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A religion of hate!


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5 replies on “A religion of hate!”

It’s interesting that Nietzsche chose the term Anti-Christ to describe his values being the polar opposite of Christ’s. In many ways Hitler was the Anti-Christ, being a figure that teaches the exact opposite of Christ’s teaching.

The Jews created the term Satan, which means ‘enemy/adversary’ in Hebrew, to stand for anybody that opposes the Jewish people and their god Yahweh. In many ways, Adolf Hitler is the greatest Satan the Jews have ever had to face. They certainly portray Hitler as the most evil man ever in their lying propaganda.

Transvaluation of Christian values: Fuck Yahweh/Jesus. Hail Satan/Hitler!

Explain that to the Christians at The Daily Stormer, Traditionalist Youth Network or Occidental Dissent to mention a few (even Covington fancies his Northwest Republic as “pagans” sharing power with Christians). Unlike white nationalists, mesmerised with the Jewish problem, Jack Frost put it this way in the same Occidental Observer thread about post-Christian Germany:

Ironically, this willingness to accept being demographically swamped can be seen as an expression of white civilizational confidence. The white man is… putting his faith in rabbi Jesus; in the twenty centuries of Christianity that has been telling him all along that race is meaningless, and that these newcomers have individual souls just like his, equally valuable to God.

Has he really been right all along, or has it all been just a horrible mistake, a nightmare from which only a complete collapse of the civilizational enterprise can awaken him? It appears that soon we will find out.

The Creativity Movement is just that, Anti-Christian, Pro-White and it sees hate as a natural emotion.

Aryans seem incapable of hatred. Even the vile antifa are impotent with their hatred of their own people; they’re only bold because they have the system backing them.

Hitler wanted to breed assertiveness back into Germans. For the previous century jews had controlled and defiled Germany, and Germans had done nothing to stop them. Germany was destroyed before Hitler could radically alter the populace.

Aryans will not come to their senses unless a fascist, racialist, and militant movement erupts. It’s going to take violence and death. I don’t know if Europeans are capable of violence anymore.

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