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Gospel Fictions

It seems to me that the etiology of Western malaise is more complicated than what the average nationalist has imagined. While reading MacDonald’s first trilogy study on Jewry I thought that the etiology was, at least, threefold.

First: the hardware. As MacDonald and many others have pointed out, whites “have some unique characteristics such as individualism, abstract idealism and universal moralism” that are apparently genetic (precisely the characteristics that presently are being exploited by the tribe).

Second: the software. If the above is a problem in the hardware (something like whites being wired the wrong way when dealing with other races), these hardware characteristics were augumented after a Catholic cult, which means “universal” including all ethnic groups in the world, took over the Roman Empire.

Third: the virus. Paradoxically, once Christianity starts to be abandoned by the white people, our universalist-individualist-idealistic frame of mind, taken to its ultimate logic naturally results in liberalism, a “virus” of the mind operating within the white psyche.

If our diagnosis of the West’s darkest hour is correct, then the Jewish Problem is an epiphenomenon of the deranged altruism resulting from the secular fulfillment of universal Christian values. (Proof of it is that Muslims don’t allow the suicidal empowerment of Jews in their nations.) It also means that both our hardware wiring and our Judeo-Christian software must be understood before we can grasp the whys of the psycho-ethical structure that is preventing us from taking elemental action (e.g., disempowering the Jews). For the Christian that I was, and this is purely anecdotal (others may find different venues), the first step to understand the virus was starting to question the historicity of the gospel narratives.

Thus I typed many passages from Helms’ book in honor of Porphyry, the first man to write a prolegomena of what fifteen centuries later started to be called “higher criticism” of the Bible.

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There can be no debate that Christianity, wasn’t “imposed” “involuntarily” on the White Race (for the major part at least). And in fact the White Race never bloomed as magnificent as it did under Christianity.

I changed the phrase to “not always voluntarily”, as was the case of many Germanic pagans that fought to resist the new god of the Romans. And even in the Latin side of Roman Empire the fact that all dissident voices were silenced by means of destroying all and each of the books of the intellectuals that warned of the dangers of the Galilean cult means that conversion was not always voluntary.

As to “the White Race never bloomed as magnificent as it did under Christianity”, right after Christianity produced a new Zeitgeist the West suffered its darkest night: the fifth through the eight centuries AD. A blogger summarized what I tried to show in my list of articles, “The Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem” thus:

Here’s a simple flow-chart. Years of research and it boils down thusly:

Christianity is founded.
—> Christianity helps to destroy Rome
—> Christianity made somewhat decent by White efforts
—> White people thrive due to their nature
—> White people take Christianity to its logical, ethnocidal conclusion
—> White Civilization Waxes
—> We perish…

Most succinct and to-the-point summary of christianity I’ve ever come across.
Yes. Christianity was made somewhat decent by White efforts — the spirit of the White race made it tolerable and sometimes even beautiful ( the great art and music for example).
The White race thrived, for awhile at least , in spite of Christianity’s foreign nature to our race, it’s lack of common sense, it’s disdain for racial loyalty and unity,it’s lack of respect for the animal kingdom and for mother nature in general, and the limitations it places on one’s imagination and one’s spirit.
My thanks to the blogger and to you for your time and work.
Very thought provoking and compelling website.

Thanks. I’m glad you liked it. By the way, it’s is a contraction for “it is” or “it has”. Its is a possessive pronoun, and should have been used above. I’ve found out that many native English speakers who have a language dominion vastly superior than mine also commit this typical error. (And remember using the “Reply” button.) ☺

It would be nice if a person with the talent of a prof. MacDonald would write a trilogy on the WN problem dealing with:

1) The innate psychological characteristics of Whites (individualism, abstract idealism, universal moralism).

2) The influence of Christianity and its secular outgrowth of Liberalism ( inversion of values, altruism as the only form of moralism even to a suicidal degree ).

3) The Jewish exploitation of both.

Central to the weakness of Whites is what I call NAIVE INCLUSIVISM.

It is naive therefore because it not only believes that all non-white peoples can and want to become like Westerners but also that including them in Western societies will lead to a Utopia instead of racial suicide.

This naive inclusivism is as old as the European expansion outside Europe itself. Alexander the Great wanted to include all peoples of the Middle East in his Hellenistic ideal, even initiating miscegenation with them.

The Romans included all non-European peoples in their Empire beqeathing Roman citizinship to all who they thought deserved it. They even had one time an Arab emperor (Philippus Arabs).

When the West European peoples began to colonize the world, they made the same mistake. The Spaniards and Portuguese miscegenated with the natives of their colonies on a mass scale and later also with their imported African slaves. The Dutch miscegenated with the Indonesians and accepted their mixed offspring as “Europeans”.

The French accepted educated Blacks, the socalled “evolués”, as their equals. France doesn’t keep statistics about its ethnic and racial minorities because it considers them all as “Frenchmen”.

