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Vikernes on Twitter!

Varg Vikernes of Thulêan Perspective twitted yesterday what we have been saying for a long time: that the original Greeks and Romans were Nordid (for a more academic explanation see The Fair Race pages 319-350 and 659-722). Vikernes wrote:

______ 卐 ______

Daily reminder that civilization itself comes from, promotes and always results in multiculturalism and hybridization.

[Roman Emperors before Christianity took over]

The darkness of civilization moves northwards as we speak. Ancient Italy looked much like today’s Scandinavia. The future Scandinavia will look like today’s Italy.

7 replies on “Vikernes on Twitter!”

I disregard with Vikernes on many aspects.

However, he is on spot on some things.

If the current trends continues, the future Scandinavia will look like today’s Italy and future mediterraneans will deny any Nordic influence in the culture “they” created.

Is already happening now. Just take a look at the pictures of afro-asians the Swedish institute is using to promote the country.

The Nordid images go back to the Republic era. Look at images on coins and sculptures of consuls to see what serious men looked like. Sulla is one of my favorite images. Women were also depicted with blond or red hair and fair skin. As for the darker Italians from southern Italy this influence goes back to the various invaders mostly to the moors and Islam. I have relatives from northern Italy with blond hair and deep blue eyes. They are very different in demeanor, appearance and desire to be educated.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that Julius Caesar’s family was typically blond.

It’ s not guaranteed that Scandinavia will become and stay dark. Africans in those latitudes (Canada and the northern US is where I’ve particularly heard of it) have serious health problems due to vitamin D deficiency, because dark skin filters out too great a proportion of the available sunlight.

To the basic claim, though: Vikernes is very anti-civilization. Problem is, civilization is far more successful in terms of simple selection pressures than the alternative – especially once gunpowder and industrialization are added into the mix. These things are properties of the universe in which we live; we can’t wish them out of existence, and having discovered them it is essentially impossible to un-discover them. We have to find a way to exist with them, to harness them, while directing their energies toward the good.

Hehe , finally somebody with a sense of reality.
“…..we cant wish them…….impossible to undiscover them.” is the reality that I see and I heard none of the would be heathens like Varg discussing this theme.
It has to be hammered into people that humanity is facing a totally new situation in which nothing of the past is valuable anymore and we have to start all over from the scratch.
In this struggle the white race has ultimately the best cards in hands because it created science and therefore is bound to find a way to overcome it and transcend to a saner level of being.

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