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Alex Linder on Christianity

The spiritual universalism in christ-insanity and the political universalism in the Enlightenment are both examples of hubris.

The last thing we need is more politeness, more gentlemen, more codespeaking male swells with soft hands and gentle words. These are the men who will regain us our White sovereignty? The South isn’t ideological or fanatical? Quite right. And that lack of impersonal, principled ideological fanaticism is precisely why it loses.

Fanatical ideology requires brains, dedication, perseverance, unwillingness to give up—the sort of thing we see in winners, not Southerners. Southern culture can be called conservative, but another word for conservative is just plain dumb. You believe what you’re told. You go to church. You respect authority. You know your place. The South doesn’t even have the brains to see that eventually demographic decline will insure there are no whites left in the South, and that means no South. Naw, suh, we got ouah niggers under control.

The hell you do.

Fanatical dedication and ideological rigor are sine qua non in defeating the jew. And you can’t get those qualities at Piggly Wiggly.

Nothing Is More Moral Than Race War. Nature demands it, and any subspecies that is unfit to acknowledge that demand will rightfully be erased from the pages of history.

I’ve never understood why WN [white nationalists] who remain stupid christians don’t pick up on this and run with it.

An Aryan baby… Naive, naked, defenseless—that is the Christian ideal itself. Lest ye be as children and all that.

That’s why the jews always win.

Christian “love” is a disorder, and our social order today reflects that disorder. They are System conservatives—our enemy, not our ally, not us.

You all can cry and cavil till the last chili bean is farted back to jebus, but it won’t change the fact that christ-insanity has not a goddam fucking thing to do with our race except give it an upset stomach from too many sleeping pills.

Christ-insanity is not conservative, it is liberalism itself.

How funny is it that the tryhards on the pallid right defend endlessly “what joe calls” the local and traditional, yet when it comes to religion, why, no local and traditional gods for them!, no siree. They go big, when it comes to gods, by god. They go general. Catholic. Universal. And the contradiction never even makes an appearance in their waking consciousness.

Christianity is not conservative, christianity is universal—abstract, liberal, ideological. That makes it intrinsically anti-White, because it forbids the spiritual aspect, as well as the racial aspect, of Whiteness from being identified, which in turn prevents it from being preserved.

Consider this commentary culled from a poster off some blog:

I know of a Catholic family, that produced two amazing little White boys. Their Priest told the congregation to Go Forth and Multiply with Guatemalan orphans. So they did. They adopted a Guatemalan female toddler Orc in. The mother can’t stand this child. The kid is not terribly bright—but extremely aggressive.

So—Haughty Blonde ran into this family a few months ago. What have they done now? Why—they adopted a Somalian!

This is not merely crazy – it’s evil.

It’s not about White self-loathing, or “White guilt”. It’s about White arrogance, and egoism. These “Liberal/Conservative” Yankee Christian-baptised Whites really truly believe that if they try hard enough, and they give enough—they can “crack the code”—and get Blacks and other non-Whites to be just like them. White.

It’s now Revealed Wisdom with my fellow PA Whites that the very worst, deepest Sin is to consider the possibility that racial differences exist and are real. They are perfectly virtuous because they refuse to admit, or even consider, for a single second, that racial differences even exist.

And that God knows, in their hearts, that they really really really don’t mind when that kind-of trashy fast-mouthed Black Boy paws heir pretty blonde daughter—scause that would be wrong. That would be racist.


Yeah, no, this kind of creature we must walk on eggshells around. It would be crazy to treat them as the open enemy they are, we must pretend they’re on our side and suck up to them.

It’s later than some of you think.

Your point above [a commenter at Majority Rights, Silver] is the same fallacy we hear from the christ lunatics claiming their cult is pro white because whites lived along in harmony for centuries under christian dominion. If those whites conquered the continent for racial reasons, then, those racial principles would have preserved the conquest. Instead, those racists forgot everything Silver lies they knew, and quickly lost the continent back to jew-led savages. So clearly the original Americans were not racialists in any other than a direct, immediate sense—i.e., fight off the scalping indians next door. There was never enough thinking put into race in any section of the country, and that, combined with christian lunatical universalism, and the later influx of anti-white communist jews, sealed the deal for anti-Whiteism.

No future in Republicans. No future in conservatism.

Make this your mantra: If it’s christian, conservative or Southern, it’s a non-starter.

That’s the truth.

