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Spencer’s shortcomings

Chris, Evan McLaren, Daniel Friberg and Richard Spencer recently gathered in a podcast to talk.
Spencer takes no sides on the Second World War around minute 10. Indignantly, he says that he has never denied the Jewish holocaust. Of course, he does not mention the true Holocaust perpetrated on Germans. (I repeat what I asked on October 19th: Anyone rich enough to send Spencer a copy of Tom Goodrich’s Hellstorm?) He said that in spite of the fact that the Polish government, influenced by Jews, has threatened to ban Spencer from entering Europe for another three years.
What I find bothersome is that Black Pigeon Speaks, who is not even Alt-Right but Alt Lite, gets that the demonising of Germany is at the very root of the West’s darkest hour. Spencer still doesn’t get it.
Later, before minute 20, Spencer continues to believe in his pan-European ideology with no feuds between white nations and continues to imply that all European nations are just equal. ‘The last thing I’d support is German supremacy’ said Spencer. Remember the recent post ‘Against Spencer el al’: ‘Why should anyone care about preserving Polish or Croatian identity if their impact on world history is negligible? How does that advance the interests of Aryan man?’
After minute 50 Spencer said, ‘It is not about…connecting our movement with German National Socialism. It’s really about the opposite of that: it’s about making it new’. The new thing Spencer has in mind is a grotesque pigmy if we compare it with German National Socialism. Seven minutes later he said that NS imagery is ‘never going to appeal…’ completely ignoring what Rockwell said before he was born (more recently iterated by Iron March).
Similarly, Andrew Anglin complained yesterday about optics and even embedded a rant by William Pierce in his article.
I rarely criticise Pierce but in this case I must side Arthur Kemp’s critique when we talked in England: Pierce’s big mistake was not forming a political party. How comfortable for Pierce and Anglin! This is the same Anglin who never goes to the rallies.

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We don’t need to sport German NS symbols – but we don’t need to denounce them, either. If any-one questions us about The KNNNAAAAZEEZ – we need to tell that person to PISS OFF. In no uncertain terms. We do need to denounce the kosher HoloHOAX (TM). Every. Single. Day.

Spencer never ceases to infuriate me.
(Also, before someone calls me a LARPer I myself am a member of AtomWaffen division and that’s all I will say about that.)
Anyway, I find it disgusting that Spencer would like to destroy every European ethnicity. Not even simply from a racial perspective (though that is important given the mongrelization of Mediterraneans) but that he’d like to turn Europe into what the United States has become : a pale sludge with no real identity other than the term “white”.
Does he not see what a disaster this lack of identity has been for us? Not only have we failed to retain any connection to our mother continent but it also begs the question of how that would even work. What’s the difference between telling a classroom full of Iberian half breeds that they’re cut from the same cloth as the Vikings and doing the same with a room full of Somalians? Not much at all!

A couple of years ago I posted an autobiographical entry about my misadventures with an Iberian nationalist who used to get really upset when I just mentioned Kemp’s March of the Titans. Obviously, this WN à la Iberian nationalism cannot stand the nordics. Curiously, with the exception of Joseph Walsh no visitor of this site understood my post. My guess is that most visitors subscribe Spencer’s embrace of all Europeans as if they were the same.

Richard “white man’s burden” Spencer is very flawed, but there is one thing I like about him: he has a group of bodyguards (the guys in white polo shirts who surround him). Ultimately, political power needs force behind it, and Spencer’s bodyguards are a small step in that direction.

I read the entry some time ago and do remember it quite well.
This “syndrome” (I’ll call it that for lack of a better term) is prevalent among all Southern Europeans in my experience.
However everyone but the National Socialists either blatantly ignores or refuses to recognize the ‘Nordic question’ whatsoever.

Next time please post your comment within the threaded discussion to avoid confusion (you post is disconnected with my above comment).

Forgive me-I’d meant to but my connection was poor at the time so I was dealing with a great deal of lag and wasn’t sure whether or not my click of the reply button had registered.

Oh don’t worry! And by the way, I’m glad that at least another person took note of my misadventures with that Iberian nationalist. Apparently, almost no WNst is conscious of the fact that a nationalist in Spain sides Latin America over the Anglo-Saxons because they are resented about Spain’s loss before the English in 1588 and also before the Americans in the 19th century when they lost Cuba.
WNsts really have no idea of how even racialist Meds approach their nationalism. Spencer et al don’t know what they’re talking about.
The most pathological instance of this behaviour I’ve encountered happened on VNN Forum. A commenter, Joe Smith, wanted to lecture me how are things in Mexico, including the proportion of whites here, etc. (I bet Smith has never been in the capital and doesn’t even know the language.)

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