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'Hitler' (book by Brendan Simms)

Hitler, 23

What linked all these explanations in Hitler’s mind was the power and the malevolence of the Jews, the main controllers of an ‘international capitalism’ that needed ‘ever more objects of exploitation’. It was they who under their Jewish ringleader Lord Northcliffe (who was in fact not only not Jewish but a fervent anti­-Semite) had whipped up the British press into a frenzy against Germany before 1914. It was the ‘international Jewish newspaper corporations’, Hitler claimed, who had prevented a Russo-German rapprochement. It was they who owned the large American companies supplying the Allied war effort and who tricked the ‘peaceful’ American people into war with Germany against their better natures and best interests. It was the Jews who tried to manipulate Germany’s food supply and who ‘precipitated the revolution through hunger’. All this happened because the ‘New York Stock Exchange’—the ‘Headquarters of World Jewry’—was determined to crush Germany, the last remaining Nationalstaat which was ‘not yet completely ruled by stock exchanges’. In short, Hitler remained firmly wedded to the idea of a deadly synthesis between world Jewry, international capitalism and Anglo-America as Germany’s nemesis.

In the last sentence, you can see three enemies of Germany from Hitler’s POV, which contrasts with what we sometimes see in the discussion threads of white nationalist forums, where they basically talk about a single enemy: Jewry. And we are still talking about exoteric Hitlerism, aimed at the masses.

In the case of the esoteric Hitlerism led especially by Himmler, a mere ten-page pamphlet aimed at the SS, which by the way can be read on pages 501-510 of The Fair Race, already puts the Christian churches, too, in the dock.

What I like about Simms’ book is that the profile he portrays of the German chancellor is more complex than the simplistic view we see in some racialist forums in vogue today.