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A new story


On putting the chariot before the horse

There is something important I would like to add to my Thursday post, in which I used a 1993 interview between Tom Metzger and James Mason to say something about Richard Spencer.

On this site I have been very critical of James Mason and his epigones for admiring Charles Manson: the mastermind behind the stabbing to death of the beautiful English rose Sharon Tate (and other Hollywood showbiz personalities).

In Siege Mason compiles his articles from the journal he wrote in the early 1980s. In vain, when I was reading Siege, did I find the reasons why Mason admired Manson, insofar as the latter’s intentions in devising his crimes weren’t racial. But now that I re-watched his interview with Metzger I detected something I had missed the first time I saw it. But before this revelation about the mind of James Mason I would like to digress a little.

Unlike Metzger’s audio-visual interviews, the podcasts of Greg Johnson, one of the leading promoters of American white nationalism, are audio-only. Metzger, let alone Mason, not properly ‘white nationalists’, were infinitely closer in character to the Germans of the Third Reich than Johnson and Spencer. But in one of his podcasts Johnson said something that piqued my interest. He mentioned the decades immediately before the internet as the darkest era, in that the Establishment had virtually absolute control over the narrative. This is very true: and the new generations have no idea how impossible it was for us to find even dissident authors, to the extent that in the past we could never rebel. (Since I grew up in the 1960s and 70s I couldn’t rebel intellectually because of this absolute control of information, as I recount in the third volume of my autobiography.)

Now let’s get back to Mason’s infatuation with Manson. What I detected in the interview with Metzger, which I had missed the first time I saw it, was that the desperation of national socialists like Mason in the face of the System’s absolute control of the media meant that he began to fix his attention on the news of those who broke the law with crimes to shock public morals. It was, it seemed, the only escape valve from an Establishment that was entirely successful in suppressing dissenting opinion.

This revelation came to me in understanding Mason when Metzger asked him why he admired Charles Manson. From Mason’s response, Metzger commented that, given the impasse on all sides due to the absolute grip of the System, the whole thing had to be blown up. (Recall that Charles Manson is not the only criminal to whom James Mason devotes articles in Siege: he also discusses other criminals who, at the time, shocked public morals even though, like Manson, weren’t acting out of racial ideals either.)

That doesn’t mean that, having understood the point James Mason wanted to get across, I now approve of the behaviour of Charles Manson and company. But it does mean that what I didn’t understand years ago when I read Siege directly, I understand now having watched the splendid interview with Metzger again. As I said, for new generations it is almost impossible to imagine the prolonged despair, a suffocation of ideas I dare say, that it meant for noble-minded boomers that there was no relevant information anywhere!

But back to James Mason. While I don’t join his enthusiasm for criminals who acted without racial ideology, what about those who break the law with racial ideology: say, someone like Breivik or Tarrant? In the 2020 discussion thread on the Metzger/Mason interview, one of the commenters chided me because I said that any revolutionary action is premature:

You sound like an old and grumbling geezer.

It’s futile and unfair to accuse the youth of ardour and impatience and narrow tunnel vision. Many of them are sincerely actuated by a heroic impulse to over with this shameful state of things, this disgraceful status quo. Their hearts volcanically explodes with lava of despair and hatred for the world of their worthless parents and cowardly ancestors. Yes, the lives of foolhardy men usually end not well. And tragic triumph is a fate of exceptional ones.

But the young soul has no time to wait, be it in love or war. So, be lenient towards suicidal behaviour of the youth and do not impute to passionate youngsters the carelessness concerning those fucking Austrian economists! All this cultural and historic noise–million words in billion posts–is not a groundwork or an earnest or a linchpin or a promise of coming transvaluation of values.

They dread reaching your age, Caesar, and face their death, especially after a very long life, and realize that all their efforts failed to produce results, moreover the situation has got worse. They know some examples of lustrous persons, whose deeds were vain in spite of their “strategic thinking”. By the way, traitors often justify their betrayal with strategical manoeuvring for the sake of a lofty goal in long-term planning.

The destiny occurs HERE AND NOW, and if this “here and now” is stolen, I will not judge the glowing souls with the destructive power of dynamite inside their cores.