35 replies on “Alex Linder on Christianity”

Christianity, except Dual Seedline Christian Identity, is incompatible with WN. But so is every memeplex that puts its own propagation above genetic interests, like Militant Atheism of the Dawkins variety. I think the tension between genes and memes is here to stay.

What is Alex Linder’s opinion of Dual Seedline Christian Identity? Does he agree that it’s compatible with WN?

Ward Kendall and Columnist: I dunno. But they’re a tiny minority among the Christians, aren’t they? Christianity is dying and I’d not bother to rescue it. Nietzsche felt that insofar as Christianity is falling it should not be rescued, but rather he says “what is falling that one should also push”.

If those whites conquered the continent for racial reasons, then, those racial principles would have preserved the conquest. Instead…

This reminds me very strongly the beginning of the post that has received most comments here, Fuck Christianity!, where I wrote: “Last year I lost an internet friend, the Catholic administrator of the paleoconservative site La Sexta Redoma: a Spaniard who, when I confessed that I had just rejected one of such marriage proposals, commented: ‘But you would have whitened her descendants. That is what Spaniards did in the XVI – XVIII [centuries] in Mexico…’”

The same “friend” told me by email that recently he had attended Mass in Switzerland and that it was very moving to see peoples of all colors and ethnicities united in the universal church.

Now I see how blind I was not long ago in believing that traditional Spaniards could be friends or allies in this fight against white extermination.

Last time I was in Spain, in 2009, it shocked me to see that Spanish women were importing Asian babies because they were too lazy to undergo the pains of childbirth.

Spanish-speaking whites are beyond repair. That’s why I am utterly alone in the fucking country where I’m living at the moment. As I said in my last post of my blog in Spanish, “España y Latinoamérica—bye bye”.

“Christianity, except Dual Seedline Christian Identity, is incompatible with WN.”

Christian Identity is compatible with WN (which is normal; it is a sect that was tailored precisely to do that), but it is still incompatible with the idea of eugenics.

Eugenics which are simply a necessity in an industrial and prosperous society.

I live in Western Europe; sure, Negroes and Negroids (such as Arabs) are a problem, but subhuman White trash just as much.

More than a year ago I posted an innocent comment (innocent to my mind) about the Third Reich’s euthanizing of children with Down Syndrome at an “anti-Semitic” blog. They were dismayed. One of them, who fancies himself a Nazi sympathizer, called my proposition “monstrous” and stated in another blog, Occidental Dissent, that I was a completely confused man who rejects abortion but at the same time accepts the infanticide of defectives. (Incidentally, these guys deny that both the euthanizing program and the holocaust happened and freak out when someone dares to say that the Jews were indeed genocided in WW2.)

I didn’t understand why they were dismayed until I realized recently that most WNists are still living under Christian meta-ethics, which proclaims the sanctity of each individual’s life: even the sanctity of defectives that are a perennial burden to their families. These anti-Semitic nationalists are clueless about what the Nietzschean dictum of “tranvaluating all values” really means. They still live under the Christian, or perhaps I should say secular Christian, sky.

This is what it means, buddies!: That I give a fuck about whether the “Holocaust” happened or not. It means that there are no rules to achieve white survival: we just do what we have to do.

If we have to kill 5 people to save the white race from extinction, we kill 5 people. Great! Almost no blood got spilled out in the civil wars! However, if in the coming race wars it turns that we have to kill 5 billion people to save whites from extinction, we kill 5 billion. Quantity is completely irrelevant: Only total victory matters.

I don’t want to talk anymore to soft WNists until the civil war starts. Most WNists are pussycats, as Linder correctly saw. They are mere reactionaries, not real revolutionaries willing to sell their souls to Satan himself in order to achieve racial preservation.

I think the biggest problem with Christianity is the one which prevented it from dealing appropriately with the Jewish problem when the chance was present: men are first seen as converts and potential converts, then seen as good Christians and bad Christians. Never as friend/foe, superior/inferior, smarter/dumber, white/negro, etc.

The attitude of Isabella The Catholic and Torquemada towards Jews is pretty eloquent in this matter. They were asked to convert or leave.

But the attitude of Isabella and Torquemada screwed this side of the continent, as I show in the article “Fuck Christianity!” linked above.

Polygamy is eugenic. Monogamy is part of Christian meta-ethics. Ashkenazi Jews are a mostly White people with the wrong Y-chromosome. Therefore, it is not surprising that Jewish HETEROSEXUAL MALES are the most inimical to Whites. Cultural Marxism is about eliminating White men, and taking their women. Do you get my drift?

