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Textbook case

Even if we omit what male Spaniards did with their genes in the Americas with countless Indian women and imported blacks, the sad history of Spain, racially a melting pot of Mediterranean Iberians, Phoenicians, Nordish Celts, Romans, Nordish Goths, Jews, and Moors, is a textbook case of white decline as the result of both ethno-suicide—Christianity—and Semitic genocide.

Excerpted from the 19th article of William Pierce’s “Who We Are: a Series of Articles on the History of the White Race”:

Although King Wamba [a Visigothic king from 672 to 680] was a strong ruler, who successfully put down a Basque rebellion and maintained his frontiers against his Frankish neighbors to the north and Arab pirates raiding by sea from the south, prosperity had already begun taking its toll of Gothic vigor. It was Wamba’s immediate predecessor, Recesuinto, who, at the insistence of the Church, took the first direct step toward Gothic racial suicide (if we do not count as such Sisibert’s allowing baptized Jews to pass as Gentiles a few years earlier) when he abolished the longstanding ban against intermarriage.

Prior to Recesuinto’s reign, the racial pride of the Goths had remained intact. None but Goths might rule, and Goths might marry none but Goths. The penalty for violation of this ban was quite severe: both partners were burned at the stake. Thus, the blood of the Goths had remained unmixed with that of their Roman, Iberian, and Jewish subjects. Recesuinto allowed Goths to marry baptized Jews and anyone else who claimed Christian beliefs, and the nobility of Spain has since been tainted heavily with the Semitic blood of department-store heiresses, or the equivalent thereof in that pre-department-store era.

The Jews conspired all the more against the Goths, and the successors of Recesuinto and Wamba were obliged to take measures against them on a number of occasions. They failed, however, to rid their kingdom of the pestilence, because they did not apply the same measures against baptized Jews as against their unbaptized brethren. This shortsightedness finally led to the undoing of the Goths during the reign of Roderic, who took the throne in 709.

While the men of Roderic’s race had grown soft and indecisive over the course of the dozen generations which had passed since the time of Adolf, unable finally even to cope with a gaggle of money-hungry Semites in their midst, a new Semitic danger had begun to rise to the south of them.

Here Pierce describes how the Peninsula fell to Islamic invasion a few years later. Only in the mountains of the north, in Asturias, were the Nordish Goths able to hold back the Semitic tide permanently. Pierce adds:

Even today, 12 centuries after the fact, Jews still gather in their synagogues on holidays to gloat over their destruction of the Goths, and Jewish writers openly boast of their treachery. The popular Jewish author and lecturer, Max I. Dimont, has taken particular satisfaction in the fate of the Gothic women, both in Spain and in those areas of Gaul subject to Moorish raiding parties from the south. In his best-selling book, The Indestructible Jews, Dimont writes: “As blond Christian maidens fetched fancy prices in the slave markets, raids in Christian lands by Muslim private entrepreneurs became big business. Female captives were pedigreed like dogs. Their Christian antecedents, their genuine blondness, their virginity, and their ability to bear children were all ascertained and notarized before they were marketed.”

Dimont discreetly avoids mentioning that the slave merchants doing the pedigreeing and marketing of these White girls were, in most cases, Jews. What he does say is: “From the inception of Islam’s conquest, Spanish Jews had soared to the highest government posts. A series of brilliant Jewish viziers—viceroys—enriched the caliphate’s coffers and helped usher in an age of splendor and learning.”

Pierce proceeds to describe the heroic deeds of Charles Martell, who unlike the Goths was successful in repelling Muslim invasion. Then he says:

Though forced to retreat south of the Pyrenees, the Arabs and the other Muslim invaders of Spain remained in the peninsula for nearly 800 years, and the genetic damage they wrought there was great. Islam, like Christianity, makes no distinction of race; all that counts is religion, not blood. Thus, the interbreeding begun under Recesuinto to satisfy the demands of his bishops continued at an accelerated pace under Muslim rule, and, as mentioned by the Jewish writer Dimont, the Arabs and Moors were especially fond of mingling their genes with those of Spain’s blond Gothic nobility.

One indication of this lust is revealed by the terms imposed on the Goths who remained in the unconquered enclave in the northwest, which later grew into the Kingdom of Galicia: In order to keep the Semites at bay they were required to pay a tribute of 100 blond virgins each year. It was not until the reign of Alfonso II, which began in 791, that the Goths were again strong enough to put an end to this humiliating imposition.

After a few more paragraphs Pierce ends his chapter with these words:

Not until 1492 was the reconquest of the peninsula finally completed. In that year the unbaptized Jews were expelled en masse from the country they had betrayed eight centuries earlier, and the remaining pockets of Moors followed them ten years later. The Inquisition, which had been established in 1478, dealt to a limited extent with the baptized Jews.

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A genetic profile ought to be done regarding Semitic gene flow into the Spanish population. As to Semitic gene flow via the Moors (i.e. Caucasoid Berbers): not much inter-marriage occured there simply because a family Catholic father (and his village) refused to allow his daughter to marry a Muslim.

