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Racial right

AmRen’s BS

I recently quoted to Claudius the following sentence from Saturday’s article in American Renaissance:

Violence or shrillness will never convince white people who may well have doubts about blacks but think it is immoral to be ‘racist’. Talking about ‘Jews’ as the source of the problem smacks of Nazism—another violent movement that did us great harm.

You can pass up such bullshit once or twice since Taylor is quite reluctant to become wise about the JQ. But yesterday AmRen published another article speculating on the Great War as the primary aetiology of Western decline, considering Christianity as a bulwark for Western mental health. (Long before Christianity became ‘corrupted’, the Europeans had already committed miscegenation on a gigantic scale in the American continent.)

One of the reasons I will continue to translate my chess book into English for this site is that I need escapism from white nationalism, race realism or whatever you call it. The Americans’ religious obstinacy is exasperating, unable to see their parents’ religion as the number one cause of their racial misfortune.

I’m not even going to repeat what I’ve said ad nauseam about Christian ethics, which includes the mixing of blood that the Iberians perpetrated here. It’s more than explained in the books that appear on the sidebar. But it exasperates me to see that these American racialists can’t advance a single micron in their quest for an accurate diagnosis of white decline, despite the fact that all the historical facts (see my sticky post) scream in unison about who’s to blame.

So I’ll keep writing about chess. No more Jared. No more Greggy. No more bile secreted when I see paragraphs like the one quoted above…

13 replies on “AmRen’s BS”

Very well said CT. I fully share your feelings and ideas. I am sick and tired of the imbecility (there is no other explanation) of most Whites, (which by the way, deserve to die) and especially of those who claimed to be “White Nationalists”, a name that I never liked because of its vagueness.

Let’s face it, we can only count on those who are fully aware of the mortal danger represented by the Jews and Christianity and hate them accordingly. We should wage war against them with the same harshness/cruelty that they employ against us.

I think it would be better to consider these unaware Whites as victims of the jews, as we all are more or less, rather than enemies – nobody was born knowing about the JQ, and we were all “normies” once – in other words, in the term du jour, let’s not victim blame (excluding all grifters who should know better…)

JT would fall into the grifter category, though he has also done good work, eg re race and iq. In other words, I exclude judas goats who are misleading the normies. The normies themselves need our understanding.

You should familiarize yourself with the POV of this site. It is not a WN site. And I disagree with the WNsts insofar as I believe that the whites themselves are the intellectual authors of their misfortune.

I would suggest that you read The Fair Race—whose PDF (or link to obtain the printed book) appears on the sidebar—before commenting here.

I am sorry “siegheil” but I am sick of people making excuses for losers or traitors. Have you said this 50 years ago I may have agreed with you, but nowadays there is NO excuse to be ignorant about the lethal threat represented by the Jews, nor the blatant cultural and ethnic White genocide.

Therefore the Whites who do not share our vision are: A) Ignorant bastards who do not care for their race. They don’t want to know anything about it. B) Cowards who do know what is going on, but do not dare to speak up. C) Brainwashed traitors, fully aligned with our enemies. The first ones do not have any excuses because there is something called the Internet. The other two groups do not have any excuses and deserve no mercy.

In my experience with the few whites I’ve interacted with in Mexico, even most of my phenotypically Criollo relatives, what best describes them is what you say in C.

With the exception of Southern Dingo and Larry Ridgeway – the Dixie White male alleged advocates are the most craven, greedy, cowardly bunch of grifters in America. I could post a list of names – but I’m certain I don’t have to. They’d rather blame “Yankees” for all of their woes, instead of the Jews that are causing all the persecution and horror.

Recently I was reading one American personality who speaks about the moral failings and biased standards enforced by the US government, all seemed OK, then they started accusing one of their enemies of been a “racist”……

I’ve noticed that people mainly involved in the 2nd Amendment (US gun rights) or TEOTWAWKI preppers are clueless about the real political or religious problems.

Yes, even gentile Chris Martenson (peak oil) whom I’ve been advertising here is clueless about race. Ironically, the Jew Peter Schiff (dollar gonna pop) at least protested when they took down Stefan Molyneux on YouTube, and even mentioned his research of race and IQ. It’s bizarre how whites have been socialized to feel guilty about these subjects.

Regarding the defenders of the 2nd Amendment, the majority are just a bunch of morons who (as you very well said) do not have a clue about the terrible situation faced by White Americans, their origins, and the culprits’ identity. I had this idea for quite a long time and it was confirmed to me by several American comrades from the National Alliance through an exchange of messages on the Alliance’s website (nationalvanguard.org)

These imbeciles do not have the slightest political education, most probably due to the small number of brain cells they possess. To them, everything begins and ends with the sacred “right to bear arms”. As long as the US government allows them to buy and keep as many arms as possible, they will be happy. They are like children and the weapons are their toys. Like all selfish and stupid individuals, they have a “tunnel vision”.

As an American comrade said to me: “I have not seen any of these bastards moving a finger to protect the Confederate statues that were pulled down”. This is very true and particularly ironic considering that these idiots claim to be “true patriots”. Another aspect of this problem is that many of them are what a comrade of the National Alliance described as “Scotards” which means fanatical pro-Jewish/Zionist Christians who follow the famous “Scofield Bible” written by a bastard called Cyrus Scofield (I am enclosing an interesting article about him and his awful influence)

Cesar, I know this sounds out-of-place, but I was just going to ask who you think is more sane-someone who believes in an afterlife but not a god, or someone who believes in a god but without an afterlife?

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