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Apocalypse for whites • XXI

by Evropa Soberana   Second Jewish-Roman War: The Rebellion of the Diaspora or Kitos War ‘The Jews, overwhelmed by a spirit of rebellion, rise up against their Greek fellow citizens’. — Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History   This section will deal with the Jewish revenge on the Greeks and Romans for the destruction of the Second Temple.…

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The face of Classical Europe (II)

Were the Romans blond and blue-eyed?   Translated from Evropa Soberana   Recently I was called names on VNN forum as a result of my criticism of anti-Nordicism in my previous post. Isn’t it ironic that the signature-legend of VNN’s admin states that the Jews must be exterminated while, at the same time, some of…

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Who We Are, 16

The following is my abridgement of chapter 16 of William Pierce’s history of the white race, Who We Are: Death Struggle Between Germany and Rome Decided Fate of White Race Hermann Was Savior of Europe & White Race   Julius Caesar’s conquest of all the Celts and Germans west of the Rhine and his punitive…

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