I confess that, now that I re-read my comment years later, I see that I responded to this commenter in a very, very poor way! I would like to reply to him now, even though so much time has passed.

It is not for the youth to make the most important decisions of a state. In a healthy world for the Aryans, as was Sparta, and Republican Rome, it was up to very mature adults. Recall that, for Plato, the philosopher-king had to be a man in his sixties.

To be impetuous, fiery, determined or bold against the System is precisely what President Joe Biden wants to tighten the screws even further (remember his inaugural speech in which he declared war on us). We shouldn’t indulge him because his administration is doing everything it can to commit suicide. The situation in 2023 has changed a lot from the days when, in 2020, the commenter mocked what I said about Austrian economists. Now, after Biden’s blunder with the confiscation of Russian funds abroad due to Putin’s military action in Ukraine, several nations have realised that their funds aren’t safe in dollars and many, even in the MSM, are already openly talking about the last days of the dollar. In other words, my restraint not to rush into revolutionary actions as impetuous youths love, but to wait for the System to collapse on its own, is being vindicated by recent historical events.

But there are even more profound reasons why I think James Mason’s ideology—something like having the System in siege with a multiplication of actions à la Charles Manson—is flawed. And here we come back to what Spencer said in his recent interview: that we need a new story or, as I would say using Jungian language, a story that manages to activate the collective Self that will produce, in the white man, the new galvanising myth. Ironically, in this respect James Mason did hit the nail on the head: ‘Someone did say that prior to 1945 we were a party, since 1945 we have been a religion.’

Indeed. The Jews have their religion, their story: what Christians call the Old Testament: ‘Ethnocentrism for me’ as Kevin MacDonald reads it in the first book of his trilogy on Jewry. That’s why they always win. It doesn’t matter that their story, what we read in the OT, is literary fiction. It is a myth they believe in and that’s why they will continue to win.

Conversely, whites didn’t write their story, the New Testament. The Jews wrote it for them: ‘Universalism for thee.’ And liberalism, which has mutated into Wokism, the secular neo-Christianity of our day, is an epiphenomenon of that NT story.

The moral is simple: it’s whites themselves who must rewrite their own history. They mustn’t allow another race to write it for them. If one reads the first anthology published by us, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, one will discover seminal texts by William Pierce, and Eduardo Velasco in his now-defunct webzine Evropa Soberana, which depict this story written by whites for whites.

And now I can answer properly to the commenter who criticised me. ‘All this cultural and historic noise–million words in billion posts–is not a groundwork or an earnest or a linchpin or a promise of coming transvaluation of values’ he said.

Actually, it is. Any revolutionary action that is not backed by a new story, a new way of understanding the Self, is doomed to failure. James Mason’s own life demonstrates this. After the Metzger interview, Mason went astray with so-called Christian Identity. A dozen years after the interview Metzger himself commented, on 17 May 2005: ‘Unfortunately he turned away from his best thoughts back toward some Christian thing. I don’t know where he is now, but I promote and sell his great book.’

The eclipse of James Mason is symptomatic not only of would-be revolutionaries, but of non-revolutionaries who subscribe to white nationalism. They lack a story to serve as cement and a platform for further action. The fact that very few have read the history of the white race from Pierce’s pen, and that even that book isn’t published (even privately) so that you can read it comfortably in your living room, speaks for itself.

This is the response of a sixty-four-year-old man to the young commenter:

You are putting the chariot before the horse. First goes the horse—the new story that will galvanise the white man’s collective unconscious—and then goes the chariot (the holy racial wars). Reversing the sequence yields results such as what happened to James Mason and his unfortunate epigones, inasmuch as Mason was completely ignorant of the real history of Christianity (which we are telling on this site thanks to the work of Karlheinz Deschner).

The central mission of The West’s Darkest Hour is that, when the System panics and cancels the internet, there remain on my visitors’ hard drives the PDF books from my humble Daybreak Press, which provide the new story the white man must tell himself.

Anyone who hasn’t read The Fair Race should read it now. The rest follows from it.