Now, you may or you may not agree with Alex Linder, but he asks the only question that is worth asking:

Pro-White movements have horribly and utterly failed since 1945. Everything was a disaster, on all continents. Why?

When something doesn’t work the way it was expected, it is mandatory to check your premises.

I’m under the persistent impression that pro-White movements never checked their post-1945 premises, which are, summarized in the simplest way:

– The White masses can be won over through logical arguing

– The White masses can be won over through emotional arguing, but without access to the mass medias

– We will take back our countries in a glorious racial war

– We will take back our countries via following survival courses and being ready for “D Day”

All these premises are wrong. The first one is wrong because in a given country, only a very tiny minority is ever interested enough by concepts such as scientific truth or cold facts to go against the tide, their moral sense and their religion. That was true in the 1920s, it is even more true today after 60 years of dysgenism.The second one is wrong because the Jews and their lackeys have locked down the system after WWII to prevent any re-edition of the Hitler success story. As Linder said, you need TV. The third and fourth ones, which have been notably embraced by the Stormfront community, are probably the dumbest. History teaches us that countries and civilizations never die with a bang; they die slowly and silently, when one generation is replaced by another. Take Lebanon and South Africa, the most recent examples of “when whitey disappears”: where was the revolt, the civil war, the racial war, the coups, the blood, the separatism? Where was the fanatical resistance we were promised? Besides a few skirmishes with no tomorrow, nothing. So can you imagine the Stormfront rednecks and Southerner survivalists doing something better? How could they even seize power anywhere without a leader, a project, grey matter, and a capable military force? They couldn’t even take control of a taco stand if they wanted to.

No, the only way out for the few racially conscious Whites who remain today, after the disaster of WWII, is separatism. Economic or political separatism. Anybody who persists in living as a good citizen in a hostile country while having illusions of grandeur about taking back anything is a fool who will end up like the Apache and Iroquois did.

After the fact separatism being the only way out is established, we can begin working on serious hypotheses and projects. Not before.

Finally, some good words from Igor Alexander:

The impression I get from poking my head around there every once in a blue moon is that Stormcunt exists primarily to enable David Duke and his pals to milk money out of well-meaning but gullible supporters.

I am not very much familiar with Stormfront, but today they seemed to have deleted a thread that linked to this site.

And I agree with separatism: that’s why both O’Meara and Covington appear in my list of featured articles.

Stormfront could deserve an individual and lengthy criticism, but I use it here as a symbol of the current American WN movement: retarded, disorganized, incapable of results, and full of crypto-feminists, christian traditionalists and survivalists.

“And I agree with separatism: that’s why both O’Meara and Covington appear in my list of featured articles.”

I’ve discovered the North-West Front project via your very blog: interesting, though I have a few reservations about it. The biggest being that if it takes off, it will catch the attention of States and international organizations more powerful than you. You will have to fight for your survival, like Israel did, and unless you have the Bomb the United Nations do-gooders will very soon be on your soil, liberating the children from evil racists.

But… you have to consider that the dollar will crash in the near future. Only then will whites start to become conscious, and revolution… feasible.

I don´t think that christianity is equivalent to white race extinction. Ok it depends on what one understands by christianity. Let me put it as: the idea of love; emphasizing love over confrontation.
My claim is: from such a thinking does NOT follow race-blindness. It can with no problem follow: race-awareness, and wishing all people well.

That means: we Arians can keep our mental framework. We Arians are by nature friendly, lightful, loving: an ideology of love IS the right ideology for us. It is pivotal to have it clear that this is not in contradiction to our racial preservation!

Wishing the other well does NOT require suicide. That´s self-evident. Much rather it has to be proven why from openness and friendlyness follows an obligation to self-extinction.

All the liberal = christian values are good, and fit to our arian race: openness, fairness, helpfulness, friendlyness etc..

So that means: we can very easily claim all the liberal movement FOR US, and combine it with no logical friction with our racial preservation.

I would lke to point out that IMO the idea of giving, sharing, of being open, is a spiritual, energetical principle that is true. It is a quality within the world and the human mind that needs to be respected. And much more: it is the solution to the problem of the aporia of power: i.e. the winner-takes-all-problem, according to which in the struggle for power, only one person can succeed, requiring the eventual extinction of any potential adversary, leading to terminal paranoia (Stalin, purges). What is the way out of lethal competition and confrontation?: the principle of giving. “Bear the burden of your fellow man”: the strong serveth the weak.

