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Rape of the Sabine Women


I am no expert on the life of David Lane although I use his fourteen words a lot; especially his second fourteen words, insofar as preserving the beauty of nymphs is what motivates me.

Prosecuted for a crime he didn’t commit, Lane died while serving a 190-year sentence in federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana; many believe as a political prisoner. Like me, Lane argued that Christianity was a problem for the white race because it derived from Judaism. Although on the psychology of women Lane was a bit naive, it should be noted that Roger Devlin’s scholarly works on women hadn’t yet been published in racialist forums when Lane was imprisoned.

In 2017 I uploaded a few posts citing Lane’s KD Rebel: a futuristic novel about the abduction of the new Sabines. From reading the novel I found fascinating passages as well as naïve passages about women. Here are some of the passages, or single sentences, that fascinated me:

Chapter 1: The First Day

a nymph, just past puberty…

…defense of the race was men’s responsibility. Wayward women should be captured, taken to Kinsland, re-educated and impregnated. Indeed, such was now standard procedure for KD…

Trebor pretended to ponder for interminable moments, then opined: “I reckon those two could make some fine babies for me”…

It was the knowledge that the beauty of the White Aryan woman might soon disappear from the earth forever that drove him to fight…

Women do not voluntarily give up such pleasure and luxury no matter how earnestly White men might plead. That’s why abducting them was the only recourse…

The music [today’s degenerate music—Ed.] if that’s what one could call the primitive noise…

“First of all the word is queer, not gay. Gay means happy.”

Chapter 2: Day Three

an afternoon-long procession of women offering to teach the girls sewing, gardening, leather crafts and all the skills of community…

Chapter 4: The Rescue

“Why our daughter?” the overweight man asked.

“To save her,” was Trebor’s terse reply.

“Save her? Save her from what?”

“From dating and mating with non-Whites,” Trebor explained.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re all equal. We can’t be racists!” The System line spouted by the slob made Trebor want to vomit.

The woman chimed in, “Hell, my oldest daughter is married to an African-American.” Although they didn’t know it, the two racial renegades had just sealed their own fates…

“Why, why me?”

“Because you are good genetic material and I need a mate”…

“When a girl starts having periods and develops womanly attributes and gets ‘boy crazy’, that’s nature saying it’s time to mate”…

“So do you kill queers?”

“If they came out of the closet and advocated such a ‘life style’, I am sure KD would execute them.”

Chapter 5: From Russia, with Love

“They won’t be patrolling lonely rural roads while the cities burn and die.”

But as I said, Lane’s novel fails to understand the nature of women. As I wrote in 2021, the film Andrei Rublev has a masterful scene that perfectly portrays their psychology.

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In this article, see the two images above the following words by Anglin to get my point. The first image is from Hitler’s Germany; the second, from our times.

I hope you understand my meaning: women will get very excited about whatever is promoted to them as being the view of the people who hold positions of authority.

Therefore, once the System collapses we have to imitate the Romans of the painting.

Hello Caesar, I don’t know if this is related to the post but I noticed that the women who are spoiled the most here are Nordic ones.

I am not sure how to describe it, but it seems to me that the system and society has shaped the fairest women to be the most entitled and prompt to embrace anti natalist ideas (like wasting away their most fertile years). This is most likely by design if correct.

I don’t think this is the case even in England, and that says a lot.

You were hardly prompted to write this by my sending an email to you concerning Michael Jones’s—of YouTube channel, Inspiring Philosophy—saying that the age of marriage should be 18 in all US states, and that, ideally, women below the age of 18 should not be having sex, at all, because, according to him, their birth canals are not fully developed until that age? This post almost seems as a response to this!

Godless Granny interviews Inspiring Philosophy

No Gaedhal: I haven’t read your last email.

The reason I wrote the above is that I’m boxing up my family library books, and I saw KD Rebel (exactly the same thing happened to me with a book on John Milton I had read). It was from leafing through those books these days that inspired me to say something about Milton and Lane.

I don’t see what’s naïve about Lane’s view on women.
His fictional novel got the Female 101 basics just right:
1. Kidnap the bitch
2. Impregnate the bitch
What else is missing?

Remember that, in George Martin’s books, the character of Jon Snow ventured north of the Wall, where he killed Wildlings in front of Ygritte, then took her prisoner.
Later, in Mance’s camp, Ygritte asserted that Jon was her ‘husband’. Because in Wildling culture, when a man kidnaps a woman that isn’t his, he makes himself lawfully wedded to her. It seems Martin understood this rule of Nature, just like the Romans, that in order to truly own something you must take it by force.
And this happens twice in KD Rebel.

There are several passages in which Lane idealizes women. Almost at the end, for example:

She felt a sense of righteous anger over having been lied to all of her life. No wonder the KD were so willing to fight, kill, or even die for what they believed. [my emphasis]

That’s projecting masculine qualities onto a little woman. There are several passages of this type in the novel, where incidentally the rebels don’t rape the abductees, but respect them.

The Anglin article saying that 30% of the population will enthusiastically go along with whatever they are told or what seems to be popular is important. Even more interesting only some 12% of the population is able to logically think things though without fearing taboos, these are the revolutionary cadre, and why most new political parties struggle to get past 10%. I guess that leaves some 50% who just go along and mind their own business, and the last 10% is the eternal complainers and traitors.

P.S. The Ron McVan & David Lane book “Creed of Iron” is the best primer book on indigenous Northern European religion, history and spirituality.

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