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Feminized western males Hate Mauricio (commenter) Racial right

Greg Johnson: racial traitor

by Mauricio


You don’t consider Johnson an enemy of the White race?

Would you take less umbrage if I labeled him ‘Traitor’?

He’s a homosexual.

He never commended Hitler, Himmler, the SS or National Socialism.

He chastises William Pierce and his books.

He refrains from promoting hatred against non-Whites; in fact, he downright denouces hatred and racism.

It’s one thing to abstain from promoting violence; one risks losing their platform / job / get doxxed / get arrested. But denouncing hatred is going against Umwertung aller Wertes.

Some might call Greggy ‘a stepping stone’ for crossing the axiological Rubicon. I think he’s ‘a stepping on a nail’ – you waste time, you continue to suffer.

It’s preachers like him that are slowing down the transition of Happy Mode into Angry Mode, by promoting schizo double-think like ‘I hate other groups because of multiculturalism… I don’t want to hate other groups’.

He’s siphoning money from would-be racist whites. He’s siphoning awakening Whites’ time with his bullshit articles. He’s siphoning White Hatred away.

Without Hate, we are defeated. And the first targets of our Hate should be White traitors who stifle our Hate.

7 replies on “Greg Johnson: racial traitor”

Greg also blocked me on GAB. He posted an exhortation for his followers to get the m-RNA poison jab. “Come on; follow the herd. Be like every one else…”. Those weren’t the exact words he used – but that was what he was SAYING. I was outraged and furious. I let him HAVE it. He never responded. He just blocked me. I asked who paid to try to get
Whites to kill themselves. He’s an aging homosexual grifting for as much money as he can grab. Loathesome.

Hello Mauricio: I have just read your message. Obviously, you know this man much better than I do and, of course, I believe you. As I said before I have read next to nothing from him and obviously what I read wasn’t bad. My favourable impression about him came from a couple of good articles (written by someone else) in “Counter-Currents”. I thought, well these people seem OK, they are against multiculturalism, racial mixing, cultural Marxism. Therefore I thought he was a good guy. Obviously, I was wrong.

Over the last 48hs, I visited “Counter-Currents” and went through many of their recent articles. With a few exceptions, they are all useless, written by pretentious middle-class idiots who are terrified of mentioning the f… Jews. This reminded me of an article written by John Kaminski, “The Hitler Test”, there John makes it clear, anyone who speaks ill of Adolf Hitler is our enemy. As simple as that!

Have a good day

Thank you very much for this information. I heard about both of them, in fact, Andrew Hamilton is a contributor to the excellent website of the National Alliance. I don’t know about Michael O’Meara but, thanks to Metapedia I have just found a link to his old articles kept in the archives of Counter-Currents.

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