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Tuesday’s comment

by Haas

You’re not talking to yourself. The work you are doing is fantastic. I thought I was “redpilled” before I found this website a few months ago. Now I know that I was still asleep (or better yet, in a coma).

In fact, this website made me realize that there isn’t just one redpill but many. For example, it was through this website that I discovered the truth about Christianity. Before, I was a stupid White Nationalist who thought Christianity was a White religion. But reading the texts and watching the videos you recommend was like being hit by a bolt of lightning. After watching the Richard Carrier videos, I felt like a total idiot. The whole thing is just so obvious and staring at us in the face.

I’ve also really enjoyed these past few articles about women. What an eye opener! For someone used to the White Nationalist sex egalitarianism of Red Ice, this was really refreshing.

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of success redpilling normies with what I learn here. My strategy is to plant a seed in their minds that will make them doubt the garbage they’ve been fed their whole lives and then they come back to me asking for more. I’ve realized that it’s better to make them come to the conclusions themselves than to just feed them everything.

You’re right, this website is unique. Please continue.

9 replies on “Tuesday’s comment”

I accept the red-pilling on the Christian question but I don’t talk about it because I believe that, for most people, a realistic alternative needs to be in place, even if only implicitly, before going down that road.

That makes no sense.

Race-destructive lies are race-destructive lies, and presently there are people openly talking about the first lie in public: the inexistence of Jesus. And people applaud these truth-tellers in auditoriums, literally. See for example the video linked by Haas in the previous post.

But telling the truth about the fictional Jesus is only the first step. Now what whites need is to be told the other two truths, which I put in red last week in ‘The uniqueness of this site’. What’s wrong with telling them that Xtian Emperor Justinian committed a holocaust of millions of Aryans?

As for the ‘alternative that must exist’ it is precisely the truth about the history of the white race, which appears in The Fair Race thanks to the pen of Pierce and others. Whoever gets that book or prints the PDF at home will see that, instead of a fictional Jew of the 1st century (an ethno-suicidal belief) one must admire Leonidas, Hermann and Hitler: the real heroes of the race.

American WN = failure of the nerve, as they don’t want to see what the Three-Eyed Raven sees.

“White Nationalism” is such a dumb expression.

When your morals include praying to a corpse of a kike who calls you to turn the other cheek, proclaims “there is neither Jew nor Hellene” (Galatians 3:28)…

You don’t need subverters. You are your biggest enemy.

Non-proliferation of technologies and non-proliferation of food to the subhumans should have been the norm in any sane Socialist Darwinian society.

If the USSR had won the Cold War, we would have gotten the same globalist homosexual shitshow as we have under capitalism.

The DPR of Korea is the last hope for revenge. Manse!

“Non-proliferation of technologies and non-proliferation of food to the subhumans should have been the norm in any sane Socialist Darwinian society.”

Yes, it really is as simple as that. Anything else is sinning against nature, which automatically results in sellf destruction.

National Socialism is not the invention of The Great One. He just wanted to restore natural order. And he succeeded. Unfortunately, the rot amongst us was already too far advanced and ‘we’ decided to restore the Jew insanity which will continue to destroy us, as well as the rest of anything truly beautiful and aristocratic on this planet.

Now try to explain that to the average neurotypical person.

And not only the average neurotypical person. Two weeks ago neo-Christian Richard Spencer said he wants Negroes and Indians to succeed.

I doubt that Spencer visits this site. But even some visitors seem to lack a good grasp of it. This morning, for example, I didn’t let pass the following comment by Hobbithabit, responding thus to what I said above:

It makes sense. I’m NS and not so much WN. Hitler and the other leadership in the Third Reich were traditional Christians and I’m skeptical of the authorship of the so-called Table Talks, so I’m in good company and indeed, I’m not even a Christian myself but more of a Buddhist (which, according to Jason Jorjani, might have been Persian in origin). I don’t critique Christianity to normies because I’ve learned that it is more effective to not “fight” on more than one front at a time. It’s a matter of priorities.

Buddhist, Christian, it’s all the same mind-rotting malware—I’ve said it so many times that I don’t have the patience now to link for the relevant articles. But my previous post about Christian Hunter Wallace contains quite a few links that any Christian visitor should click.

But Hobbithabit didn’t even try to respond to my question, ‘What’s wrong with telling them that Christian Emperor Justinian committed a holocaust of millions of Aryans?’ Apparently, self-styled NS in the US are really WN as to elemental worldview. Or isn’t a genocide of millions of Germans something to ponder about? Hobbithabit seems more concerned about hurting Christian sensibilities than revealing a truth that only 3-Eyed Ravens seem to know…

You ask “what is wrong” with critiquing Christianity to the normie and I told you twice now in this thread, in so many words: They stop listening to too much red-pilling at once.

In other words: never tell a normie about the Church’s skeletons in the closet, not even millions of white skeletons while the Xtian emperor who perpetrated that Holocaust was non-white, right? Good luck with red-pilling normies with your pill.

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