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Antiochus IV Epiphanes Tom Sunic

On Judaised Americans

My last posts on the Greco-Roman wars against the Jews (here and here) made me wonder… Just compare how pre-Christian Europeans handled the Jewish problem with how, in modern America, the red carpet was rolled out for the Jews since the 19th century in line with the dominant Judeo-Christian, liberal ideology.

As Tom Sunic explained in the very first chapter of Homo Americanus, in the US not a single politician will ever admit that America is a theocratic system with a peculiar political theology. Think of how Donald Trump recently became the first sitting American president to visit Jerusalem’s Western Wall!

If Aryans ever wish to re-establish their own racial sovereignty, they must identify their foe: Judeo-Christian ethics, which pervades even the white nationalist movement. One example will suffice. Greg Johnson has been working on a White Nationalist Manifesto for some time. When he finally publishes and advertises it through the forums, will it contain his “Old Right” bashing favouring an effete Neo-Christian “New Right”?

Whatever the impact of the forthcoming White Nationalist Manifesto among American racists, many of whom are Christians, the US owes its very existence to the Jews. The 17th century reverence for the Old Testament by those naïve, starry-eyed colonisers who imagined a “City on the Hill” comes to mind. “Very early on America’s founding fathers, pioneers, and politicians identified themselves as Jews who had come to the new American Canaan from the pestilence of Europe,” writes Sunic.

After another post on the Jewish-Roman wars, the following Saturdays I’ll be adding passages from Deschner’s Criminal History of Christianity describing how the Early Church dealt with the Jews. Despite their rabid anti-Semitism, early theologians did not push for those pagan attempts to solve the Jewish problem once and for all.

Certainly, unlike the US, in anti-Semitic Christendom the Jews were not revered, but they were tolerated. Those early theologians that I’ll be quoting on Saturdays are similar to the white nationalists of today: much barking but no bites. This is why, unlike National Socialism, white nationalism won’t ever work. Whites must transvalue “New Right” values back to “Old Right” values!

Antiochus’ war (167-164 BCE)

“He ordered his soldiers to cut down without mercy those whom they met and to slay those who took refuge in their houses. There was a massacre of young and old, a killing of women and children, a slaughter of virgins and infants. In the space of three days, eighty thousand were lost, forty thousand meeting a violent death, and the same number being sold into slavery.” —2 Maccabees, 5:11–14.

The siege of Jerusalem (63 BCE)

Jews were massacred by invading Romans. The event marked the end of Jewish independence.

The Samaritan Revolt (36 CE)

The Samaritans rebelled against the Romans. The rebels were ruthlessly massacred by order of the Roman Procurator.

The First Jewish-Roman War (66-73 CE)

Jews were massacred by Romans throughout the war; 97,000 enslaved. It was the first of three major Jewish revolts against the Romans. It resulted in the destruction of the Holy Temple and a devastating depopulation of the Jewish population as the massacre wiped out a large percentage of their population. (Again, compare Titus’ deeds with what Donald Trump did a couple of months ago in what remains of that temple.)

Bar Kokhba revolt (132-136 CE)

Decisive Roman victory. The Romans enslaved many Jews of Judaea, massacred many Jews, suppressed Jewish religious and political authority, banned Jews from Jerusalem, and renamed and merged Judaea into the Syrian Palestine province. The war meant another devastating depopulation of the Jewish population.

If white nationalists, so overwhelmed by Judeo-Christian ethics, are not committing ethnic suicide how do you explain that they are not celebrating such victories?

8 replies on “On Judaised Americans”

White protestant America does not owe its existence to anyone but to the Hebrew God and his only begotten. White protestant America was built upon the blood of the christian protestants who came here in spite of the murderous efforts of the Jew/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity that was trying to eradicate us all for hundreds of years through various forms of inquisition and their pretentious genocidal wars of attrition that are still taking place today to further rob and eradicate our white christian western civilization. the Jewish Frankfurt school of multi-cultural Marxism and its sister beast the Jesuit’s Freudian Tavistock institute of mental warfare has infiltrated and saturated our white protestant institutions and nations using their cultural Marxism/liberation theology within our media, schools, churches, economic establishments, sociopolitical institutions, mass dark pagan/heathen enemy invasions, and dark heathen race mixing or self-eradication theology = Leftist white christian genocidal social justice. Secularism and relativism is just re-wrapped paganism/heathenism straight from ancient kabbalist Babylon. White protestants are on the Jew/Jesuit Bolshevik hit list and have been wiped out along with the white catholic population from with the Sephardi crypto-Jew Jesuit controlled Latin universal church. The white race is now down to around 8% of global population and declining. Headed towards the endangered species list. No reservations for us I’m afraid.

Possibly…The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches…Lasha Darkmoon…

I find it amazing that over 100 million mostly white protestants died by Spanish Sephardi inquisitionists, Muslim pirates, and Jew slave traders and little is said. Over two hungered million whites killed in world wars and are still be eradicated today. The holohoax is just that. American Indians now trying to hijack the white genocide numbers. Crazy is just crazy.

>Worshiping a Jew on a stick

Keep pretending you aren’t practicing a bastardized version of a Semitic cult that draws in the low (see Negroes and the overall anti-intellectual habit of America) and encourages weakening society (see the long-running Christian hostility to infanticide and other methods of population quality control). The early Church even had Ethiopians in its roster.

Let’s face it. No White group has ever dealt the correct way with jews. Not the Romans, not NS Germany, and definitely not the church. Until we throw off the historical kid gloves and exterminate this parasite down to the last zygote the threat to our racial survival from it will always resurface. The future Aryan generation that accomplishes this goal without the least bit of hand-wringing moralism or compunction shall emerge as the true gods of our race.

PS-love your radio shows along with this blog, Cesar. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

The point is that if a final solution is going to be reached, we better start celebrating those historical events—at least in the WN forums.

Lillith and Rh negative blood. Study those things. Rh negatives stem from Lillith who defied submission to Jewish male authority

As long as we are not carrying out the final solution, we are wasting time and only passing the responsibility to a future generation of Aryans. Jews are deadly serious about White Genocide and we should be equally serious about the genocide of the Jews,

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