13 replies on “A new story”

Considering the Old Testament serves the Jews well while being literary fiction, why can’t nonsense such as Christian Identity inspire Whites? This very day I have learned of the existence of pseudo-pagan beliefs in Russia concerning Khinevich’s Bukvitsa, those videos get hundreds of thousands of views, the demand for Aryan-esque spirituality is clearly there – however bogus the foundations.

But revolutionary action is premature simply due to the lack of revolutionary parties. History is not made by individuals alone, collectives are required.

Considering the Old Testament serves the Jews well while being literary fiction, why can’t nonsense such as Christian Identity inspire Whites?

For the simple reason that Christianity is under attack from the Enlightenment to the present day, and Judaism has not become an ethnosuicidal ‘Neo-Judaism’ for Jews as Neo-Christianity has become for whites. Christian Identity (CI) doesn’t even have a single church in the world: it is a pseudo-historical position held by a few Anglo-American racialists.

But revolutionary action is premature simply due to the lack of revolutionary parties. History is not made by individuals alone, collectives are required.

That’s the point: you can’t use CI because you’ll never have the numbers among them for a revolution, and any revolution predicated on banning blacks from the altar of mainstream churches would be immediately branded as heresy. Again: Judaism is based on forbidding marriage to gentiles, while Christianity allows your daughter to marry a black man.

Without the transvaluation of all values revolution is impossible.

And without a story that gives cohesion to the Aryan Self, there is no transvaluation.

People do forget how the system was really locked down information wise. For example, I was a teenager when the ‘Order’ was active and all I remember about them is a brief few minute story on the local news when they were arrested. The next day it wasn’t talked about anymore and if you missed that broadcast you wouldn’t have even known about them at all. Looking for racialist information then? Where? If you didn’t know someone who knew, good luck finding anything. The internet changed a lot of things that’s why they’re so hell bent on locking it down because people are now noticing too much.

I watched the Mason interview the other day for the first time. Very good interview and I wish I had know about it when it first was aired. It could be James Mason simply got tired and wanted a little peace. Remember he was out fighting since he was 16 years, and he’s earned his rest. He gave us what he could and now it’s up to the next group to continue on a little wiser.

As for, “the new story that will galvanize the white man’s collective unconsciously” that will need to be written, and it will be written by action. Someone, somewhere will do something that will awaken our people’s imagination but it won’t be accomplished while chatting on the internet, sitting on the couch in your underwear with a cold beer in one hand. I think Mason said in the interview that he didn’t object to action just that target selection was way off and they were selling their lives too cheaply.

As for, “the new story that will galvanize the white man’s collective unconsciously” that will need to be written, and it will be written by action.

That’s not what I meant.

What I meant was that concerted action is impossible unless you have an inspiring story about your race (‘Kalki’ won’t come out of the blue: he will come because he will be aware of the real historical past of the white race).

In the above article, I didn’t mean the revolutionary of the future but the past: all history is about the past. And it isn’t possible to have a story that inspires Aryans as long as it is riddled with Christian mandates, even in the secular world—even among white nationalists!

Haven’t you seen, for example, in the first essay of my Day of Wrath, what I say about Greg Johnson, who is frightened to the point of horror by the violence that Pierce imagined?

Well, Johnson is a clinical case of what I say about how New Testament injunctions have been internalised even in the psyche of the best-known racialists.

Johnson has publicly confessed that he repudiates Pierce’s Who We Are because he cannot conceive of genocide as a legitimate path for racial preservation. Let’s recall that he was giving pious homilies in his church in San Francisco the same year he started Counter-Currents. But even the secular Johnson of the following years carried with him the axiological tail of his parents’ religion.

What I am saying is that there will be no revolutionaries unless some whites digest, and amalgamate into their Selves, stories of the white race like what Pierce wrote.

The only revolutionary act, as how Adunai put it, should be to marry an Aryan woman and have plenty of children with her.

This has become even harder after COVID Scare where social interaction, as how we knew it, was shattered. The system is doing what it can to boycott white birthrates worldwife.

Regardless difficulty, getting married with an Aryan woman and properly raising plenty of white children with her is the best revolutionary act of all.

I highly disagree. Without the state institutions, your child will grow into a faggot. Anarchists are wrong.

