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Blaming the shark

sparing the Megalodon

For a pic of the Megalodon size compared
to a modern day great white shark, see: here.


(I have edited this article in September of 2017.)

I find it hilarious that Greg Johnson now believes in what my good friend Tanstaafl calls “the suicide meme” because it was Johnson himself who showed us how Christianity has also been a contributing factor in our racial eclipse.

In his latest article Johnson wrote, “The claim that white dispossession is entirely our fault is absurd… But it is more than absurd. It is repugnant.” And after a few statements he added, “Thus America is not committing suicide.”

But Johnson failed to mention who in the white nationalist movement is blaming whites a hundred percent for our predicament. On the other hand, there are some nationalists who blame the Jews a hundred percent and are unwilling to conceive that there’s something wrong going on in the white psyche.

Johnson is not among them. In his above-linked article, “Our fault?” he concedes:

But most powerless whites still share the universalistic, altruistic, anti-ethnocentric values of the whites who are actively selling us out. Many others share the cynical, selfish, individualistic, devil-take-the-hindmost values…

And he adds:

White traitors would be far fewer if their actions were viewed as evil by the majority of the white community. Thus all whites who share the values that promote white genocide also share a small [my emphasis] degree of complicity.

A small degree? I thought whites shared the largest share in Western suicide!—an ongoing suicide since the times of how they performed upon themselves a cultural self-lobotomy when a Galilean-inspired cult took over the Roman Empire, to the French Revolution that emancipated the Jews and the American Civil War that was fought on the Negro’s behalf. Johnson wrote:

Our goal as White Nationalists should be to bear no further culpability for our ongoing genocide. And the way to do that is: (1) to understand the problem to its roots, (2) to reject all the causes of our predicament, and (3) to actively work for our race’s salvation. Until you do that, you remain part of the problem.

(1) I believe that no one fully understands the problem at its roots. It is just too complex. And it looks like there are hidden monsters from the Id that have not been considered by anyone.

(2) If I am right in my claim that there are hidden psychological factors unrecognized by the larger community, it is not possible at present to consciously “reject all the causes of our predicament.”

(3) Johnson, and many white nationalists, remain part of the problem. If Johnson et al were fully aware of all the factors they would strenuously reject both degenerate music and Hollywood as part of the cultural toxicity that is killing us.

Nonetheless, unlike the monocausalists who only blame the Jews for everything, Johnson also wrote:

The liberal, democratic, capitalist system alone is conducive to white genocide, even without Jewish involvement…

The white universalism, egalitarianism, and racial altruism that sustain the system are entirely alien to Judaism. Their roots lie in Greek natural law philosophy, Christianity, and Enlightenment liberalism. These values led Americans to fight a bloody and devastating Civil War largely over black slavery long before the rise of Jewish hegemony.

As Patrick Buchanan points out in Suicide of a Superpower, the materialistic values of liberal democracy have led to declining fertility in every first world country, including Israel and Asian countries, which lack hostile Jewish elites. If you combine this system with the racial egalitarianism and altruism and non-white immigration that existed in America before Jewish hegemony, one arrives at pretty much the same system that it killing us today. In other words, the present American system could conceivably have developed along essentially the same lines, even if Jews had never set foot on our shores.

This means that if the Jews suddenly departed tomorrow, but the capitalist system and universalist, egalitarian values remained in place, our race would still be on the path to extinction. Thus we need to do more than merely separate ourselves from other races. We also need to get to the deepest roots of the problem: the moral, political, and economic weaknesses that Jews are exploiting so effectively.

So far so good. But then Johnson added that “the organized Jewish community is now committing genocide against our race” failing to mention that the organized Christian community has been even more involved in our demise, as I tried to show in my list of antichristian articles, “The Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem,” that a blogger known as Freedom Cobra summarized in a nutshell:

Here’s a simple flow-chart. Years of research and it boils down thusly:

Christianity is founded.

—> Christianity helps to destroy Rome

—> Christianity made somewhat decent by White efforts

—> White people thrive due to their nature

—> White people take Christianity to its logical, ethnocidal conclusion

—> White Civilization Waxes

—> We perish…

Johnson’s piece blamed the shark and essentially spared the Megalodon.

After Johnson deleted my comment in a recent, gullible piece that swallows the medieval claims about blood libel (evil Jews ritually sacrificing our little kids!), I don’t want to risk another censorship in subjects that I know better than him. But I can quote a dissident voice of his most recent article:

Deinking said…

When 2% of a population controls 98% with impunity, it’s empirical proof that that the 98% is inferior. If they weren’t inferior, things would be the opposite. Blaming Jews would be understandable if they were 20-30% of our population, but when they’re just a tiny fraction and still rule over us, we have no one to blame but ourselves. If we were just one-tenth as motivated, organized, and pitiless as they are, there would be no possible way for them to dominate us. They would hardly matter at all.

We Whites have always been too naive, too gullible, too kind, and idealistic. That’s our problem. If we were hardened realists then we would have destroyed Judaism and Jewish identity thousands of years ago, when the Romans had total control over Judea. But even the Romans were too softhearted and continually let the Jews have their own society even after they viciously slaughtered Roman citizens in their various rebellions… and this was before Christian morality warped our minds. There’s something seriously wrong with us.

Greg Johnson said…

Are humans inferior to scorpions and spiders because we are vulnerable to their stings? The term “inferior” is misplaced here. We are vulnerable to Jews, just as we are vulnerable to bullets. When a man has been shot, you don’t blame him for not being bullet proof. You blame him, though, if he handed his gun over to a criminal.

Denikin said…

A human getting accidentally stung by a scorpion is one thing. But when millions of humans have been repeatedly stung by scorpions for 2,000 years and have not yet learned to stay away from them, it means there’s something wrong with the humans, not the scorpions.

Perfect logic.

5 replies on “Blaming the shark”

Been saying it for a while: self-imposed death wish makes the genocide possible. I believe Mr. Johnson is in his early forties. Next time you are debating, you may wish to ask him how many children he has sired into the world.

He is not allowing my comments, and I doubt he has children.

What bothers me is that the commenters in that thread ignore that I wrote a reply to Greg’s article. I wonder if someone dares to link the above entry at CC would move Greg to delete the comment?

On this thread today Greg didn’t let pass an innocent comment of mine (“I agree with you Michael [O’Meara]. Our only difference is that, to my mind, the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem.”) I guess this means that I am banned from his site, right?, not only that the homosexual subject is taboo at CC but that in Greg’s mind I crossed the line.

I have never insulted Greg at CC. And even here I never called him a homo (because he has never confessed it). But I did criticize his editorial policies featuring long, silly articles by homos in his webzine.

Guessedworker, Kevin MacDonald and even Hunter Wallace allow real personal insults against them at their sites. But Greg not only doesn’t allow non-insulting, strong criticism about his editorial policies, but also bans the one who strongly differs with him?


“When 2% of a population controls 98% with impunity, it’s empirical proof that that the 98% is inferior.”

It’s empirical proof that the White elites (aristocracy, rulers, call that the way you want) are inferior to the Jewish elites.

The masses are irrelevant, they are just worker bees!

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