Ok: does that not end in: dysgenics, and the triumph of the parasite? No. 1)because it´s the duty of the strong to not let that happen: this is not performed presently; 2)because, and that´s pivotal again: because the effect of love in action TRANSFORMS things. Transforms the recipient.

What is pointed out here is: a conflict theory; a way of dealing with conflicts: and in a paradox way. Because the rational approach says, the stronger pushes through his interest with force. Result is eternal revenge-wars. The principle of serving leads to an end of that circle. Yet it does not mean dysfunctionality and selection of the unfit: maybe the inferior simply more easily accepts that fact. But… and now I´m really pushing it for anti-esoteric Chechar 😉 … maybe with the effect of loving energy, something new is created. We deal with competition for resources. Well: didn´t capitalism increase the number of goods in an unimagineable way? That might be an example of how conflicts for resources can be dealt with in an UNPREDICTABLE way: because something new is created. Love means creativity, creation… something along these lines….

Like I often say… we don´t have too much freemarket economy (in truth it´s crony capitalism, not free market economy) but too little free market economy… I also say: we don´t have too much christian behavior but too little: as, right as with free market economy, it´s a mere label fraud: we don´t have free market economy which would be good but we have a totally oligarch (read: jew)-controlled world. And equally: our countries are not christian but… bastard-christian. Label says christian and some components seem to be christian, distant resemblance: but it is not the arian-christian idea of love, giving, serving in responsability but simply a decadent pseudo-christianity corrupted by Jews-Oligarchs, probably since 400 A.D.. rough estimate, when this Julian-emperor left stage, say, then the new arian movement of love was firmly corrupted by nonsense and crapthinking (by BS…. BS being the expression to denominate jewish academic production: corrupt, and just one thing: jewish self-serving).

“All the liberal = christian values are good, and fit to our arian race: openness, fairness, helpfulness, friendlyness etc..”

If you want to look at the consequences of christian values, look out the windows. That’s the simplest answer I could come up with 😉

Panina: I do not see why the principles that I pointed of… of letting energy flow, of being giving, serving, etc.: why that obliges me to self-extinction.

My claim is that the basic idea of Christianity, i.e. that what people intuitively grasp as being christian: is the idea of love. All the other stuff doesn´t interest anybody. We Arians feel the attraction of the idea of love to us, that´s all. That´s what is understood by Christianity, and why it is popular among Arians.

So if I have a ´groid in need before me: I can well be supportive to him. And then ask him to travel back to the land of his ancestors. As, while I appreciate guests and am open to all cultures, why does it mean to have him live on my land? Using my resources? Why does being supportive mean: handing over my possession, or much rather, my capital (i.e. my territory, the base of my future possession)? The answer is: that does not follow at all from a loving attitude. It is a mere NON-SEQUITUR, hidden behind 1 million pages of theological BS, intended to blind the guileless so that he cannot see through the BS anymore and subscribing to the BS because he thinks he has to because he liked the basic idea of love. That´s the fraud that is happening, We have to become conscious about this and stop falling for the non-sequitur but getting back to the correct consequence: being clear about our interests, just like any normal person is. No rocket-science at all, very basic stuff.

So what I´m saying is that we are fed with a false Christianity. What is taken for Christianity: our arian friendlyness, is fraught with a ton of BS to be harmful to us: the jewish influence, dominant since ca. 400 A.D.
So when you say look out the window and see the consequences of Christianity, I may say: yes if it refers to our wonderful architecture (expression of our arian mind, just as the ideology of love, i.e. true Christianity), and certainly no WRT brown inundation which is the consequence of the jewish corruption of our original ideology.

False Christianity, that seems to me the right way to describe it. BTW Jesus has repudiated most of these Christinsane movements already. You have an obligation to test them, and not swallow whole everything they say as Gospel truth-this includes the Roman Catholic Church.

The real problem all these Judeo-Christian movements have is: how do they prevent malignant, malevolent, malicious socially toxic people from infiltrating their churches and perverting their dogma, practices and establishing racially harmful beliefs?

Or in other words; a splash of water doesn’t make a Jew a Christian. The RCC believes otherwise.

I’ve read that part of that book you’ve asked me too.

I have to add that IMO Jesus was an Arain, see what he is always depicted as, and that all the Old Testament-stuff in Christianity, all the jewish stuff, is simply the result of PAULINISM: Pauls jewish corruption of the arian Jesus´ new way.