Therefore — think of such daily ‘neighbourhood realities’ back then!

Bear in mind that Mediaeval Catholics were deeply Trinitarian ‘to the bone marrow’ so to speak. Christian/Muslim marriages (as allowed solely by Islamic law) were often politically based.

In addition: take into consideration the preceding gene flow of ancient Phoenicians & Carthaginians into Spain, by way of trading routes long before Islam. Despite all these Semetic influences, the average Spaniard looks far more Visigothic/Celtic/Roman than Semitic.

Such would even include the average Andalusian, who is often descended, (or at least partially so) from Celtic Galicians.

A more apparently Semitic & even slightly sub-Saharanesque people are those of today’s Southern Italy due to ancient Rome’s EXTREMELY imperial immigration policies toward North African & Ethiopian war captives. Hence, the average whiter Spaniard throughout as oppossed to the darker Southern Italian.

Recently I read in a DNA study that the average Mexicans are about forty something percent Indian with about the same percent Iberian and the remaining percent… black!

Do you know the percentages of the average Spaniard in, say, Castile?

DNA studies don’t lie…

Chechar said: ‘DNA studies don’t lie…’

Did you read the first line of my commentary?

You can read a few of the articles about genetics (in spanish) in this blog (the authors are nordicists, so they can be a bit biased on that side). Check also their “Nueva clasificación racial” entry.

About exact percentages, the majority the Y-haplogroup in west Castile is the R1b1b, about 60%, and of 76% in the east (i´m speaking of modern Castile and Leon, for the other former territories of Castile: La Mancha, Cantabria, Andalucía, etc, i should check them). Whatever, here you have an Y-haplogroup study.

You can also take a look at this studies.

Also, it´s very interesting the thread about spanish DNA in the VNN forum, there´s a lot of info there.

And, contrary to your assertion, DNA studies CAN lie. Let me explain it: DNA studies are based on statistics, and as so, you can bias the results depending of the way you take the samples, and their width. It´s not the same to take 100 random people in a country, than taking 1,000, or 10,000, and so on. You can testify that in your own country, it´s not the same taking a sample from, let´s say D.F, than from Monterrey, or Cancún, and so on.

But the most beautiful proof is that what i see everyday as i walk the streets of my town (in North Castile) in the faces of the lots of blond white babies that i encounter (sad thing is that this baby-blonde hue dissapears in the majority when they grow, as you can attest,from your own photos, Chechar). A study that i read somewhere states that 70% of babies in my region have that baby-blond hair.

Yes, studies can lie. In one Mexican study Indian blood was majority and in another White was majority. But the real shock to me was that in both cases black blood was discovered, just as in one of the links you mention it is said that “the degree of Moorish blood in Spain is less 3-4%”, which is sufficiently significant to me.

Just an example to prove my point. I always judge “whiteness” according to my standards of Aryan female beauty. Always. When I lived in Houston I encountered Nordish beauties almost everywhere I looked with the exception of the so-called “Latino” and black neighborhoods. Then I moved to Gran Canaria in Spain which is not far from Africa. There were still Nordish beauties there, but in no way in the overwhelming proportion I encountered them at Houston. Even women of fair skin and fair hair in that part of Spain were not “beauties” at all.

Although I lived in Barcelona too and have visited Madrid, I cannot use this visual standard with those towns since that was long ago and didn’t “count” the beauties when I traveled there compared to my Houston standard. But it’s all too clear to me that the mix damaged the phenotype in the Canary island I lived almost for a year.


It will take time to read & absorb these sources for I’m not a geneticist by any stretch of the imagination. The material will make an interesting read no doubt. Thank you for suppyling these hyperlinks.

I think that here Pierce errs in this chapter or lacked information.

Modern genetic studies have proven that the impact of semitic invasions was very limited. What´s more, most of the initial invaders were berbers, whose genetic makeup at that time was white, and islamiced vandals. The rest of the visigothic nobility that changed sides
had their lineages maked up to pass as of arabic descent.
Most of Iberia´s central countryside had been depopulated by the invasion, and so the ‘easy’ recovery of large areas, that were inhabited with people form the north.

Arabic numbers were never substantial. A great deal of the error is the ‘traditional’ view that has been to assume that what was called ‘a moor’ in those times was in fact ‘an arab’, when it´s now clear that it´s a generic religious denomination disregarding the ethnic side. (you can see that most of the ‘moors’ depicted in tapestries, miniatures, etc. are white, and whenever is otherwise, they depicted them accurately as arabs, blacks, etc.)

It´s true that the Reconquista lasted nearly 800 years, but that´s counting from the invasion (711) to the end of the Kingdom of Granada (1492). In northern and central Iberia that domination lasted until Las Navas batltle (1212), and Sevilla´s reconquest under Fernando III in 1248. From that time onwards, the hand was on the Christian side, and the only remnant of islamic power was the Kingdom of Granada.

So, in conclusion, the great error form Spain´s racial point of view was, as we have seen, that the ethnic identity was superceded by religious identity. And there i agree entirely with Pierce. But regarding genetics, things haven´t changed a lot in between the Neolithic age, and modern times.

