’t a better term at this time, since we in the English-speaking world have all been brainwashed with this term as the descriptor for ourselves.

“When confronted by Jews, niggers, and other third-world mud, why make a big deal about Nordics vs other whites?”

Because unlike Pierce white nationalists are committing racial suicide. Consider Greggy. He wants to grant amnesty to the brown Europeans if their skin colour comes from the distant past (i.e., let’s only expel the recent immigrants).

Greggy in a position of power in Europe, like Jews would destroy the white race. That’s why in my article on ethno-suicidal nationalists I depicted anti-nordicist WNsts as walking on their way to extinction, along with conservatives and liberals.

First of all, what’s so great about Nordics anyway? There are a lot of Nordics in Britain, and that evil country led the war against NS Germany. Also, the German Leader was an Alpine type, and look at his intelligence and accomplishments. You make it sound like the “white race” is nothing without the Nordics.

Look at cuck Sweden, a bunch of Nordics. And another thing, the men of the European sub-races, which includes Nordics and Alpines and other sub-races, typically find their own women the most attractive. For example, I find the narrow, long faces that are common to the Nordic type — an example being Ann Coulter — unattractive. The idea that Nordics are going to be bred out of existence because every male wants their women and find them the most attractive is simply wrong.

Either we European-descended so-called whites survive as a race or we don’t. We need to band together as one large group to survive against the modern-day forces of evil that are working for our replacement/destruction. Thus, the so-called white nationalists in the USA have the right idea, not the wrong idea as you claim, when they don’t focus on the need to preserve Nordics.

So that means that like Johnson you believe that Sicilians, many Greeks and those Iberians who are brownish (remember that many Portuguese miscegenated with blacks) are “whites” like the peoples of the North?

I’m saying that USA whites include many who have heritage from only one of Europe’s sub-races, and more who have heritage from two or more of Europe’s sub-races. For practical purposes, all USA whites need to band together and work as one for our benefit.

The USA whites already have a lot of race-traitors, and lo and behold, a lot of those race-traitors, perhaps the majority of them, have at least some Nordic ancestry. Overall, the Nordics seem to be the biggest race-traitors among the sub-races of Europe, which also makes your exaltation of them somewhat puzzling.

You are conflating two completely different subjects: what Pierce said above and in his book, that happened millennia ago (the subject of my post) with today’s body-snatched Pods.

I don’t know if you have read Pierce, but in his novel he says that millions upon millions of these nordic Pods should be killed in the coming racial wars.

But again the topic of this post is not Pod people but Pierce’s POV about the healthy Dorians vs. the decadent Meds who had been mixing their blood.

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