If it were that easy for most white males to marry under the new anti-male laws, many nationalists would do it. If we recall TFM’s essay in On Beth’s Cute Tits, we see that in a matriarchal society, like the West today, women have the power of reproduction (that’s why they kill millions of white babies by aborting them). In a patriarchal society, OTOH, we have those rights (in those societies we can have families with ten members). Without revolution there is no return to patriarchy. And we are not talking about a revolution as Harold Covington imagined it in his novels, where women are still empowered, but as we propose it in On Beth.

Presently the only revolutionary act for the pure Aryan is to read the authors of The Fair Race (remember that I didn’t write the articles there, only the preface) to start crossing to the other side of the river.

Reading only the literature from the main WN sites doesn’t work, as they leave you stuck in the middle of the Rubicon.

“If it were that easy for most white males to marry under the new anti-male laws, many nationalists would do it.”

I wouldn’t say that at all. May nationalists don’t marry or have children because they, as several others, want to live as how boomers lived, even if that means living child free.

True, it is not easy to marry today and the system is doing what it can to prevent healthy relationships to bloom.

But if Varg Vikernes was able to marry a woman 15 years younger than him while living in prison, have 7 children with her and home school them, then there is hope for at least several other white men to do the same.

On Beths book it is also mentioned that some birds invest over 10 000 hours practicing their songs just so they can attract a proper female.

Vikernes met his wife through music (although no degenerate one that he used to make when he was young). He got the right skill to attract a fit woman. They also had their share on struggle; the French state almost took their children away because of Varg’s views. But they survived.

Say what you want about him, but he has made a colossal contribution to the cause with his children alone.

What I’m saying is that, although difficult, is still possible to marry a young Aryan woman, if you invest on yourself the right emotion shaping skills, go out more often and forget stupid puritan taboos.

I do not mean to say that revolution isn’t necessary, it absolutely is. Having said that, right now it’s not technically possible.

At least, another goal should be (besides browsing the past) pursuing a young woman to marry, even if that means pretending to be a normie.

The cave of the three eyed raven is men’s only and you don’t need her to know stuff she doesn’t need to know.

I am not saying that one should not fight to get married in exceptional situations. But if one looks at the anecdotes of the incel community, it is very common for women to sue for divorce (‘no fault’ divorce laws), keep the house and the children. And the worst thing is that sometimes the children team up with the mother against the father.

If my cousin (the first cousin with whom I was closest in the 80s) strangled his daughter to death and then hanged himself a few years ago, it was precisely because of this anti-male environment that reigns throughout the American continent: laws, zeitgeist and all.

I agree, the anti male laws and orwellian culture have corrupted many white women, making marriage a very risky affair. I have seen it myself.

Still, we must try. We should be wise enough to bypass all these restrictions and came up with a effective approach to reach our goals with women and creation of white families.

The jew has already influenced women through culture distortion. Can’t we do the same in a higher and elegant way to charm little red hoods back into submission again?

The jew has already influenced women through culture distortion.

I don’t deny this, but yesterday when I was rereading some passages of Imperium, I was struck by the fact that Yockey spoke precisely of cultural distortion, but referring exclusively to the American project.

I tend to agree with him: Jewish subversion is only a secondary infection of an endogenous malaise in Western culture, mostly represented by the US.

The forthcoming anthology I am compiling, Neo-Christianity, includes a superb essay by Kerry Bolton explaining Yockey’s philosophy. I hope to have the PDF book ready later this month.

If I were to put some thought into it, then the most bang for the buck, the action with the most dividend for the force applied would be… culture war. But the greatest unknown is where to apply that force to get the machine moving its gears. That one Murdoch Murdoch cartoon series could be seen as a success in this vein (or the idea to use AI art to make pro-White comics). And further down the line, capitalising on the newfound demand (coupled with the collapse of the dollar) by creating a party/organisation.

Other than that, sure, having children is a decent idea, albeit small. That could be viewed as effectively similar to purging foreigners in a largely-White area. That said, there could be made an argument for preserving one’s resources, in a cowardly way, biding one’s time. After all, opportunity too is a resource.

On a totally unrelated note, I think disposable lighters go for about $2. Of course this has nothing to do with anything. Just an interesting factoid.

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