We could discuss a lot about the wrong or right of Mediterranean and Nordic intermixing, but regarding Phoenician, Semitic and Moorish impact, i think that they had very little impact (we must remember that Nortern Africa was mostly a white area of Mediterranean stock, at least until the begining of the Roman Empire). The mayority of the population has changed very little over time, what has changed has been mostly regarding the ruling classes. Spain´s history in that subject is complicated and we now have the genetic tools what we lacked before. (The sad thing is that few studies about race can be done in this times of PC rulership.)

I don´t know if i have cleared things a bit or if i have muddled it more.

As per Llew’s commentary: we are indeed on the same page of agreement. For the sake of clarification on my part — Semitic gene flow throughout various European periods did occur, but such was not substantial. Hence, the ongoing presence of our varied European phenotypes.

En fin: the Moors (i.e. Caucasoid Berbers) were indeed just that. In fact, the Berbers have biologically maintained their Caucasoid status to this day. Ergo, the following link:


Question: have you ever wondered about Generalissimo Franco’s pheno type? He personally strikes me as a noble Moorish Berber pastoralist with an eagle-beaked nose. Finis.

Your Wikipedia link confirms Pierce’s point. Most of these guys (Massinissa • Ptolemy
Macrinus • Idir • Abd al-Qadir • Benboulaïd
Saïd Taghmaoui, etc.) don’t look white, at least not in the “Aryan” sense of the word. The original Mediterranean Latins before the times of the Roman Empire; the Celts, Goths and Visigoths, were the white ones. They should never have mixed up. Look at the young lad on white garments at the right of this blog to see my point.

You are generally correct that the Berbers are not Aryan Caucasoids. However — they are Caucasoids of the Arabanid variety, which indeed are quite distinct in their own right.

Without a doubt — parts of Southern Spain have inherited some of that gene flow. I, myself may possess a degree of such. However — it doesn’t stop me from being a general white nationalist.

Nota bene: bear in mind that a number of Berbers have inherited some Germanic gene flow via the Vandal invasion, and perhaps beforehand due to the arrival of original stock Romans, who could no longer stand the ethnic & racial changes occuring in Rome after Augustus. Finis.

“Hence, the average whiter Spaniard throughout as oppossed to the darker Southern Italian.”

Seriously what kind of trash is being peddled here. Google the Palermo and Catania football teams and tell me if you can see sub-saharan genes. Besides, the reported 1.5% ss admixture is more than offset by the largest influx of Norman genes on the continent – probably the greatest tribe of warriors Europe ever produced.

READ CAREFULLY and, I most appreciate your reply!

There is no trash (i.e. agenda) being peddled here; you yourself agree as to that slight sub-Saharan gene flow (via the reported 1.5% black admixture) into Southern Italy. Sardinia herself, which at one point had imported black slaves after the Carthaginian wars has a slightly higher sub-Saharan admixture.

As a mature white nationalist, I previously hesitated to look at the genetic truth. The reality has always been that people did walk into other lands; people did sail into other lands; people did trade in other lands; and finally — captives were enslaved & transmitted into other lands.

Within the context of a cultural conversation, a Sicilian American woman in her 60’s told me she never believed herself to have been fully white given her partial sub-Saharan ancestry. Bear in mind she was quite fair with graying medium brown hair. She was racially correct for her facial features revealed such, by way of her nasal bone structure.

Nota bene: for the record, I personally didn’t hold such a background against her; she was indeed a nice conversant woman with typically New York globalist views not of my liking obviously.

Unfortunately — sub-Saharan genes are an aggressive & tenacious lot that happen to express themselves for generations (albeit in varying intensities so to speak).

Within the multi-cultural ‘Rome of Empire’: all it took was one black slave or one mulatto immigrant fish vendour to have spread his gene pool far & wide throughout the lower peninsular half via his descendants. Hence, the oft noted differences of temperament between those south of Rome, and those of Northern Italy (i.e. ‘Padania’).

Nota bene: my personal belief is that genes & behaviour are linked. New York City is a ‘wonderful’ Third-World example. 🙁

En fin: the once Nordic Latini tribe indeed were racially careless & failed in forersight. Finis.

I have no knowledge about probable Jewish gene flow into Scotland. I certainly would not rule out such a transmission given the Jewish Diaspora after Titus. On a relative note: such a curiosity begs the question as to Sir Shaun Connery’s phenotype.

Interestingly enough, he was well cast into the cinematic role of an early 20th century Berber Chieftain named ‘Mulai Ahmed er Raisuni’ for the film ‘The Wind and the Lion’ (circa 1975).

Recently, he was offered a reported $80 million dollar role for the portrayal of Saladin. For some reason, the project did not fall through. Finis.

Take a look at this study.

“The most striking results are that contemporary NW African and Iberian populations were found to have originated from distinctly different patrilineages and that the Strait of Gibraltar seems to have acted as a strong (although not complete) barrier to gene flow.”

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