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Film Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice

What a relief!

I would like to add something to what I said two months ago in ‘The Remaining 42’ about the films that, after my awakening, lost meaning for my new point of view.

Since the most important thing for the 14 words is the reproduction of the Aryan, currently the films I like the most, which could even have been filmed if Hitler had won the war, are three films based on Jane Austen’s novels. One of them is a TV series about P&P, which I’ve been re-watching these days (clips: here) and I find super-therapeutic compared to the Gomorrahite cinema now flooding the West.

Those who want to feel completely relieved, if only momentarily, by imagining what the Western world would be like if the good guys had won the war, must watch this series. If the picture is worth a thousand words, the image in the form of cinema—the art of creating and projecting footage—is worth a million!

2 replies on “What a relief!”

In decent times we do not need to abduct the Sabine women: asking for their hands is more than enough…!

Update of 7 February

I just put the pic above on my Mac desktop: it really inspires.

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