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Apocalypse for whites • XI

by Evropa Soberana   Herod the Great Augustus (born Gaius Octavius), successor of Julius Caesar at the head of the Roman Empire, appointed Herod, son of Antipater, as king of Judea, and financed his army with Roman money. Herod was a capable, brutal, competent and unscrupulous leader (he practically dispatched his entire family), as well…

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The face of Classical Europe (II)

Were the Romans blond and blue-eyed?   Translated from Evropa Soberana   Recently I was called names on VNN forum as a result of my criticism of anti-Nordicism in my previous post. Isn’t it ironic that the signature-legend of VNN’s admin states that the Jews must be exterminated while, at the same time, some of…

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Who We Are, 13

The following is my abridgement of chapter 13 of William Pierce’s history of the white race, Who We Are: Nordic Virtues Led Romans to World Domination Etruscan Kings Paved Way for Rome’s Fall Levantines, Decadence, Capitalism Sank Rome   Today, when we speak of “Latins,” we reflexively think of short, swarthy, excitable people who are…

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