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Fascinating Guessedworker / Linder exchange

In 2009 the British Guessedworker interviewed the American Alex Linder. The full interview (here) is 1:17 hrs. I boiled it down to the bare essentials: only 15 minutes.

It touches the subjects discussed in the previous entries: the single-cause hypothesis—i.e., Jews as the basic etiology of Western malaise—versus the more complex models that would involve depth psychology of the white people.

My edited clip also includes other topics discussed here recently, such as Christianity and Anti-christianity, the toxic role played by Hollywood and more:

One reply on “Fascinating Guessedworker / Linder exchange”

Jews have self-destructive urges too. Their identity is bound up with Judaism. Judaism is bound up with Talmud study. So, basically, there is no way they can rid themselves of Ultra-Orthodox Jews who do nothing but study Talmud and breed and breed.

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