I.e. the Old Testament doesn´t belong to Christianity.

Also a very simple formula for the correct application of Christianity is that all the moral behavior applies primarily to our kinsmen and only in second place to non-kinsmen. It´s an inner-people moral in the first place.
That´s normally self-evident; yet… it was perverted, by the already then-dominant class of Oligarchs / Jews-dealers and merchants, in order to open up every group to their presence, to being treated as equal, to be granted the same rights etc.: THAT is the reason for universalism: for the caste of dealers to have their way on the whole globe with as little complication as possible; and to install the idea that it´s normal that 1 rule is imposed upon all… because that greatly facilitates their business.

Other than that, there is no reason for universalism. Or… ok…: I´m gladly universal in my openness and friendlyness. Just that that, as pointed out, of-course doesn´t mean that I commit suicide. Why would I? Whence does that follow? It´s completely bogus, and if anything, THAT needs to be explaiend: why I am obliged to suicide. Not my reluctance to kill myself.

We should use religion against our opponents. Unless Jews, Sunni Muslims and Shi’a Muslims convert to a fourth religion, they will destroy themselves, and likely the earth with them. We should supply them with that fourth religion.

“I have to add that IMO Jesus was an Arain, see what he is always depicted as…”

And today he is depicted as a black-haired, swarthy, squat individual, indicating that Jesus Christ will become whatever image a given society wants Him to be – past, present, or future.

As for the Biblical Jesus, I do have a question: during his lifetime, was He ever seen by any European whites? I had not heard that He had, so I’m skeptical that He was of European appearance, since there are no European eyewitnesses as to His physical attributes.

Personally, I believe Jesus Christ was a Jew, with the appearance of the typical Jew who lived in Judea of two thousand years ago. Even so, this continued effort to make Him look like Fabio when he almost certainly looked like a ragged-haired Dustin Hoffman is a dead-end street, as far as ever coming to any positive gain for the WN cause.

There’s a really enjoyable audio on Majority Rights where Linder discusses Christianity with ‘guessedworker’.

Alex is a good writer and all that but he’s a whole different animal when it comes to radio/ podcast. Those 7 hour podcasts go by like they’re nothing at all!

He’s a tremendous talent. How’s his health these days, do you know?

I’ve not heard that one. How did I miss that? Alex & Soren Renner… should be interesting. The one I mentioned is 3rd from the bottom on page 2 on the Majority Rights Radio section

“Alex Linder interviewed by GW

A long and winding conversation, as much as an interview, with Alex Linder. One hour seventeen minutes long, in fact. File size 35.2MB.”

Was that interview the one in which Linder proposed performing human sacrifices among the elites (!) in the coming ethnostate to show that government affairs were serious business?

“Chechar: Was that interview the one in which Linder proposed performing human sacrifices among the elites (!) in the coming ethnostate to show that government affairs were serious business?”

Yeh, that’s the one.

Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers has the same sort of idea. It mkes a lot of sense to me.

“Dual Seedline Christian Identity”

You Christ-tards never stop churning out bullshit do you?

If the repulsive turd isn’t coated in gold then you must coat it in silver, or platinum, or even bronze, but the turd itself is never the problem is it?

If you believe a dead Jew on a stick is the salvation of the Aryan race then you are NOT on our side.

In Europe, they should introduce laws to make circumcision mandatory for males. Poland has far lower birthrates than the Philippines, despite having the same religion and morality legislation (no abortion etc.).

VNN once had a thread where someone stated that the circumcized men of America had more white children than the uncircumcized men of Europe and that that should close the case.

This isn’t surprising because in “The Meme Machine”, page 135, we read: “circumcision makes masturbation more difficult, but not vaginal sex”.

Seleucids tried to ban circumcision, Ptolemaics didn’t try to ban clitoridectomy.
According to Herodotus, both surgeries were invented by Egyptians.

Antiochus Epiphanes was defeated by forcibly circumcizing captured soldiers. And the Allies are rumored to have used the same trick against German captives.

Antiochus Epiphanes had to kill Jewish mothers, not jewish fathers, suggesting that the women liked it very much, but the men somewhat agreed with the Greeks, and wanted to get rid of it. Look at the http://www.balder.org blog for the recent controvery in Denmark, with many important women in favor of circumcision and a Jewish man not liking his circumcision.

That practice is child abuse pure and simple. Obviously you haven’t read even the translated chapter of my book. If I were in power I’d take to concentration camps those who practice it.

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