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Racial right

On ignoring the other side

In his article today Hunter Wallace said: ‘It was only in the years between 1935 and 1945 that American racial attitudes were transformed and that “racism” went viral and became stigmatized’.

I have no stomach to look now for the links in which, with strawmen, Wallace answered my question of how an anti-Semite white advocate is capable of worshiping the god of the Jews. (He responded by claiming that my question was ‘What is your perspective on Luther?’, something I never asked.) Since I am not an American, I would not mind that the Christian who in the US advocates the interests of his race ignores the content of this site. But the fact is that they also ignore other Americans who have taken Christianity to the dock with more incisive arguments than those of Connor Grubaugh, whom Wallace quotes.

Yes: anti-racism went viral when Wallace’s nation fought Germany. But Wallace does not seem to realise that the American Robert Morgan has been demonstrating in Unz Review that American anti-racism has much older roots (see for example the following posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and also my collection of fifty-five quotes of ‘Jack Frost’: 10). All those posts in a nutshell: Anti-racism clearly dates back to the times of the American Civil War if not before: something that Wallace should know as he calls himself a southern nationalist.

Beyond Morgan’s controversy with the racialist Christians with whom Morgan discusses in Unz Review, the southern nationalist who overcomes the prejudice that the admin of this site is not American should weigh upon what I recently said in red letters in ‘The uniqueness of this site’. If this hypothetical American visitor wants to delve deeper into the subject, I suggest you read Part I of the PDF that is linked in the sticky post, as well as Ferdinand Bardamu’s criticism of Kevin MacDonald in that same PDF.

All of this is related to Christianity. But neither Wallace nor other Christians have tried to respond to this information. Why?

5 replies on “On ignoring the other side”

Hunter Wallace needs to watch Richard Carrier’s videos.

And this one as well:


Christianity clearly began as an esoteric offshoot of Judaism. The epistles of Saul/Paul were written during this phase and never claim that Jesus/Joshua (literally ‘savior’) was an actual flesh and blood person.

Christianity was later repackaged as an inversion of Aryan values (inversion of the Romulus story), and ultimately deployed as a weapon against Whites by Jews living in Greece. This is why it feels like the world is turned upside down under Leftist regimes.

The gospels were written in koine Greek, specifically for the defective lower classes and slaves. The New Testament is the first ‘marxist’ document and the foundation of all the garbage that came afterwards.

The Table Talks! Every single white male should go to the Table Talks. And he shall be purified. You either embrace the Führer’s outlooks on life or you die!

But all I see is zombies, which makes me think that this world is beyond repair.

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