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Mental illness

In diagnosing the white man, these days I have been using the ‘mental illness’ metaphor, the central metaphor of psychiatry: a pseudoscience. But if I think psychiatry is an inquisitorial pseudoscience why do I use the metaphor? For the simple fact that, once we realise that the medical model of mental disorders is pseudoscientific, the trauma model of mental disorders makes perfect sense. (Except the first and last articles, Day of Wrath explains my point didactically.)

This site has been visited by those racialists who subscribe to the madness called Christian Identity (CI), in which it is simply stated that the characters of the Bible were Aryans in order to convert, in a single blow with a magic wand, the holy book of the Jews into the holy book of the Aryans!

Although I had to ban a Christian Identitarian a few years ago, CI buffs still post from time to time their nonsense on this site as a certain Adam did today. If I allowed his comment it’s because I want to illustrate what mental illness is but not from the psychiatric POV. And to make things most unfair, if Adam wants to reply I won’t let it (let’s see if with such treatment they desist to post their CI stuff in The West’s Darkest Hour).

Day of Wrath, which explains mental illness from the trauma model, is a text that I usually don’t make changes to, as most of the book is only a translation of one of my eleven books in Spanish, El Retorno de Quetzalcóatl. For those who obtained a copy I must reiterate that in the last edition of Day of Wrath I added a very short piece that had already been published on this site. Those who have the edition before that brief addition must know the short piece that I added, reproduced below.

When I speak of ‘possession’ it must be understood phenomena such as the religious ‘great awakening’ that many secular whites have suffered in major western cities, especially the Americans (e.g., the negrolatres of Seattle and Portland). They have brought what I have been calling neofranciscanism to its logical conclusion: worshiping the most dispossessed race and feel good to humiliate and detest the superior race: the transvaluation of values in its purest form!

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Possessed whites

Jordan Peterson may be a sophist but he does well to remind us, quoting Jung, that the human being in general has no ideas: he is possessed by ideas.

Since the Imperial Church destroyed the Greco-Roman world [1], whites literally became possessed by Jewish ideas. Think about how many centuries the possessed ones bent their knees to deities like Yahweh and his son Yeshu.

Whites are so possessed that even the souls of the supposed rebels of the anti-white zeitgeist continue to be possessed by this idea. And I mean not only white nationalists who remain Christians [which includes the Christian Identitarians]. Every time I see more clearly that the fact that books like Who We Are remain unpublished, even by secular racialists, is because Pierce breaks away from Christian ethics by advising ‘extermination or expulsion’ of non-whites throughout his story of the white race.

Understand me well: like the normies, all racialists in today’s world are possessed by an unhealthy idea. And like the normies they will remain possessed until the day of their deaths, as Thomas Kuhn saw. There are exceptions of course, including some commenters who have visited this site. But in general what Jung said remains: human beings have no ideas: they are possessed by ideas. And the idea that in this age governs westerners, including secular white nationalists, remains Christian ethics.

It is true that white nationalists are not normies. But since they are unable to break openly with Christian ethics they are in no man’s land. The metaphor I have been using is that, although they left Normieland, while crossing the psychological Rubicon they stayed in the middle of the river. They are unable to continue crossing into the lands of National Socialism, and will remain unable to cross it until the day of their deaths. The magnet exercised by the precepts of Yahweh and his son Yeshu from the side of the river they left behind is irresistible. Our only hope is to appeal to the very young generations, perhaps teenagers or children, who in the future will read The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.


[1] See my 2020 translation of Christianity’s Criminal History by Karlheinz Deschner (links on the sidebar).

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Psychiatry is false, yet mental illness is real. But psychiatry does incorrect diagnosis etc. I will read the rest of the article later, I have to go for a walk to get some exercise, and look at beautiful women. But I just wanted to say mental illness is real. And yes Whites collectively are mentally ill. And yes psychiatry abuses the notion of mental illness and has no cures and is wrong about how it diagnoses things.

White weakness cannot be resolved by negation: book banning or physical separation, etc. Only aiming to gain power, great power, will work. Jew leaders have followed this rule throughout their existence.

I think the reason “WN christians” exist is that they have not rigorously examined christianity, and just latch onto it as something Europeans followed more strongly pre-multiculturalism, and since our (((enemies))) really hate christianity they choose to support it.

About 6 years ago I was trying to “reinvent” christianity as a fighting WN religion, after about 2 years of trying I realised it was an impossibility, some main reasons were-

1) Christianity has nothing in its core beliefs to link it to Europe’s history or its people.

2) Christianity ignores the reality of race and works against nation states, and excessively supports dysgenic immigration/humanity.

3) Apart from the vacuous “crusades”, Christianity never was a rallying point to protect European peoples or their lands, or reconquer the lands lost while Europe was christian. (ie Constantinople).

4) Europeans have there own indigenous religions (some parts which were absorbed in the Christian church).

Some churchs are nice, but like an earlier commenter said most christian art is beautiful poison. But we still need a religion and church for ceremonies and occasions, and as a rallying point.

So…… Christianity is dead, Long live the Church!

Our enemies might “hate” cuckianity, but one thing they do NOT is OPPOSE it.

The (((tribe))) who plan thousands of years in advance and stick to such plans – regardless as to how massive a backlash or how fiercely they are resisted (think of what the Romans did) – might have tactical/strategic backup plans, no?

False opposition. Reverse Psychology. “Court Jew” proves that the Jews are NOT afraid of cuckianity. If anything they’ll mock & “attack” cuckianity (as they in truth do) in order to convince racialists that cuckianity is a good thing.

There’s the apparently Goebbels quote that is probably generally quite accurate, a good guide, but not in truth a 100% failsafe virtue that always holds true in every single imaginable/possible scenario (that’s called dogma); Goebbels is said to have said (paraphrased),

-“….any man who the Jews promote is in truth an enemy whereas any man who the Jews attack is a friend….”

Things are not always as they appear at face value, and as you kind of noted the plethora of cucks within the “racialist movement” who latch onto cuckianity take things at the most basic & straightforward “well the Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang) looks cute & cuddly so it must be my friend durrrrr, I think I’ll go befriend it & pick it up” without ever once imagining that maybe it might be aggressive & venomous (true, & true).

This is a tribe that has been at literal war with the rest of humanity since pre-history, and the idea that they always inevitably push too far and cannot help themselves…the idea that they have zero even lazy backup plans, precautions, is ridiculous. They’ve survived this long despite the cat having been out of the bag many a time. Many an Aryan like you and me have found out about them, yet they survived. Just saying that most racialists are pathetically gullible about certain things. Part of it is probably an honorable & virtuous nature that Projects their own inherent goodness upon others while also not wanting to face despicable ugliness – not wanting to know that the Bogey Man may be real – “useful idiots” who are simple & honest people who can’t even imagine conniving monsters who are shady & shifty about it all.

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