Only the British kept aloof from the natives in their colonies and didn’t allow them to immigrate into the white settlement colonies or Britain itself. But that has now radically changed, the British having become the most extreme both in terms of immigration and miscegenation.

We simply cannot ascribe this suicidal behaviour to Jewish machinations, rather it is the age old inclination of Europeans to include the whole world in a universal ideal. You aptly describe Jewish destructive influence as an “epiphenomenon”, it couldn’t function as it does without the above described preconditions.

Tanstaafl and Carolyn Yaeger refuse to acknowledge this basic fact, ascribing its recognition to “treason”. Self criticism hurts, but it is absolutely necessary.

Franklin Ryckaert,

This comment of yours is so good that I am tempted to post it as an independent entry in the midnight. I only know Madison Grant’s book. Which other studies review Western history from the racial viewpoint?

Now that I have just read a book on the Byzantine Empire it is becoming increasingly obvious that miscegenation and mongrelization on a vast scale was perpetrated throughout more than a millennia long before der Juden took over.

Many thanks for posting my comment as an independent entry on your blog.

As for a book that describes Western history from a racial viewpoint, I can recommend : “March of the Titans” by Arthur Kemp. Kemp is a white Rhodesian who lived for a while in South Africa and now resides in the UK where he works for the BNP. His book describes the total history of the White Race. It is praised by some, criticized by others. I found some flaws in it but it is still very interesting. I have read it for free on line but that seems no more possible. It can be ordered from marchofthetitans.com or from Amazon. Kemp has also a blog of his own : Arthur Kemp’s Blog.

A similar but less extensive book is “Who We Are”, by William Pierce. It can be read in PDF free on line (225 p.).

I will try to comment here more often, cause we seem to hit some basic truths here.

Great! Tonight I’ll order a copy of Kemp’s book. I do believe that studying a history of the West thru the racial prism ought to be the ABC of Western culture.

When some years ago I studied history from the viewpoint of child abuse my intellectual life changed without recognition. History is exactly what confronts us directly with reality.

For instance, by the end on 2011 I still leaned toward monocausalism in some ways. Rereading the history of New Spain forced me to harbor second thoughts. It was clear that the Spaniards blundered their conquests to a colossal degree. So much so that the original white genotype is now almost gone in modern Mexico. Obviously you cannot blame the tribe when the Inquisition of New Spain was particularly ferocious in the persecution of Jews in my native town. Something else went horribly wrong here.

I think I’ll devour Kemp’s study as soon as it arrives. I’ll order a hardcover. It is an absolute shame that no academic has approached the subject with the same POV in any Western country as far as I know.

This page you link above, the old version of Kemp’s book, was closed a few weeks ago. Fortunately, I used it before it was closed down (and now I’ve read a copy of the newest, 2011 edition of the book).

The anti-Christian book you refer to is published by a Humanist book company started by Paul Kurtz in 1969. Kurtz was Jewish. See HERE for more info.: http://www.thepoliticalcesspool.org/jamesedwards/paul-kurtz-has-died/
Also, from a online bio. – “He [Kurtz] did a lot to expand IHEU (Intl. Humanist & Ethical Union) as a member of the IHEU Growth and Development Committee (with Levi Fragell and Rob Tielman) and then when he was co-chair, also with Rob and Levi….”
(interesting friends names, eh?)
For your information.

I met Kurtz twice, once in 1989 with a group of Mexican skeptics and another in 1994, during a conference where Carl Sagan delivered the keynote address at Seattle. I knew he was a Jew. Hadn’t I read dozens of Prometheus Books and subscribed to his Skeptical Inquirer I’d probably be immersed in magic thinking by now and would not have become racially conscious.

I’ve read also extremely erudite treatises on the studies about the New Testament by Hans Küng, Edward Schillebeeckx and other Christians. Helm’s book is like a small, pagan temple compared to the Gothic cathedral of Küng’s and Schillebeeckx’s christologies, both with lots of gargoyles and little if any substance. It’s really irrelevant that the founder of Prometheus Books was Jewish. Non-Jew Martin Gardner was a co-founder of the Committee of Skeptical Inquiry with Kurtz and he (Gardner) did a stupendous job in debunking the pseudosciences. Again, if it were not for their efforts I’d probably still be a silly parapsychologist.

If the fact that Helms published in a publishing house founded by a Jew is a stumbling block for your becoming familiar with what scholarship is saying about the New Testament, read what a well-known, contemporary Christian author says about the historical Jesus—in contrast to the Christ of the dogma— here:


Richard Dawkins, mentioned in your linked article, is a silly rationalist beyond repair and one of the secular humanists that I abhor because of his extreme liberalism (like Kurtz’s own extreme liberalism).

But that’s not the point. I am talking about the exegesis on the New Testament that started in Germany (actually, since Porphyry in the 4th century though the triumphant Church burned all copies of his work). Do you have a clue what I am talking about?

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