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Kill ’em all

Editor’s note: This crucifixion of Antonello da Messina is kept in a museum of Antwerp. The death of the thieves escorts and accompanies Jesus. The iconographic tradition puts the ‘good guy’ on his right and the ‘bad guy’ on his left.

But Christian morality has crucified the laws of selection that Darwin discovered, to the degree of irreparably fouling much Aryan gene through miscegenation. The following is Robert Morgan’s most recent comment on Unz Review.

His position is not original. Remember that Charles Darwin himself predicted that blacks, as an obsolete subspecies, would be exterminated in a world ruled by the selection of the fittest. Or as I would say in my blasphemous paraphrase of Jesus, ‘Many genes will be called but few will be chosen’.

______ 卐 ______

Commenter: “However deporting 4.5 million blacks in 1865 would have required 22,000 ships, if each ship held 200, or 10,000 ships if each carried 450.”

Morgan: Shipping the negroes back to Africa wasn’t the only option, of course. They could simply have killed them; failing that, they could have put them on reservations.

Why didn’t they?

A policy of extermination, with reservations for any left over, seemed to be good enough for the injuns, so Christian morality can’t be entirely to blame, even though the negroes, unlike the injuns, had been Christianized and thus were imagined to be the white man’s brothers and sisters in Christ.

But the answer becomes clear once we realize that the one drop rule, coupled with the white slavemasters’ proclivity for breeding with the negro women, meant that there were no doubt many nominally negro slaves who, like the half-sister of Thomas Jefferson’s dead wife, Sally Hemings, had a lot of white blood.

So much interbreeding had gone on that some of the negroes could even pass for white. How to dispose of the octaroons and other racially mixed posed a difficult problem for whites of those days, who perhaps might otherwise have been more inclined to send them all to Jesus. No doubt the white-looking contingent among the negroes was also a factor in the decision to make them citizens and give them the vote.

One might pity whites of those days for having to make such a difficult decision, but that pity must be alloyed with a degree of contempt for their cowardice in taking only half measures to address the problem. They’ve cursed their posterity by making them deal with the consequences of their greed and lust.

Each time we read these days of a negro senselessly murdering or brutally raping a white, we have them to blame.

8 replies on “Kill ’em all”

Look how homoerotic this crucifixion is! Jesus even has a slit in his skirt or “perizona.” Perizona in Greek means ‘a belt that goes around.’

Look how homoerotic the good thief is as well!

I sometimes scandalize my preconciliar Catholic brethren by pointing out the obvious: that monks and priests used to masturbate to these gay-porn images. You should check out Donatello’s David. The BBC said that homosexuals used to gather in groups to ‘admire’ it.

Those homos who died long ago do not bother me as Kevin MacDonald is bothering me now by accepting another Xtian article by Andrew Fraser (here and here).

Like normies and those in the alt-light, white nationalists never learn. We need the convergence…

Nothing anywhere near so drastic. Someone did the calculations some time ago. Using 747’s today, it would take less than a year to provide lifetime vacations back to Liberia.

Or, reparations plus sterilization equals problem solved in about sixty years. That also would be an elegant, non-violent solution to the octoroon or “Obama” type problem. Hitler’s Nuremberg Race Laws were a non-violent way of gradually solving the octoroon problem, by preventing further marriage, reproduction and miscegenation.

Where there’s a way, I believe we can find the will.

And I’m not even talking about white supremacism. Race based nation states will have to be the wave of the future. Who could begrudge the Japanese Japan, or the Koreans Korea, or the Vietnamese Vietnam ?

In the far future, space colonies will have to be race based. Then there’s no limit to the expansion of the white race.

There’s something in this for every race. Either we all agree to these limitations, and soon, or it will eventually be ethno-bombs, bio-weapons and genocidal wars of extermination, or a human race sunk into the stasis of the cesspools of mulatto nation states.

Similar to the way the Treaty of Westphalia attempted to end religious wars and establish inviolable nation-state geographic boundaries four hundred years ago, what we need today is the Treaty of Racial Nation-States to end racial invasion, miscegenation and genocide, and to establish inviolable racial nation-states and racial homelands.

[May I post this comment, please?]

If you would let a non-White live and have land, you’re a Christian cuck. This drivel about respecting borders and not invading is idealist egalitarian anti-music to any materialist Darwinian. Of course, they must be killed before the colonization of space.

Also, why would you ever go for the non-violent approach? Do you care for the suffering of those Hindu children (Hindus should die, too, even though they are peaceful, even Tarrant understood this much)? Your non-violent approach is laughable already because it won’t inspire any self-respecting man for war to begin with.

Your very christian way of speaking is disturbing, and with it, Cesar proves his thesis here.

Judeo-Christian values has weakened the mind of the white man to the point it will accept genocide for himself and his kin.

Mind remind you of how the mongol hordes killed half of the Russian population some centuries ago? Or the barbary wars by the arabs? Or the asian turks and their ottoman empire? Or the blacks who genocided white frenchmen in haiti? Or Rhodesia? or South Africa?

None of them had any mercy or competent for weakness. All of them wanted to rape the womb of the white race, and succeeded many times. Do you think they will show mercy towards your wife? Your sister? Your daughter?

Quit living in the illusion that others want the best for you as you want it for them. Start thinking like the ancient barbarians of Europe.

The true power to change this world does not reside on fancy machines or technology: is the ability of doing what has to be done.

Your very christian way of speaking is disturbing…

This is exactly why I consider Greg Johnson as a neo-Christian.

Some years ago Dixie enthusiast Hunter Wallace asked on his blog, ‘What’s wrong with slavery?’ and Greggy replied on his webzine that slavery was morally wrong.

White nationalists are clueless that the fact that Greggy delivered pious speeches in a San Fran church as late as 2010 is even more serious than the little secret that Mike Enoch’s wife was a kike.

A relatively humane means of getting rid of the negro population, rather than outright killing, would have been to enact a moratorium on any further reproduction by negros and mixed race individuals, with deportation to Africa offered to those who were unwilling to abide, forcible deportation for those who did have babies. They’d eventually die out.

I prefer a Turner Diaries scenario mixed with, say, that town in Children of Men where immigrants were deported. Once the town is full you can imagine how to proceed.

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